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Chapter 1116: Mu Feichis Innocence

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The moment Yun Xi entered the room, she saw the figure standing by the window on his phone.

She felt her cheek was still a bit sore and turned around to go into the kitchen to get some ice.

Mu Feichi put down the phone and followed her.

When she stood up with the ice, he reached out and pinched her chin to turn her face toward him.

“Does it hurt a lot” His rough fingers caressed her soft cheeks, and the faint red mark on her delicate face was particularly glaring.

“Im fine.” He did not ask what was going on.

Team Leader A must have told him, so she did not explain further.

“Let me do it!” Mu Feichi took a thin towel to wrap around the ice and pulled her to sit on the sofa.

With her back facing him, he pressed the towel on her face.

“Its not like you cant dodge when your mother hits you.

Why didnt you dodge”

Yun Xi laughed bitterly, and the corners of her lips twitched in pain.

“I wasnt paying attention.

I didnt even have time to avoid her before she lashed out.

It seems as if my mother has been slapped too many times by my father recently.

Shes gotten more experienced in slapping people herself.

She was fast and ruthless.”

He could probably guess why she didnt dodge the blow.

Perhaps she still harbored some little bit of hope for her mother or she was trying to imagine her mother as a kind person.

Otherwise, with her cautious nature, she would not have been caught off guard.

After all, Liang Xiuqin was her mother.

No matter how unconcerned she appeared, she still hoped for that little bit of kinship.

It was a pity that her parents were so heartless and ungrateful.

Other than using her, they did not love her very much.

His girl was so beautiful and clever.

She was so much better than that idiot Yun Ziling.

Why did these two morons not see her good side and feel sympathy for her

Originally, he could not understand why she did not want to expose their relationship and was unwilling to let Liang Xiuqin and Yun Yuanfeng know that she knew him and had a powerful backer like him.

However, he could understand why now.

Even if they knew about it, she would not be able to get the love and affection she wanted.

All they would do would be to use her and take advantage of her.

Rather than going through that, she decided to save herself from the humiliation.

The more he thought about it, the more his heart ached for her.

His heart ached, and he felt helpless.

Turning around, he pulled her toward his chest and sighed.

Even though her back was facing him and he could not see the expression on her face, he could feel her emotions.

After all, there were some things that he could not provide, such as a mothers love and a familys warmth.

No matter how hard he tried to make up for what she didnt have, giving her more concern and warmth was only a substitute.

“I heard that Han Wanling went to look for you Why did she come looking for you Is she not being tortured enough”

“Shes here to declare war on me.

Apart from attempting to take back what Han Yaotian stole from her, shes also here to deal with me.

After all, I stole you from her.”

“Babe, theres something wrong with your words.

Did your physical education teacher teach you language”

Her declaration was like music to his ears, but he was not so pleased after careful thought.

“Since when did I belong to her Do I need you to steal me away Ive always belonged to you, okay My body and mind are both yours!”

Yun Xis left cheek was already red and swollen, and now the other half of her face was red and burning as well.

She could not guard herself against such an experienced orator.

“How would I know if youre innocent or not!” She blurted out this sentence because she did not know how to reply, and she did not even realize what was wrong with it.

However, the next moment, when her neck felt hot and wet, she realized that she had said the wrong thing.

“Babe, youre welcome to check after your coming-of-age ceremony if Im innocent or not!”

Covering her face, Yun Xi patted the back of his hand.

“Young Commander, you should go cook.

I havent had dinner yet.”

“Okay! It will be ready soon!”

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