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Chapter 1142: Your Dreams Are My Beliefs

Mu Feichi walked forward and positioned himself in the middle of the four individuals.

His upright posture exuded an air of elegance and honor.

His presence commanded respect from all around him.

He fixed his gaze on Yun Xi, who was only a few yards away.

He was illuminated by the blinding lights, and a soft, gentle warmth suffused his handsome face.

“Perhaps you have already thought through the difficulties you will face by my side.

Remember there is still time for you to reconsider.”

Mu Feichi lifted his hand and gestured to Gu Baifan and his butler, who stood on his left-hand side, and his tone was serious as he introduced her to the assets he was in possession of.

“These are what I have from my position as the head of the Mu family.

These are what I can give you so that you can live the peaceful life you want with no worries for the rest of your life.”

Following that, he turned toward Feng Rui and Qi Yuan, who stood on his right-hand side, and introduced his military medals.

“These are my awarded decorations and honors from my role as the Young Commander of Jun Country.

If you choose this life, you will be by my side through all the storms and fight alongside me, through life and into death.”

Mu Feichi waved his hands, his deep pupils swirling with love.

“One choice would be a life of glorious luxury, and the other will be a bloody battlefield.

Whatever you choose, I will give up the other for you.

I will go wherever you want to go.”

As long as he was with her, he would make sure Yun Xi had the life she desired.

For her, Mu Feichi had given himself a choice too.

For Mu Feichi, regardless of his role as a soldier or his role as the head of the family, he would follow Yun Xis decision and give it all up, even if it was his dream.

The night air sent Yun Xis still bloodstained skirt fluttering in the wind.

The pleasing scent of climbing roses filled the air.

The light had turned into a comforting yellow shade, and under this light, Yun Xi stared back at the man who was willing to place the entire world in her hands.

Tears welled up in her eyes, which sparkled with overwhelming love.

“This man,” she thought.

This man knew how to transform a simple confession into one that sent her heart into turmoil as if it had been in an earthquake.

Other mens confessions were packed with spoken declarations of love, of promises they would make for their women.

But this man, hed made no promises nor was he someone to make casual promises, yet he had given his woman everything a woman wanted.

If she chose to live a life of peace, he would give up his battlefields and his personal aspirations and become her protector for life.

If she chose to fight beside him, he would give up a peaceful life and the luxury of it and stand by her side until death did them part.

He may have given her two choices, but she was more certain than ever what she truly wanted.

Looking squarely at Mu Feichi, Yun Xi walked forward steadfastly, her footsteps mirroring the determination in her heart.

She did not care to even take a look at what was on Gu Baifans tray, as she marched straight in the direction of Feng Rui and Qi Yuan.

Her shaking hands reached out for the medals that he had traded for his blood, sweat, and almost his life.

She pressed the cold, hard edges of the medals with her fingertips.

If she could close her eyes, she could almost see him and his sturdy, strong back carrying the burdens of the country in the downpour of bullets on the battlefield.

This was his honor and an indication of his growth.

This was the man she admired, a hero who she respected and a role model that she wanted to follow.

Additionally, this mans heart belonged to her.

The life that she had always wanted was in plain sight.

There was no reason for her to choose another.

Turning to face him, Yun Xi stretched her hands out and placed them on the epaulets indicating his rank on his shoulders.

It was the sign of Mu Feichis position as the Young Commander of Jun Country.

It was that which made him stand out from the crowd.

It was a special position that had been awarded to him by the President.

There was no other position like it.

The crest of the country was pinned on his rank, not the stars and rectangles that the others had.

The crest represented his irreplaceable status.

The golden badge shone as she ran the palms of her pale hands over it.

It felt like a way to be closer to the man, to be closer to what he believed in.

Mu Feichi lifted his hand and wrapped his fingers around her wrist, his pupils overflowing with fondness.

“Have you made your choice, babe”

Yun Xi looked up, the dreamy glow of the yellow lights outlined her slender features with a golden glow.

She blinked and her rosy lips flashed a bright smile.

“Your dreams, they are my beliefs.”

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