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Chapter 1166: Limit to Everything

Yun Xi stayed on Tianyu Mountain for a few days, recovering from her wounds and keeping up with all the movements going on among the four wealthiest families in Jingdu.

Since her torpedo has been launched, she naturally has to maintain good control over the situation to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Receiving a call from the Presidents office summoning him, Mu Feichi left early in the morning to go to see him.

Since he had implicated people from the four wealthiest families, it was naturally better for him to explain everything clearly to the President in advance.

“Yun Xi, Han Hongbin was taken away by the police this morning.

Now it seems as if the executives of the Han Group are starting to flee the sinking ship.

What is our next move”

Sitting in the living room, Yun Xi held the phone with one hand, while, with the other hand she was stroking Great White, who was lying by her side.

She narrowed her eyes in concentration and said, “You should relay the specific problems that you encountered on the construction project to the media and cause as much trouble as possible.

Once it comes to light that there are problems with one of the Han Groups construction projects, there will definitely be a lot of people who will grab at this chance and expose more secrets.

All we have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

There will be no need to add fuel to the fire.”

“If we do not crush them hard this time, Im afraid that they might still have the chance to rise from the dead.”

“Believe me, there will be someone to add fuel to the flame for us.

You just need to take advantage of the Han Groups stock price plunge to start acquiring the shares of Han Group.

We dont need to worry about the rest.”

“Okay, I got it!”

As she hung up the phone, the butler came in from the outer hall.

“Miss Yun, the sentry gate just called.

The heads of some of the most powerful families in Jingdu are at the sentry gate begging to see the Young Commander.

Since the Young Commander is not here, what do you think we should do”

Yun Xi raised her head.

She didnt seem surprised by these peoples requests.

She blinked nonchalantly.

“Let them wait.

The Young Marshal is not back.

Let them wait until he comes back.”

“Yes, maam.” The butler answered and went down to reply to the employees at the sentry gate.

Yun Xi sat on the sofa, reached forward toward the stack of information that had been placed on the table, and continued to read it.

Having promised Mu Feichi that she would no longer aggravate him, even if it would expose their relationship, she did not need to be too warm in her attitude toward those who begged to come up to talk to them.

In the Presidents office, Mu Feichi had just finished talking to the President about the Han family when the first lady knocked on the door and entered.

“Jinzhi is here.” First Lady Xiao Weijun walked over, looking kindly at Mu Feichi.

“I just got a call and heard you were here.

Some time ago Wenxuan did something stupid, and I was out doing charity work.

I havent had time to ask you, is that child Yun Xi okay”

Every single thing that Si Wenxuan did was reported to the President and the First Lady, and Xiao Weijun had never expected her daughter to do such a thing.

She was both saddened and disappointed.

Her daughter, who she had spent so much time teaching, actually had deliberately schemed and plotted against the person who had saved her life.

Its perfectly normal for girls to throw tantrums and quarrel, as long as they can talk about it, but her scheming mind really made the couple feel bitterly disappointed in her.

The couple also feels responsible for their daughter becoming like this, because they really have not disciplined her properly.

“She is fine,” Mu Feichi responded.

“That girl is smart and knows how to protect herself.

Except that she is too outstanding and is always bothered by other peoples jealousy.

However, you should know that what happens to her is not unimportant to me.

Even if she is your daughter, Aunt Jun, she has to be responsible for her actions when she does something wrong.”

“I understand, Wenxuan really let me down this time.

Its because we didnt discipline her enough in the past.

If you are free one day, you bring Yun Xi over for dinner, and I will apologize to her properly.”

“She is very generous and will not take this matter to heart.

Aunt Jun, you also do not need to worry too much.

Si Wenxuans education does require more effort, but she is also almost 18 years of age, no longer a child.

Theres a limit to what you can do.

You cant spend your whole life worried about her no matter where she goes in the future.”

If it hadnt been for the fact that his bottom line had been stepped on, he as a junior would not have spoken to his elders in such a serious tone, but he could not tolerate Si Wenxuans meddling.

“I understand, I will definitely discipline her properly!”

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