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Chapter 116: Killing Three Birds with One Stone

“Wait!” Just as Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin were about to be taken out of the room by security, Jiang Henglin spoke up.

Jiang Wanyun frowned and turned her head.

With a serious look on her face, she scolded, “Henglin, what are you doing”

“Aunt!” Jiang Henglin found Yun Xis overbearing mannerisms insufferable.

He thought that her haughty demeanor was unbearable and annoying.

She must be an extremely calculating girl to be so cruel toward her own sister and mother.

“I am the owner of the watch.

Since the watch has been recovered, in order for the auction to proceed as planned, lets move past this! This auction is for madame, and if things get blown up, madame wont be pleased either.

Besides, Im engaged to the Yun familys eldest daughter, so if not for her sake, then for her familys sake.

What do you say”

While saying this, Jiang Henglin deliberately glanced at Yun Xi.

In the eyes of others, that glance might have seemed romantic, but Yun Xi knew that glance was a warning.

In regard to his warning, Yun Xi glanced back at him pleasantly.

Blinking, she appeared nonchalant.

It was as if she didnt care that her fiance was begging for mercy for Yun Ziling.

However, in reality, her impression of her fiance had just taken a 360-degree turn.

He was really doing a good job as a peacemaker.

Using Yun Ziling to throw her under the bus wasnt exactly a shrewd move.

But it was undeniable that Jiang Henglin had managed to do so shrewdly and impeccably.

On the surface, it had appeared that he was doing this for the sake of Yun Xi.

Hed decided to let bygones be bygones and, in turn, hed done a big favor for the Yun family.

But, in reality, he was defending Yun Ziling and giving Yun Xi a slap in the face to snub her for acting so haughty in front of him.

As long as he had her mother and Yun Ziling firmly in his grasp, there would be opportunities to use them to conspire against her and torment her until she took the initiative to cancel the engagement.

Then, in front of outsiders, he would not only preserve his reputation, but also successfully get rid of her, a burden, without angering the old man in the process.

Three birds with one stone, how ingenious!

It seemed that today shed succeeded in using Yun Ziling as bait to catch Jiang Henglin, the bigger fish!

Seeing that Jiang Henglin had opened his mouth to plead for mercy from her, Jiang Wanyun thought of the Yun family and Yun Xis honor, so she turned to look at Yun Xi.

Just as she was agonizing over what to do, Yun Xi opened her mouth.

“Thank you, second young master Jiang, for pleading for mercy for my mother and my sister.

I appreciate this favor.”

“Dont be smug, you cant afford a favor from me.”

After being humiliated by her, Jiang Henglin didnt give Yun Xi any respect at all.

He had the urge to scorn her in order to restore his bruised ego.

Upon hearing him say this, Jiang Wanyun was displeased.

“Henglin, whats that attitude toward Yun Xi”

Yun Xi couldnt have cared less.

She smiled at him graciously.

Her dignified and sophisticated manners, in contrast to Jiang Henglins, made him seem very unlike a gentleman.

Turning her head, Yun Xi looked toward Jiang Wanyun apologetically.

“Madame, Im so sorry! My mom and my sister caused a lot of trouble at your auction.

Please also help me apologize to the old madame…”

Jiang Wanyun gazed at Yun Xi sympathetically and touched her head helplessly.

“My child, being too kind makes you vulnerable to bullies.”

“Thank you for your understanding, madame.”

Jiang Wanyun had her back in front of so many people because she didnt want her to suffer any humiliation because of Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling.

She took note of her compassion.

The guests took note of the situation, and upon seeing how Mrs.

Chen treated Yun Xi like a daughter, it was blatantly obvious who was in the clear.

No explanation or evidence was necessary.


Chens stance was enough to prove that Liang Xiuqin and her daughter were guilty of the despicable deeds of stealing and scapegoating.

Everyone glanced at Liang Xiuqin with eyes full of even more contempt.

After being shamed by Jiang Wanyun in public, and because being discussed by all the guests around her made Liang Xiuqin completely embarrassed, at the moment she was desperate to dig a hole to hide in to escape the humiliation.

Not only had she failed to disgrace Yun Xi, but she herself had also become a laughingstock!

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