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Chapter 1155: Blind to Other Women

Qiao Ximin didnt dare overthink this.

She just got out of the car.

Missing this opportunity would make her unable to move forward.

If she missed such a good opportunity, she would definitely regret it.

How could she care about her dignity When Yun Xi got out of the drivers seat, she hurriedly shouted, “Yun Xi What a coincidence!”

Hearing the voice, Yun Xi frowned slightly.

She glanced at Mu Feichi, who had lowered the car window, and turned around casually.

Yun Xi had not expected to run into Qiao Ximin here.

However, from the way she anxiously called her name, Yun Xi knew immediately what she wanted.

Especially when Mu Feichi was sitting right there in front of her.

No one would believe that she didnt have a motive.

“Hello.” Yun Xi turned her head to look at Qiao Ximin, who was walking over looking anxious.

Yun Xi felt as if she was about to watch a show.

“I was surprised…I couldnt believe I was really seeing you.” Qiao Ximin had calmed herself down with much difficulty.

She purposely began to talk to Yun Xi.

Then she turned to look at the man in the car as she clenched her fists tightly.

She was shocked to see them together, but, at the same time, she had to maintain her composure.

“Young Commander! Why are you here Are you bringing Yun Xi back”

Qiao Ximin also knew how to use her connections.

She had originally thought that her approach would force Yun Xi to introduce her to the Young Commander.

The Young Commander would ask Yun Xi who she was because of her greeting.

However, she never expected that Young Commander Mu would not even look at her.

Mu Feichi glanced at Qiao Ximin indifferently before retracting his cold gaze.

He turned to Yun Xi and said, “Remember not to forget your appointment on Saturday.

Ill come and pick you up when the time comes!”

Yun Xi nodded, replying with a faint smile, “Okay!”

Mu Feichi did not say anything else.

He rolled up the window, turned the steering wheel, and drove away.

Qiao Ximin, who had been completely ignored, had an awkward smile on her face.

Her face was gotten very dark, and she was shaking with anger.

She knew very well that she was not bad looking, but to be ignored completely, she still felt embarrassed.

Yun Xi shot a glance at Qiao Ximin.

Compared to her smooth and charming appearance in her previous life, in this life, she was looking a little haggard.

Mu Feichis completely blind attitude toward other women seemed almost rude, but when it came to a woman like Qiao Ximin, who was full of schemes and had screwed up Yun Xis life once before, she felt inexplicably pleased.

Qiao Ximin took a deep breath and forced out a smile.

“Yun Xi…are you close to the Young Commander”

“What do you mean” Yun Xi looked at Qiao Ximin without changing her expression.

“If youre talking about knowing each other, then we do know each other.

As for the rest, I have no comment.”

Everyone was well aware of what had happened at the exhibition hall.

Now that Qiao Ximin had come knocking on their door as if nothing had happened, did she really think that she was that stupid and gullible

“Yun Xi…” Qiao Ximin choked on her words.

She bit her lip and looked aggrieved.

“Are you angry at me because of the art exhibition I really dont know how the invitation was wrong.

Its all my fault for not checking carefully.

Thats why your cousin got into that kind of trouble…”

“You dont have to apologize.

When I looked at the time of the invitation, I seemed to be the first person who was sent the wrong invitation.

Whether it was intentional or not, it has already happened.

Its water under the bridge.

Even though I wasnt the one who suffered, who knew what was going on”

“Do you believe what Liang Xinyi said I really dont know what happened.

She framed me in a moment of desperation.

I was innocent, and now the whole school is attacking me because of what she said.

I feel wronged.”

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