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Chapter 1115: How Dare She Hit His Woman

Only when Yun Xis car was out of sight did Liang Xiuqin come back to her senses.

She had acted rashly and ruined things again.

Since she had impulsively slapped Yun Xi, she should not harbor any expectations about Yun Xi helping her out.

She had waited for an entire afternoon and had been about to collapse from heatstroke, and she didnt achieve anything.

She had done all that for nothing!

What was even more bizarre was that she had been so busy chasing after Yun Xi that she didnt have any idea where she was.

There was only a sole streetlight in the distance, and even that was not that bright.

It was dark everywhere.

Other than a few streetlights, there was no light around, and there was no one around either, not to mention there were no cars.

“Where the h*ll is this place How can there be such a derelict place in Jingdu That wretched girl actually led me here on purpose.”

Liang Xiuqin looked left and right, but she did not dare to slow down.

She kept mumbling to herself as if this was her only way to ease her fear of being alone in the dark.

The car stopped in front of the apartment building.

Team Leader A turned to look at Yun Xi.

“Miss Yun, your face…do you need to take care of it If the Young Commander sees this, he will blame me.”

The Young Commander always treated this girl in a special way.

In the past, they had never seen the Young Commander not being calm and collected.

However, after this girl had started to go to Tianyu Mountain, everything had changed.

Sometimes, when he saw the Young Commander turning into a self-indulgent ruler because of this lass, he actually felt that he was acting like a normal man would.

It was as if this was how any red-blooded man would behave.

Only with flesh and blood love could one truly be considered a complete person.

As soldiers, they fought mercilessly on the battlefield, and they were not allowed to have personal feelings.

On the battlefield, they were like blades forged from steel: blades that stabbed into the enemys heart.

After leaving the battlefield, they were once again just ordinary people.

They had things they treasured and treasures that they would do anything for.

This girl was the flower that bloomed in the Young Commanders heart.

It was enough to make him start to have a different kind of gentleness.

“Its fine.

The Young Commander wont say anything.

I wont hide anything from him because then he wont trust me.

Dont worry.”

Yun Xi gave him a comforting smile and then pushed open the car door to go upstairs.

In the car, Team Leader As heart ached as he watched her leave.

Having such a terrible mother, this girl really made his heart ache.

After some thought, he decided to give the Young Commander a call.

The call was answered very quickly.

It seemed as if the Young Commander had been waiting for his call because he answered immediately, afraid that something had happened to the girl.

“Young Commander, Miss Yuns mother went to the university to look for her today because of the matter with Young Master Jiang.

Miss Yun refused to help her, and her mother slapped her because of that.

Now, we have left her at the southern construction site because that is what Yun Xi wanted to do…”

“All right.” Mu Feichi hung up the phone and called Grey Wolf.

“Contact Su Donglin.

Yun Xis mother is at a construction site in the south of the city.

Ask him to find some hooligans to scare her so that she wont be able to get out of the southern construction site tonight.”

The construction site in the south of the city was huge and sparsely populated.

There was no way Liang Xiuqin would be able to get out of it in the middle of the night without any lights.

The girl had probably brought her mother to this place to make her suffer a little.

She had merely been adding flowers to the brocade.

“Young Commander, this…were soldiers… Its not good to do this kind of thing…”

“Thats why I didnt ask you to go.

Let him deal with it.”

Su Donglin was more familiar with that area than he was.

Su Donglin could easily use his connections in the black-and-white zones.

They on the other hand were all soldiers with military ranks.

They could not do such low things, but it did not mean that others could not.

How dare she hit his woman She must be tired of living!

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