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Chapter 1120: Security Detail

Since the person on the phone had reminded her to be careful, it must mean that the enemy had started moving.

And their target was none other than Yun Xi!

After ending the call, Yun Xi turned to look at the man beside her.

Mu Feichi had a dark expression on his face, and his piercing eyes seemed bitterly cold.

He was exuding a sharp killers instinct that was suffocating, and no one in the room dared to speak a word.

Everyone knew that Yun Xi was his weakness, because she meant the world to him.

If anyone dared to harm her, it would be equivalent to… asking for death.

But this time, it really did look as if someone was preparing to attack Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi turned toward Qi Yuan and instructed him, “Inform Jin Lei, and get him to send someone over.”

“Yes, sir!” Qi Yuan walked out to make a call with a frown on his face.

It would be a crisis if someone was going to try to harm Miss Yun, but it could be an opportunity too.

If the opposite party didnt make any moves, they wont be able to capture them.

This could be an opportunity to catch the big fish.

Once they make a move, they would definitely leave some traces behind.

If he understood this logic, then the Young Commander would have gotten it too.

Miss Yun probably knew it too.

Its just that their target this time was Yun Xi.

These guys really knew how to make use of the Young Commanders weakness.

“Dont worry.” Yun Xi squeezed Mu Feichis hand and shook her head, as he would scare his team members if he continued to look so fierce.

Mu Feichi looked at her with a straight face and said nothing.

He knew better than she did what this could mean.

If the opposite party had already set their target as Yun Xi, they would go to any lengths to get what they wanted.

In this life-and-death situation, only the more vicious party would survive.

Both parties had bet their lives on it, and only the winner would survive until the end.

Its not like there hadnt been situations like this before.

Crocodile had kidnapped Yun Xi previously.

If Yun Xi hadnt been as smart as she was, it would have been impossible for her to escape from them.

Since the enemy regarded her as a target they wanted to eliminate, they would definitely not show any mercy.

“I actually think its a good thing.

We will have a chance to take action once they make a move.

I am still the most attractive bait.”

“How can you be so proud of that now”

“If not, then what” Yun Xi shrugged with a helpless expression on her face.

“What can I do if they are the ones who chose me as their target There will always be a suitable solution to all situations.

Since we are already in this, then we must be prepared to fight them till the end!”

“You dont have to do that if you are with me.”

Mu Feichi patted her head.

However, the solemn expression on his face did not fade away even though Yun Xi had tried to comfort him.

Yun Xi smiled and thought it was pretty good that they were sharing the load on all these matters.

Eliminating Crocodile was something he wanted to do, but couldnt.

Since that was the case, she would try her best to help him and not hinder him.

This had been her original intention from the beginning.

But now, it seemed as if the opposite party regarded her as Mu Feichis ultimate weakness.

So they thought that it would be a massive blow to him if they were able to get rid of her.

They thought too little of both her and Mu Feichi.

After a while, Jin Lei arrived with some people.

They must have been the security team members in Mu Feichis special forces unit.

Compared to the brave and robust combat team in the special forces unit, these fighters were more proficient in protecting important figures.

Their experiences in security details were also better than the special forces unit led by Jin Lei.

This team partook in the security details whenever the president was on the move, and Mu Feichi had actually transferred them over to protect Yun Xi.

He sure was taking this very seriously.

“Sir, I dont think we need to overdo things…”

Yun Xi looked at the group of people known to be the countrys first-class security team, which had been brought over by Jin Lei.

She turned to look at Mu Feichi, and he didnt look like he was joking, so she bit her lips and said nothing else.

Yun Xi probably couldnt change his decision anyway, especially one made in this current situation.

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