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Chapter 1149: Till Death

She had only taken a few casual glances around the room, but they were enough to show her the effort Mu Feichi had put into redesigning it.

Effort was the easiest trait to spot in the chase of love between and a man and a woman.

It was everywhere and especially in the details.

There were many who never made the effort to know someone, many who only saw the riches of a family background or a handsome appearance.

These were enough to send them into a frenzied pursuit.

However, Yun Xi had made the effort to know him and to understand him as a person.

What she had learned was that Mu Feichi was a deep and unmistakably captivating man through and through.

He had the love of his country in his heart, and it was no less important to him than the love he had for Yun Xi.

Others might have admired him for what was on the outside, but Yun Xi was truly captivated by all that was inside of him.

In fact, he was the only hero in her heart.

As soon as she sat down, Mu Feichi moved to lie down, using her legs as his cushion.

He supported his head with his hand and spoke to her softly.

“We have the whole night, what do you want to do”

Yun Xi laughed and returned his warm gaze.

“What do you want to do”

This was a rare moment of peace between the two of them.

They did not need to say anything or do anything, it was enough to have their hearts beating close to one another.

Yun Xi thought moments like this were the height of happiness in both her last life and in this current one.

All the things that Han Yaotian had not given her were all being fulfilled by Mu Feichi.

This man had actualized all the fantasies she had about romance.

“I just want to talk to you.”

“Why didnt you ask me why I wanted the Han Corporation shares just now And you wanted me to join their board of directors as well.

You know I want to take down the Han Corporation so if you put your money in it now, it will all be a waste.”

He knew it all, and he never questioned it.

“As I said, as long as I can provide, I will give you whatever you want.

Its a small sum to make you happy.

If I had asked questions, wouldnt you have thought me selfish Trust me, I will deliver whatever you want to you, even if it is the world.”

Mu Feichi looked up, his eyes glistening with a light that made her unsure if he was joking or not.

“Do you want the world, babe”

“Dont fool around! What would I need the world for Do you think its easy being the First Lady Its already hard to be the Young Commanders wife.

I doubt it would be better to be the First Lady.

I dont long for that.”

She carefully ran her hands down his face.

With a light laugh, she felt that she had finally understood her emotions.

The world had opened up to her.

“If you were to do that just because I said so, you would have to bet your life on it.

You out on the front lines and me holding the fort, we might be apart for years at a time.

No matter how glorious that would be, I would rather not have that.

I would rather have the time to be with you.

I dont want us to miss out on us.

We will only live so long.

If you miss something, we cant get it back.

And if we try to make it up, maybe I wouldnt even want it by then.”

Her words were applicable to the two of them.

She had grown up in the countryside.

Her parents had taken her childhood away from her, and they had taken the love she needed from them from her.

But she had gotten through it all, and she did not care about these things now.

He was the same as she was.

If he were to spend his life fighting for a title, he would miss out on the best years of their lives.

When he finally had the time to be in love, she would have been older, and their love would not be as exhilarating.

She was crystal clear on what she wanted and hence she would never stray far from her path in life.

“I know.” Mu Feichi slowly shut his eyes and opened them in a few moments, a loving smile appeared on his lips.

“Whatever happens, no matter if its a mission or something else, I promise you, I will never leave you.”

Yun Xi stretched her pinkie out and hooked it around Mu Feichis finger.

“Like we promised, till death do us part.”

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