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Chapter 1109: Han Wanling Returns

“Then we say nothing, and keep them guessing! A collaboration with the Mu Corporation is the equivalent of sealing the deal on the project.

Han Wanling would become an unquestioned member of the executive board.

Of course, this is conditional.

She must have concrete plans or it wont happen.

Even if I intervene, we cant let the Mu Corporation take a loss, right Im not dumb enough to get you into a bad business deal.”

Moreover, she wouldnt intervene without an ulterior motive.

Yun Xi would never go easy on Han Wanling.

She was not foolish enough to help any of her enemies achieve their goals.

“But if this happens, Han Yaotian will never accept it.”

“Then let him beg you! He wanted the project in order to make a stand on the executive board and to let the veterans know that he is capable of what he promised, to bring them the best benefits.

But Han Wanling will not stand down either.”

“You really want to see him beg me, babe”

Yun Xi turned her head, the ends of her lips curling slightly into an ambiguous smile.

“Actually, I wanted him to beg me!”

In her last life, she would have put all her effort into anything at Han Yaotians command.

There was nothing she would not do for him.

She wanted him to have this same luxury in this life.

Shed sworn that she would take all that he wants bit by bit from his hands.

He did not need to beg her.

The thought of him being left with nothing was good enough for Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi chuckled.

He reached out and softly patted Yun Xis head and didnt say another word.

Yun Xi had always had an unexplained hatred toward Han Yaotian.

Moreover, the hatred seemed to be rooted in some form of heartbreak despite the lack of any relationship between the two.

Seeing that it was something beyond his comprehension and beyond Yun Xis ability to address it with him, Mu Feichi did not press on further.

“If you wanted him to beg you, I could have Baifan disappear for an extensive period of time.

He will naturally come to find me then.

When that happens, he would have to go through you.”

“Forget that, I was just kidding.”

Yun Xi immediately wiped away all the emotions from her face and she waved her hands dismissively with a laugh.

All the seriousness and vengefulness in her eyes had completely disappeared, and she smiled brightly.

Liang Xinyi had returned to the university to continue her education, but she was much more conscious of her behavior and kept a low profile.

Though the low profile did not hinder her from unleashing her hatred whenever she saw Yun Xi, it kept her from any reckless actions.

However, it was Yun Xi who felt slightly taken aback at the sight of Han Wanling, who she had not crossed paths with in more than a year.

As she stood outside the tennis court, Yun Xi saw Han Wanling emerge from a sports car.

She was dressed in a fiery-red, tight-fitting dress that hugged and accentuated her slender but voluptuous figure.

The scooped neckline exposed her pale chest in the natural light.

It might only be a piece of fabric, but it was enough to seamlessly showcase her pride and joy: her elegant figure.

The many male students gathering in the nearby football field stopped for a moment to admire her.

There were many beauties at Jingdu University, but there were few who could hold a candle to the enchanting appeal of Han Wanling.

But the sight of Yun Xi somehow took an edge off the rashness and hatred Han Wanling had felt for her previously.

Instead, Han Wanling took the opportunity to observe her rival, the rival who had given Liang Xinyi countless defeats.

Just like before, Han Wanling remained Yun Xis enemy.

In the beginning, she had never seen her as an equal opponent.

Yun Xi had been simply a girl with messy hair from the countryside, but now, in the span of a year, she had thoroughly transformed into a beautiful and competent individual worthy of being her rival.

It was her rule to never overlook the strengths of her enemies and to never ignore their weaknesses either.

Liang Xinyi was not her only informant in the country.

Crocodile had filled her in about the relationship between Yun Xi and the Young Commander as well.

She still could not understand how someone like Yun Xi had been able to catch the eye of the Young Commander.

Compared to her, Yun Xi was nothing more than an infant, and she would never be able to compare with her present figure.

Yet despite all the countless men who had fallen under her charm, Mu Feichi was the only exception.

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