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Chapter 1127: Out of Hand

Liang Xiuqin may have left, but Jiang Chenghuan was not finished with the Han-Wanling-and-Liang-Xinyi pair who had gone out of their way to purposely try to humiliate Yun Xi.

“The event at the wedding banquet has still not been resolved, yet, Liang Xinyi, youre out here doing whatever you want again.

Are you out of your mind”

As Jiang Chenghuan turned around, he placed his target squarely on Liang Xinyi.

This idea had come from her, and it had put his aunt into a fit of anger.

He would not let her slide.

“If you have so much free time, Ill find something for you to do.”

Jiang Chenghuan faced the screen that was behind him and that he had come out from behind and called out, “Eldest Young Master Su, dont you owe Young Master Huo and me a settlement from the wedding Take this woman home and teach her some manners.

That would be good enough for me.”

“Young Master Jiang, I…” Just as Liang Xinyi thought she had heard Jiang Chenghuan call for Eldest Young Master Su, she turned and caught sight of a figure appearing from behind the screen.

Liang Xinyi gasped.

She had had no idea that Su Donglin was present as well.

The sight of Su Donglin was enough to turn the arrogant expression that she had had on her face into looking like a sheet of white paper.

Fear crept up from the depths of Liang Xinyis heart.

The days she had spent in isolation felt like a nightmare, and the thought of more of it alone sent uncontrollable shivers all over her body.

She was deathly afraid that it would become her fate to be locked in a house, with no responses to her calls and left to starve.

The forceful and overwhelming presence Su Dongling carried with him as he emerged from behind the screen made Yun Xi take a step backwards.

Liang Xinyi was shaking all over.

“Eldest Young Master…you…”

Liang Xinyi looked at Su Donglin.

She knew very well that the one person she should not offend in the Su family was him and him alone, but he seemed to be everywhere she went.

Her mother had reminded her time and again to not do anything to sully the reputation of the Su family, because they were in a precarious position already and any more trouble could kick them out of the Su family for good.

The situation was spiraling out of control.

“Take her away!” With a wave from Su Donglins hand, the bodyguards who had concealed themselves in areas around the hotel rushed up and carried Liang Xinyi out of the hotel.

Having sent her away, Su Donglin turned to face Yun Xi.

His fearsome expression changed to a kind and gentle smile.

Yun Xi was thoroughly impressed.

“About today, Miss Yun…”

Yun Xi shrugged in response.

She had come to be entertained.

Jiang Chenghuan had owed her a favor after all, and Su Donglin could handle Liang Xinyi.

“Ill leave it to you, Eldest Young Master Su.

Ill not interfere.”

It was a shame that Liang Xinyi had wanted to humiliate her, but she had been punished and she was now at the mercy of Su Donglin.

Yun Xi did not need to think about this any further.

As for Han Wanling pretending to be friends with Jiang Chenghuan, the man himself was present, and she did not need to think anymore about that either.

He would deal with it.

“Thats great! See you, Miss Yun.” Su Donglin waved and took his leave.

Finally, Yun Xi took a look in the direction of a dismayed Han Wanling.

There were people Han Wanling could not cross, and Jiang Chenghuan was one of them.

The Han family stock had almost crashed when she offended the Young Commander.

If she provoked Jiang Chenghuan any further, the Han family members were going to have a rather hard life.

She had no other choice.

His status was higher than hers, and it gave him all the right to be as bossy and unreasonable as he wanted.

“Werent you going to talk to me, Miss Han So confident about it too… Well, Im here now.

What did you want to discuss”

“Young Master Jiang…” Han Wanling held onto the table her hands had been resting on firmly, her frozen face cracking little by little until it squeezed out an awkward smile that seemed to be on the edge of tears.

“I really am your classmate…”

“Yeah, I know, but I dont know you.

Next time you want to pretend to know someone, do your homework.

Dont ruin my reputation.

I will not pursue this matter, because Yun Xi was kind enough to let it go, so I will too.

If I wanted to, you would need to call your dad in for this.”

Han Wanling offered a weak smile and did not speak another word.

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