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Chapter 1135: You Play, You Pay

In the Mount Tianyu intelligence unit, Yun Xi was still looking through the filtered footage and latest information on the screen.

Almost as if no one was around her, she was deep in her thoughts about capturing the culprit behind the incident.

The trio of Mu Feichi, Qi Yuan, and Feng Rui took in the scene.

Her intensity made the trio stop in their footsteps all at the same time.

“Wanna make a bet Lets guess how long she will need to find out the name of the first person who plotted against her.”

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui exchanged glances.

Taking a step back silently, Qi Yuan had the smarter sense to avoid indulging in this small bet.

Feng Rui took another look at the documents in the Young Commanders hand and looked over to Yun Xi who did not seem to be making much progress.

He nodded and placed his bet with gusto.

“If I win, Im driving the SUV in the future.”

Truth be told, Feng Rui had been eyeing Mu Feichis SUV for a while now, but Mu Feichi had always viewed him as a less competent driver than Qi Yuan, so he never had the opportunity to drive it.

He had never had the experience of driving the SUV so if he had to place a bet he might as well go all out.

“Youre on!” Mu Feichi nodded and studied the figure who was standing in front of the screens with a half-smile.

“But if you lose you have to work with the cookhouse squad for a month.”

“You sure are a bully, Young Commander!” Feng Rui complained.

He continued, “I bet she will take another day, unless you secretly hand her the documents to help her.”

“Shes too smart to be needing me to help her cheat.

I bet she will take less than half an hour.”

He smiled with confidence.

“You better start preparing for your work in the cookhouse,” he added teasingly.

Yun Xi coddled a mug of hot coffee in her hands as she sat in front of the monitor screen.

Taking sip after sip, she found it hard to focus on the footage.

She had looked into the potential suspects and there did not seem to be any strange happenings.

Yet it was the lack of happenings that unnerved her.

The other provincial cities had arrested many small fries, but there had not been a single one found in Jingdu in spite of Jingdus extensive criminal networks.

She related these findings to the car accident assassination attempt today.

She knew that she had been the target of the assassination, and if they had mobilized for that action there should have been traces of their movements.

“Grey Wolf, could you look into Han Hongbins recent whereabouts Including the places where others have gone in the last two days, see if you can find any common places.”

If the car accident was an attempt to take her down by Han Hongbin, this would definitely have greenlighted her future attempts to take down the Han family without mercy.

Grey Wolf responded affirmatively within 20 minutes, “He met with three other bad guys for golf at the Xin Chuan Golf Course yesterday.”

“Got it!” Those words have confirmed it.

Her moves against the Han family were set to take off.

Yun Xis pupils glistened with a piercing gaze as a plan for the Han family began its formulation in her mind.

Even Grey Wolf, who had subconsciously raised his head for Yun Xis next orders, was taken aback at the sight of her gaze.

Mu Feichi turned back at this moment and gave Feng Rui a winning smile as he scoffed, “You play, you pay!”

Feng Ruis expression was sour from his loss, but there was nothing he could do as hed placed his bet voluntarily.

After holding in his emotions, he muttered “So what Im not jealous or anything!”

With a smile, Mu Feichi turned and collected the documents from Qi Yuans hands and strode toward the monitoring room.

Yun Xi turned at the sound of his footsteps behind her.

She commented as the man approached, “I thought you left.”

“I cant leave you here if we havent settled anything yet, right”

Walking forward, Mu Feichi passed Yun Xi the information he was holding.

“We just met with your dad.

This was what I wanted from him.”

Yun Xi took the papers and gave them a flip through.

As she read, the contents of the documents came as a shock to her.

How did Yun Yuanfeng come into possession of this She wondered.

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