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Chapter 1170: Han Wanling Gets in Trouble

The injury on her forehead had finally formed a scab, and Yun Xi planned to head back to school for her classes.

However, Mu Feichi was insistent on a checkup for her at the hospital.

Yun Xi took a moment to think about this, and she agreed eventually.

She could take advantage of the visit to the doctor to go and see the bodyguard who had taken the impact for her in the car accident.

Stepping out of the house, they bumped into Qi Yuan who had just returned from his trip.

He took a glance at Mu Feichi and turned to Yun Xi, “Han Wanling just went to the Lian Cheng construction site.

I think shes there to try and handle the strike on her own.”

“The Lian Cheng company” Yun Xi stopped in her tracks, her eyes deep in thought.

She had been the one who had left to pacify the workers of the Lian Cheng Company for Han Yaotian in her past life.

It was Han Wanlings turn this time.

They had both done it for Han Yaotian and the sake of the Han Corporation.

However, this time she was the mastermind pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

With her current age and tactics, Han Wanling would not be able to settle the strike being carried out by the construction workers.

Moreover, the scene today was much more intense than the one in her past life.

It had taken Yun Xi much effort and time to earn their trust through working through the big and trivial things with them.

It would be impossible for someone as pampered as Han Wanling to stay over a month on a messy and unsanitary construction site.

Yun Xi bet she will have retreated home in a day or two.

“Should we join the party at Lian Cheng too, Young Commander I set this trap for Han Wanling after all.

I wonder how she will free herself from this one.”

“Sure.” Mu Feichi nodded and gave Qi Yuan a signal.

Qi Yuan nodded and ushered the two of them into the car.

The crisis of confidence going on with the Han Corporation had brought a complete halt to the project, and the workers on strike had gathered in groups on the construction site, all of them awaiting the higher officials of the corporation to give them a proper settlement.

The project had halted, and the human resources personnel had been arrested and taken to the police station.

For the workers, their months of hard work had translated to no pay for any of them, and they were naturally unwilling to stand down.

Han Wanling marched into the construction site with an entourage of her subordinates.

The roads were bumpy and narrow, and each path was stacked with rocks and debris.

The entire construction site was covered with dust.

Despite the feeling of autumn in the air, the noon sun had not relinquished its duties.

The safety helmet she had had to put on had left Han Wanling with a face full of sweat and dust that the wind had blown all over her face.

The workers who been sitting huddled up together immediately stood up and gathered quickly around this person who had been sent from the corporation.

Speaking to the crowd of the workers with a small megaphone, the project leader introduced Han Wanling.

“This is our corporations internal director Han.

She is here today to handle the issue of the project lockout.

Please dont be rash, lets hear her out!”

As soon as the project leader finished, noises begin to emerge from the crowd.

None of them had any desire to give Han Wanling a chance to speak.

“Say what Your words mean nothing when you have scammed us of our hard-earned money.

Hurry up and pay up!”

“Exactly! How long do you intend to drag on before you pay these three months of work”

“Your Han Corporation is so rich, even if work has stopped, surely you have money to pay our salaries”


Standing on a rock that gave her a view over the workers, Han Wanling could view every emotion on the workers faces clearly.

The anger of the workers was more intense than she had imagined.

The issue of salary was not a problem, but due to the audits being done on all projects of the company, the process of payment was more complicated than before.

The company barely had the time to process the salary payments.

However, the workers were at the height of their emotions, and she had to try to resolve this situation one way or another.

If the Han Corporation had paid the salaries of these workers of the Lian Cheng Company, the other construction sites would start to demand payment as well.

They would use protests and strikes in the same way, trying to force the Han Corporation into action.

The situation would get worse and worse.

This was not the best course of action after all.

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