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Chapter 1163: Special Suspects

The moment the Meng familys CEO left, the other four began to collapse in disarray.

Unfortunately, they did not have evidence on hand that directly proved Han Hongbins involvement in the scheme to kill Yun Xi, and, even if they had, it would be a record of private transactions that would implicate them as well.

That would be no different from being framed at the police station.

There could even be more serious consequences.

After all, this was solid evidence.

Seeing that they were still hesitating, Yun Xi realizes that she wont get any more convincing evidence from them.

As she stood up, the door of the private lounge was thrown open with a bang.

Mu Feichi had alerted the police to come, and soon a dozen police officers arrived, instantly surrounding the people in the private lounge.

Zuo Xudong looked at Yun Xi and Mu Feichi and walked over.

“Young Commander, we have received a report that there are people here using and trafficking drugs.”

Yun Xi looked at Zuo Xudong and said, “I called the police.

The evidence is conclusive.

These men are using and trafficking drugs.”

When the group of police officers entered the room, the four remaining CEOs were stunned.

Theyd originally still held onto some hope, thinking that Yun Xi was just trying to scare them and bully them.

They had definitely not expected this girl to really call the police.

Zuo Xudong looked at these four bosses and started breaking out in a cold sweat.

“Director Fang, Director Xiang, you gentlemen…”

He had received a notice from the Young Commander that there were drug dealers and drug addicts here, and he had rushed over with his men to search and arrest them, but he could not have imagined that they would be the bosses of several of the richest families of Jingdu.

What in the world was going on here

Mass drug use Drug trafficking What a joke!

“Im not a drug dealer.

It was this girl who planted the evidence to frame me.

I dont do drugs and I dont deal drugs.”

“Yes, officer, we really havent done anything.

It was this girl who set us up.”


Zuo Xudong looked at the young girls innocent face and looked at the two large bags of powder that had been picked up by the auxiliary police.

There was no way that he could believe that this girl could get her hands on such things.

Compared to this girl, the four of them looked instead much more suspicious.

After all, the drugs here weighed almost a kilogram, which would be worth several million dollars.

“Miss, Im afraid youll have to come with us to the police station also.”

Yun Xi shrugged.

“No problem, Im happy to cooperate with the police.”

“Take them away!” Zuo Xudong looked at these four bosses who were so anxious to defend themselves.

Suddenly, the beginning of a headache hit him, and he waved his hand for the four to be escorted out of the private lounge immediately.

“Young Commander! Young Commander! Save me…”

“Young Commander…”

“You let go of me.

I want to hire a lawyer.”

“Little girl, you wait for me…”

Zuo Xudong looked toward Mu Feichi with respect.

Although it was not clear what the relationship between him and this girl was, his appearance here today indicated that this matter was in some way related to him.

For this reason, he still has to more or less check his intentions.

“Ill have Qi Yuan go to the station with you to explain everything clearly.

She doesnt need to go over.”

“This…” Zuo Xudong hesitated, raised his eyes to meet Mu Feichis dark cold gaze, shivered violently, and immediately nodded.

“All right, then Ill go back to the station now and deal with it all.”

As soon as Zuo Xudong had left the club, he was greeted by a swarm of media paparazzi blocking his way, with flashing lights clicking continuously.

“Officer, I heard that the Chairman of the Fang Group was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Can you tell us exactly what happened”

“Officer Zuo, the Chairmen of both the Fang Group and the Xiang Group have been arrested for drug use, you…”

“Move aside, move aside!” Zuo Xudong had not expected the paparazzi to be so well-informed.

Finally he managed to break out of the crowd yelling questions at him with the help of the other police officers and quickly got into his car.

He felt as if something was wrong with this episode today, and he seemed to have a sense of having been tricked.

However, with solid evidence on hand, he had to prepare himself mentally to interrogate these four special suspects.

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