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Chapter 1106: Yun Xi Was the Champion

“Online, it said that you found a drug addict with AIDS to sexually assault Liang Xinyi.

And the security footage is missing too.

If you found the person, maybe you have caught the HIV virus too We better be careful around you.”

“What do you mean When did I find any drug addicts Someone has been slandering me!”

“Who would slander you It was you who used Liang Xinyi in your own schemes.”

“This is truly evil, if she had caught AIDS, youre no different than a murderer!”


The female students who surrounded her had always been sickened by her pretense of innocence.

Only these female students knew Qiao Ximins true self.

It did not help that Qiao Ximins pretense had moved many male students in the school who had worshipped her relentlessly on a daily basis.

The female students admired her abilities, and they were jealous of the attention she received from all the men.

This event that had occurred was an answer to their prayers.

The discourse about her on the online forum had spread throughout the school.

Rumors talked about her vile nature, and how she had found an AIDS-carrying drug addict to sexually assault another girl.

Supposedly, there was video evidence as proof.

It was hard for anyone to argue with these rumors.

The female students were finally presented with the evidence that unveiled Qiao Ximins true personality, and they teamed up to take her down.

Looking over to the laptop on the table, Qiao Ximin leaped forward toward it and opened the school forum.

She clicked on the number one trending topic and instantly a video came into view.

The video was the security footage from the exhibition hall.

It had captured a scene between Liang Xinyi and the drug addict.

The video clip was short, and it included the scene of the standoff between her and Liang Xinyi.

After she had watched the entire video, she realized it had cut out the part when Liang Xinyi had brought up Yun Xi.

The video only contained the stand-off between Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin.

It was as if Yun Xi had never even been present at this event.

The comments on the forum were varied, though most of them were cursing and exclaiming how evil she was and a few others were sharing a bit of sympathy for Liang Xinyi.

It was all Liang Xinyis fault.

She had set this up to happen to herself.

But it had all become her fault somehow.

Yet, the one the two had plotted to ruin had been excluded from the incident since the beginning.

She had witnessed their downfall and humiliation as if it was none of her business.

If they had to appoint a champion, Yun Xi was the real winner of this conflict.

The discourse had spread like wildfire, and no matter how Qiao Ximin tried to explain her innocence she could not produce the required evidence.

The incident remained a large stain on her image.

The discourse had reached the school board as well.

The online debate raging on the school forum had led to the school leaders asking Qiao Ximin for an explanation.

However, Qiao Ximin fought back against the allegations and denied all involvement.

She argued that aside from the invitation with the timing mistake there was no evidence that she had recruited anyone to target Liang Xinyi.

Nevertheless, the school decided to penalize her with a major demerit.

In the hospital after her HIV test, Liang Xinyi was told by the doctors that it would take a month for her results.

The long waiting time added more pain to her turmoil.

As soon as she left the hospital, she received a call from Jingdu University that asked her to head to the school.

In hopes that it was good news, Liang Xinyi called for a taxi immediately and headed back to the school.

However, what greeted her was the news of her expulsion from the university.

The viral video on the forum had dragged in the involvement of the anti-narcotics personnel.

The video was a hard hit on the reputation of Jingdu University and in order to protect it from further ruin, they had to persuade Liang Xinyi to leave the university.

Moreover, as Liang Xinyi had entered the university through means that were unofficial, once the school had understood the instructions from the upper management, they were unhesitant about their decision to expel her.

The decision from the upper management was a direct decision from Han Zhongteng.

This meant that even Han Zhongteng had decided to withdraw his assistance.

Liang Xinyi felt as if her world was caving in on her.

Although she staged a tearful breakdown in the principals office, it did not sway the principals ultimate decision.

Her original plan to tolerate the shame for the duration of her education and earn her degree had been completely thrown into disarray.

All of her backup plans were useless at this point.

The work and the sacrifices she had made in order to get into university had burst like soap bubbles.

As Liang Xinyi was feeling like she was at the end of her rope, a sign of hope had appeared for her: Han Wanling had returned.

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