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Chapter 1132: Suffer in Bed

As soon as she returned to Tianyu Mountain, Yun Xi went straight to the intelligence department.

Mu Feichi did not stop her and ordered Grey Wolf and the entire department to cooperate with her.

As for what she wanted to do, everyone soon understood.

The lass was swift and decisive.

Her stern manner made them feel as though they were looking at their Young Commander directing them.

No one dared to underestimate her.

Mu Feichi looked at the small figure standing in front of the screen viewing the surveillance video.

The surveillance video was playing on two screens.

He stood behind her and watched as she gradually became indestructible from having survived the scent of blood.

Feng Rui knew that something had happened as soon as he returned.

He stood beside Mu Feichi and watched Yun Xi give orders.

Her aura really did not suffer in comparison to the Young Commanders at all.

Several bodyguards had been injured.

Feng Rui, who had been by Mu Feichis side through life and death, seemed to be used to the vagaries of war.

He could not understand Yun Xis feelings in this case.

He looked at her, who was standing in the front of the room before the screens, and then at the Young Commander, who was standing at the back of the room.

He could not help but tease him.

“Young Commander, this girl is getting stronger and stronger.

I feel that when you two are together in the future, you will be at a disadvantage.”

“Do I look like someone who would mind that”

If he made her suffer, it would be different from others making her suffer.

He didnt mind suffering in some situations, but when it came to his principles and in the bedroom, he would rather die than suffer.

“Besides, suffering is a blessing.

Its normal for a single person like you not to understand.”

“People who are afraid of their wives usually lie to themselves.”

Mu Feichi turned to glare at him and scoffed, “You really dont get it, do you No wonder you havent met anyone yet.

You will remain single for the rest of your life if you think like this.

Live with your right hand for the rest of your life…”

“Young Commander, your words are really vicious!” Feng Rui shuddered and obediently shut up.

Qi Yuan walked forward and kicked him.

“Why are you spouting words of wisdom at a time like this”

Mu Feichi shot him a cold glance, and Qi Yuan instantly regained his usual calmness and self-control.

“Young Commander, what are we going to do now Miss Yun is doing this all by herself.

We can only watch the show.”

The Young Commander had said that Miss Yun could do whatever she wished and take her time when it came to catching Crocodile.

He would provide assistance and protection, but he would not interfere with any of her decisions.

Mu Feichi turned to look at Yun Xi.

Her straight back was proud and stubborn, but it made his heart ache.

He sighed slightly and turned around to say, “Get Yun Yuanfeng to come and see me with those documents!”

He gave the order in a cold voice and left the intelligence department.

Yun Xi was so focused on the surveillance video that she didnt see what was going on.

However, she seemed to have heard Yun Yuanfengs name.

She abruptly turned around, only to see Mu Feichi leaving the room.

Qi Yuan and Feng Rui exchanged a glance before they turned around and hurried to catch up with him.

When Yun Yuanfeng received a call from one of Mu Feichis right-hand men, he felt overwhelmed by the favor.

He ignored the fact that he was still at work and hurried to the sentry post at Tianyu Mountain.

He had been extremely worried about his wife offending Young Master Jiang these past few days.

After this matter was over, he had to come to some kind of a settlement with Liang Xiuqin.

Initially, hed thought that he would finally get to see the famous Mu Mansion on Tianyu Mountain.

However, he did not expect Mu Feichi to be waiting for him at the sentry post, destroying his chance to go up the mountain.

“Young Commander…Young Commander…”

Yun Yuanfeng hurriedly got out of the car.

When he saw the figure standing waiting for him, he was so excited that he did not know what to say.

He was willing to meet with him and had even asked him to bring the most confidential information that he had.

This meant that there was a chance he was going to be able to solve his current predicament.

In fact…he might even be able to rise through the ranks in the future.

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