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Chapter 1126: Heartless Mother

This was one of the first time that Yun Xi had seen Jiang Chenghuan so serious.

His show of anger was impeccable, and Yun Xi was suitably impressed.

“The next time you try to use your status as my so-called classmate, please send me royalties.

My net worth is pretty high, so if you cant afford it, then dont use my name, or Ill see you in court.”

On the topic of lawsuits, Jiang Chenghuan turned to Yun Xi and continued talking as if he was speaking with someone in customer service.

“Little Yun Xi, do you think I should find a lawyer to propose which law code will protect me from strangers pretending to be my classmates”

Squinting, Yun Xi put on a big smile and replied, “Second Master, I think an insurance plan will suit you better.

Your face is rather important, so you should invest in a premium plan and it will be guaranteed to give you a profit!”

“Do insurance companies provide such services”

“If they dont, you can always buy one and put out a policy for your own personal use.”

“Good idea! Ill tell my secretary to purchase one when I get back to the office.”


The two started talking about scams and purchasing insurance companies as if no one was around them.

Even a fool would recognize that the two were good friends.

Only then did the realization hit Liang Xiuqin, and her gaze toward Yun Xi changed immediately to one that was charged with disbelief and hatred.

“You two…” Liang Xiuqin looked at Second Master Jiang with fear, and she remembered all the times she had not been able to get in touch with him at his office building.

He had finally appeared, but to speak on Yun Xis behalf.

“You know each other” It took Liang Xiuqin a while to swallow this hard truth.

Her past actions continued to resurface in her mind, and it was hard to think about, but there was a feeling of solace too.

It was good that they were acquaintances.

If Yun Xi would speak on her behalf, this would be over.

“What about it Whats it to you”

Jiang Chenghuan immediately wiped the smile off his face, and he spoke coldly to Liang Xiuqin.

“I need to talk to you about the tantrum you threw at my office.”

“Young Master Jiang, I…I didnt do it on purpose.

I was anxious and aggressive that day, and I apologize.

I apologized personally to your employees as it was all my fault.

I was too rash.

Could you please let this small incident pass”

“Who are you to think I will forgive you if you ask me Who do you think you are”

If Liang Xiuqin had not been the mother of Yun Xi, his receptionist would never have been so welcoming or respectful.

Her attitude and the words she spoke to Yun Xi were severely heartless and lacked any sensitivity.

She was her biological mother, yet she was trying to force her to lower herself to beg from others.

The other was also one of Yun Xis enemies.

He wondered how terrible Yun Xi must have felt at that moment.

“No,” he thought.

“Yun Xi must have felt this way for a long time.” It was unfortunate that she was born to a heartless mother like Liang Xiuqin.

Anyone would have felt the terror of living with a mother who hated you.

“Then…then what do you want me to do….”

Liang Xiuqin looked up in fright.

Everything she had said so far had been humiliating enough for her.

She had had to listen to all these insults, or Yun Xi might never help her.

Missing her opportunity now would be dangerous for her.

Jiang Chenghuan had intended for Liang Xiuqin to apologize to Yun Xi.

However, if she did, it would have been hard for Yun Xi as well.

Liang Xiuqin was her biological mother, not a stranger on the street.

If her biological mother would do such a foolish thing to humiliate her own child, apologizing would not change anything.

No matter what he asked, he knew poor Yun Xi would be the one to bear the brunt of it.

Jiang Chenghuan inhaled deeply and controlled his anger.

“Just leave.

Dont appear in front of me again or use Yun Xi for your schemes.

I will not let the Yun family have any peace if you do anything like this ever again.”

“Right…right…right…I get it.

I will leave now.”

Liang Xiuqin hurried off without her daughter, and Yun Xi sent her mother off with a chilling look in her eyes.

Her expression was still smiling, but there was solid ice in the smile.

Yet she felt relieved as well.

She was lucky to have not inherited any traits from Liang Xiuqin.

She couldnt bear to think of a day when this kind of humiliation would happen to her.

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