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Chapter 1154: Holding onto the Young Commander

The Mu family was more open-minded than Yun Xi had imagined.

Even Grandpa Mus attitude made her feel that if she were with Mu Feichi, the entire Mu family would have their backs.

This made her think of Han Hongbin, who had known about her relationship with Han Yaotian in her previous life.

He had never shown her any kindness.

It was understandable for wealthy families to value what benefits they could get from people, but it also chilled her heart.

Mu Feichi saw that her face had suddenly darkened, and she did not speak.

He released a hand from the steering wheel and patted her head.

“Whats wrong What are you thinking about How can you still daydream about others when youre with such a handsome guy like me”

“No…its nothing.

Grandpa Mus words just now made me feel like I have some serious backing.”

Yun Xi took the opportunity to pull his hand off her head and hug it.

She looked at him with bright eyes and a bright smile on her face.

“So, Im going to hold onto you tightly.”

“You silly girl! Even if you let go, I wont run.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes and smiled indulgently.

He turned his head and looked at the traffic light in front of him, his eyes filled with unimaginable joy.

To him, the most relaxed time was when this beautiful woman was by his side, and his country and home were safe.

When Han Wanling returned to Jingdu, Liang Xinyi was like her little sidekick.

Other than attending classes, she spent most of her time with Han Wanling.

She was much more well-behaved than before.

It was probably because the last time she had acted up, Jiang Chenghuan didnt show her any mercy at all.

It had made her feel so ashamed that she couldnt even show her face.

When Yun Xi tried to make trouble these days, Liang Xinyi didnt respond.

She didnt want to have any trouble with her.

Qiao Ximin, on the other hand, had become public enemy number one with the president of the university because of the incident that had happened in the exhibition hall during her art exhibit.

In addition, Qiao Lixins negotiations with the Mu Corporation were going smoothly, so she didnt want to offend Yun Xi.

This made her anxious.

Originally, she had thought that victory was already within her grasp, that she could kill two birds with one stone.

However, when Yun Xi counterattacked, the situation became terribly unfavorable for her.

Now, people in the university were spreading rumors that she had bullied and schemed against a younger student.

Her title as the school belle had become a joke.

She had planned this for so long, and now that she had lost everything, she could not take it lying down.

This was especially so because of that idiot, Qiao Lixin.

Recently, for some reason, whether it was related to the Young Commander or the project planning, it was as if God was helping him.

The suggestions and proposals that he raised made those old fellows on the board of directors extremely satisfied.

This sudden sense of danger was making her feel that if she did not retaliate, she would soon lose her place in the Qiao Corporation.

However, she couldnt find a way to break out of the current predicament.

She couldnt do anything to block the Young Commanders path.

After going in circles in her head, it seemed as if she was going to have to ask that wretched girl Yun Xi for help.

She definitely had her suspicions about what had happened at the exhibition hall.

Even if she showed up at Yun Xis door, she might not necessarily want to talk to her.

Just as she was hesitating about what to do, she saw Yun Xi get out of the car.

The person in the drivers seat…was actually the Young Commander.

The Young Commander…it was really the Young Commander.

The Young Commander personally drove her to school.

What did this mean

Qiao Ximin wiped her eyes to make sure that she wasnt dreaming.

This was especially so because the two of them looked so intimate.

Even through the windows, she could tell that they had an extraordinary relationship.

So they really did know each other.

Qiao Lixin had asked her for help because of the collaboration project.

It seemed as if he had really gotten lucky.

However, how was this possible Yun Xi was merely the daughter of an ordinary director, so how could they know each other

She couldnt help but think about how the Young Commander had made things difficult for Han Qin because of Yun Xi.

It turned out that she hadnt been mistaken.

On the surface, it had seemed as if he was standing up for the Yao family, but in reality…he was actually protecting this girl.

Shed thought that Yun Xi knew the Young Commander, but she had had no idea that their relationship was so close.

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