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Chapter 1150: Falling into Traps

In the eyes of Mu Feichi, nothing about Yun Xi is trivial.

He had put much thought into how he would cancel Yun Xis engagement.

It was an issue that had bothered him for a long time.

He had planned for Grandpa Mu to speak on his behalf and asked Yun Xi to accompany him to the Grand Mansion of the Mu family first thing in the morning.

“Are you sure its all right for me to return with you, Young Commander Besides, this sudden wedding talk might startle Grandpa Mu.

They might think Im here to bring trouble to the family.”

“How so I only wanted to discuss this with them because I am being careful about this.

If I was being rash, would I go there to discuss it with them”

“But arent you adding Grandpa Mu into the mess with the Jiang family Are you sure about this”

“Dont you worry about it.

I will handle it smoothly.

All you have to do is help Grandma with her legs while were there.

Leave the rest to me.”

“Why do I feel like this is a trap”

“Youve seemed pretty happy to fall into each one I have set up, havent you, babe”

“That was my fault, to fall into every one of them.”

Mu Feichis tactics were always to walk the longest path possible.

He smiled and did not say anything else, but lifted his free hand to carefully ruffle Yun Xis hair.

The love was overflowing from his eyes.

He was more sure than anyone about Yun Xis capabilities and intelligence.

If she had not been willing to fall into his traps, she would have never been close to them, to begin with.

She was an individual with principles and morals.

She would never accept anything that she did not deem fair.

The Mu family butler had gotten a call from the security guard at the door about Mu Feichis return and had been waiting by the gate ever since.

“Welcome home, Young Master!” The butler greeted them as they pulled up and took the gift box that Mu Feichi was carrying.

As the butler turned to see the figure in the passenger seat, he could barely conceal his happiness.

“Old Madame Mu is in the living room, and Sir Mu is in the study.

Please do come in, Young Master and Miss Yun.”

Mu Feichi nodded and pulled Yun Xi into the house.

Yun Xi had visited the Mu familys Grand Mansion a few times before in order to treat the Old Madames rheumatism problem.

More than six months had passed since then, including the three months she had spent away from Jingdu training with Yan Shuo.

Yun Xi realized she had not visited in a while.

She wondered if the Old Madames leg was recovering well.

Stepping into the living room, Yun Xi immediately spotted the Old Madame on the sofa.

Commander Mu was absent, but his second wife sat next to the Old Madame.

The sight of Yun Xi brought Old Madame Mu much joy.

She had been waving for Yun Xi to come over ever since shed spotted them from afar.

Mu Feichi approached them and immediately spoke, “How about you remain here and catch up with Grandma I have some things to discuss with Grandpa.”

“Got it!” Yun Xi nodded and turned to the Old Madame, who was regarding her kindly.

Taking her pulse, she sent Mu Feichi off.

The light scent of sandalwood seeped through the study on the second floor.

Mu Feichi knocked lightly on the door, but a unique and melodious tune from the Peking Opera was his only response.

He pushed open the door and looked around.

He spotted his grandpa listening to the music reclining on a rocking chair on the balcony.

His eyes were shut, and he was lost in the tune.

With a smile, Mu Feichi approached Grandpa Mu.

Beside the rocking chair, there was a table with an unfinished game of Chinese chess.

Mu Feichi pulled a chair over and sat down.

He eyed the chessboard and moved the pieces around and resolved the blockaded situation on the board.

Upon hearing the sounds of objects shifting, Grandpa Mu slowly opened his eyes.

The paper fan in his hands paused, and he turned around and greeted his precious grandson with a dignified but powerful gaze.

Age had caught up to him, and he had left the battlefield of power and status behind him.

But Grandpa Mus face had not lost the dignity he had held as a soldier.

“Grandpa!” Mu Feichi called out respectfully.

Grandpa Mu hummed softly and sat upright.

He looked down to the chessboard that was on the table, and his overwhelming presence filled the room immediately.

As usual, this was a decisive act by his precious grandson.

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