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Chapter 1147: Vengeance

Gu Baifan nodded.

He seemed to be immune to a certain someones behavior.

“Theres no need for that.

Ive already investigated everything.”

Gu Baifan sat up straight and looked at Yun Xi seriously.

“These three items you mentioned could all be problematic.

The details are in the office.

If you want them, I will get someone to send them over tomorrow.”

“Was there a problem already” Yun Xi could not help but feel a bit surprised.

“Why would you suddenly investigate them Did you find some clues”

“Because this project is a collaboration project under the Mu Corporation.

As the person in charge, I cannot ignore this and not question it, right”

“That doesnt seem right.

Wasnt this project…a collaboration project between the Han Corporation and the Liang Corporation Why is it in the Mu Corporations hands”

“Because we just got some insider information from the mayor.

This project is building a large commercial plaza with a subway entrance nearby.

Once the entire area is connected to the subway, it will definitely become the most popular commercial area.

However, the investment for this project was too big.

When the Liang family was still doing their feasibility study, I made the first move.”

Yun Xi remembered that this project had been a joint venture between the Han Corporation and the Liang Corporation in her previous life.

In the end, because of a problem with the project, the project was left unfinished.

It was only after the Mu Corporation took over this project that the entire area was revived.

Their intervention had successfully turned the originally dilapidated area into a large commercial zone.

“The Han family values the collaboration with the Mu Corporation so much, so why would they play tricks in this way If something were to happen, it would be equivalent to courting death With Han Yaotians personality, he wouldnt be so silly to lose so much for such a small amount of money.”

Gu Baifan raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

He looked at Yun Xi with a smile that wasnt quite a smile.

“From what youre saying, you seem to understand Han Yaotian very well.”

Yun Xis face darkened, and she frowned in annoyance.

“Dont talk nonsense now.

Were talking business.”

There was a jealous man sitting beside her, yet he was still trying to fan the flames.

Did he want her to be tortured to death by Mu Feichi

Gu Baifan coughed after being glared at by a certain someone.

He adjusted his expression and said, “This could be a private act of the higher-ups.

The higher-ups of the Han Corporation do not know yet.

Based on Han Yaotians personality, if he knew, he would have removed all the people in charge first.”

“Thats great, it gives us a chance to strike.

Since Han Hongbin dared to attack me, I will not spare him.

Ive always been vengeful.”

“What do you plan to do”

“If we expose this to the media, the Han Corporation will have to face a crisis in their reputation for a few days.

They are currently working on so many projects.

If one of them is exposed to be problematic, then the rest…will not be spared from questioning.

They will have to redo the screenings and cancel the collaborations…or even suspend the work pending the investigation.

There are so many projects, and it will be enough trouble for the Han family.”

Gu Baifan nodded and smiled slightly.

“Good idea, although its a little nasty.”

“Since Han Hongbin dared to get someone to try and kill me, why should I be courteous to him To deal with a hypocrite like him, I need to use the methods of a real villain.

Since the Mu Corporation is in charge of this project, Ill have to trouble you to pressure the Han Corporation every now and then.

The Han family wont give up on collaborating with the Mu Corporation so easily, so the Han Corporation will definitely come up with a solution.

Director Gu, you just have to name an exorbitant price.

Anyway, theyre in the wrong, so you dont have to be too polite.”

“Okay, no problem.

Its been a long time since Ive been such a bad guy.

Its not a bad idea to intimidate others.”

“Once this matter is exposed, the Han Corporations share price will definitely drop…”

Yun Xis eyes narrowed slightly.

She turned around to look at the man who was lazily leaning against the sofa, one hand stroking Great White, the other supporting his chin as he stared at her.

Her eyes narrowed as she moved closer.

A bright smile appeared on her pretty face.

Just when Mu Feichi thought she was about to give him a kiss, she reached out her hand.

“Young Commander, may I borrow some money”

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