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Chapter 1157: Jinzhi

It was early autumn in Jingdu, and the temperature had begun to drop.

The difference in temperature between morning and night was huge, and Yun Xi woke up early in the morning from the cold.

She got out of bed and looked at the fog outside the window.

She thought about how many things had changed in the year since she had been back in Jingdu.

Yesterday, when shed returned from Mu Mansion, shed checked on the old generals illnesses.

Everyones prescriptions had needed to be different.

She was extremely cautious, not daring to make any mistakes.

The more careful she was, the more she felt that her medical skills were inferior.

In her previous life, she had given up on medicine.

For the sake of Han Yaotian, she had set foot in the business world and learned how to socialize.

She had picked up all kinds of tricks and schemes better than anyone else.

In this life, in order to stand beside Mu Feichi, she had to pick up these same things.

In her previous life, she had resorted to dishonorable means for the sake of her beloved.

In this life, she did everything for the person she cherished.

Even though she was walking on the same path, she had two completely different purposes and goals.

A thin layer of fog coated the glass window.

Yun Xi raised her hand and scribbled a word on the glass: Jinzhi.

Mu Feichis nickname was very interesting.

Grandpa Mu said that his nickname came from the phrase, cautious words.

In the future, when his child was born, his nickname would be Yanzhi.

What good names.

Jinzhi, Yanzhi…

Just as she was about to retract her hand, she felt something tighten around her waist.

Her feet were suspended in the air, and her whole body was lifted up.

“What are you doing Put me down!” Yun Xi turned around and looked at the man who was holding her waist tightly.

She raised her hand and thumped against his chest in frustration.

The mans deep voice landed on her cold neck, sending shivers down her spine.

“The floor is so chilly.

I dont want you to catch a cold.”

Mu Feichi looked at the words written on the window and his eyes darkened.

Holding her with one hand, he pulled a chair over and sat down with her in his arms.

He pulled a blanket over the chair and wrapped her in a cocoon.

His speed was too fast.

Before Yun Xi could even react, he had wrapped her entire body in the blanket.

Only her head was exposed as she stared at him with her morning hair looking like a birds nest.

She could not move at all.

She twisted her body and tried to reach her hand out from under the blanket, but his grip tightened.

“Babe, dont you know that you shouldnt tease a man early in the morning”

When she came back to her senses, Yun Xi immediately calmed down, raising her head to glare at him in annoyance.

“Why are you up so early”

“I was awake when you woke up.” He reached out to touch her cold face and hugged her tightly.

She did not know that he had just lain on the bed and watched her write his name on the window with a gentle expression.

With each stroke, her slender and fair fingers had drawn on the misty window.

That focused look made her look as beautiful as a painting.

It was soft and beautiful, evoking the most primitive urges and tenderness in his blood and soul.

He did not know what she felt when she wrote that word, but her gentle expression was etched into his heart.

“Babe, do you like those two words” He lifted his eyes to look at the faded handwriting on the window, his eyes filled with passion.

“Yes, it sounds really nice.”

“Then lets hear you say it.”

“Its not like youve never heard people call you that.”

Dont you know that it sounds suggestive

“But Ive never heard it from you.” He looked at her stubbornly and insisted on waiting for her to say it.

When faced with his childish behavior, Yun Xi really did not know what to do with him.

With nowhere to hide, she met his burning gaze and in a soft voice she said, “Jinzhi…”

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