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Chapter 1141: Does That Upset You

Yun Xi stood up without a second thought, but then she quickly turned around and looked at Mu Feichi to make sure that he was okay with this.

Mu Feichi gave her a light nod, signaling his acceptance, but he added a reminder to the soldier who had asked a favor from Yun Xi, “If you hurt her, you cant imagine what will happen to you.”

“Yes, sir!” The soldiers all knew who Yun Xi was to the Young Commander.

Naturally, they would make certain that they never caused her even accidental harm.

Yun Xi was slowly demonstrating the attacks on acupuncture points in close combat for the rest of the unit of special forces on the field.

She was educating them on the sneak attacks they could make at specific points on the body and also on which points to avoid contact with during close combat, Yun Xi did not leave out a single detail in her explanations.

“This is the Fengfu point.

Its positioned between two tendons of the occipital bone.

If this point is severely hit, a person will faint immediately.

This is the Yamen point, and it is positioned directly an inch below the Fengfu point.

It is important to keep this part protected as well.

Of course, when youre defending yourself, striking these points is a good way for taking down the enemy fast.”

The remaining light of the sunset shone through the foliage of the trees and onto the grass beneath it.

With the last rays of light shining in his face, Li Zilan joined Mu Feichi where he sat.

His presence carried a lonely coldness.

“Seeing how collected you are sitting here, I wonder if you already have a plan to deal with what happened today”

Mu Feichi hummed softly in response, a slight smirk appearing on his handsome, solemn features.

“She will handle what transpired today.

I am not going to interfere.”

This reply was unexpected for Li Zilan, so she followed up with a question, “Youre willing to let her face those scheming old men Do you intend to push her into a corner, or do you want to expose your relationship to the public”

“If our relationship is exposed, I would become her official partner, no Does that upset you”

“So your true intention is to bring her into the public spotlight.

But then your little weakness will be visible for all to see.

She will become the target of Jingdu,…no, Im wrong, the entire country.

And we will have a bigger burden ensuring her safety.

I dont see how thats anything to smile about.”

“Shell have to face it eventually.

It doesnt matter if she faces it now or later.”

“But are you sure she can handle it right now”

Mu Feichi smiled with his eyes in reply.

“Shes the last person we should be underestimating.

If you think shes not up for it, then let this be her demonstration for you.

Whatever she does, she can do it as well as I do.” His raspy voice carried in it a sincere belief in Yun Xi.

“You sure its not just the rose-colored glasses youve been wearing”

“Wait and youll see!” Mu Feichi looked down at his wrist to check for the time.

Then he made a quick call and headed in Yun Xis direction.

“Right, lets wrap it up for today.

We can save any questions for another time.”

Ignoring any questions from the soldiers, Mu Feichi dragged Yun Xi toward his car.

Once they were seated in the car, Yun Xi looked over to Mu Feichi.

“Has something happened Why are we leaving so suddenly”

“You dont want to hear my confession”

HMMM “I thought we were over this And I agreed!”

Yun Xi had made up her mind and prepared herself mentally to avoid subconsciously wronging Mu Feichi again.

Whether she had to expose their relationship or declare him as her official boyfriend, she was ready for the problems that were going to be stirred up in their future.

“But I still owe you a proper confession.

I cant miss out on what other boyfriends give to their girlfriends.”

The car pulled to a stop outside the gates of Mu Mansion.

As they stopped, the lights of the helicopter landing and the parking lot lit up with blinding lights made the ground seem to be bleached white.

Four figures stood silently by the gates of the mansion, every one of them holding a tray in their hands.

Each tray carried an object different from the others.

Yun Xi whirled to Mu Feichi in surprise.

“Whats all this”

“You will know when you get there!”

Mu Feichi unbuckled his seat belt and exited the car.

Being the gentleman he was, he walked to the front passenger seat and opened the door for Yun Xi

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