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Chapter 1101: Innocent Victim

“The timing on this invitation is definitely wrong.” Yun Xi took a look and immediately knew that this was the invitation Qiao Ximin had given her.

So she drew attention to Qiao Ximin on purpose.

“Ximin, you gave the wrongly printed invitation to Liang Xinyi so that she would be at the exhibition hall half an hour early.

Did you plan for all this to happen”

The person who had planned it all would know it.

But looking at the current situation, Liang Xinyi had not managed to harm Yun Xi, so she needed an excuse to blame others.

Yun Xi knew that Liang Xinyi had always been good at shifting the blame to someone else.

So now, in order for them to fight it out with each other, Yun Xi would help Liang Xinyi push the blame on Qiao Ximin and drag her into this too.

Oh well, they were both asking for it.

If Qiao Ximin were able to stay out of it, it would have been much too easy on her.

Yun Xi decided to stand next to Qiao Ximin and give her a little push so that she could fight it out with Liang Xinyi.

“No way! This is my art exhibition, so why would I do such a thing to ruin my art exhibition I dont even know her, and there are no ill feelings between us, so why would I harm her Yun Xi, dont be ridiculous!”

“Then why was it that only Liang Xinyi received the invitation with the mistake Of course, it could be a printing error, but even if thats the case, then whats with the AIDS-infected person outside and Liang Xinyi looking like this now How could there be such a coincidence that the timing on Liang Xinyis invitation was wrong, and there was someone with AIDS in the exhibition hall who tried to rape her When there are so many coincidences, its kind of unbelievable that you did not do this deliberately to harm Liang Xinyi.”

“No! Dont be ridiculous! I dont know that person outside, and I dont know what is going on.

The printing could have been an error made by the printing company.

I really dont know anything about what was going on at all!”

Qiao Ximin did not expect Liang Xinyi to be so vicious toward Yun Xi that she had gotten a drug addict with AIDS to rape Yun Xi.

Never mind if the man really did rape Yun Xi, but if she contracted AIDS, then it would be equivalent to killing her.

Her plan was indeed cruel and vicious!

Qiao Ximin had only asked Liang Xinyi to look for a drug addict so that they could ruin her reputation and get her expelled from Jingdu University.

But she did not expect…

There were even more questions about this situation.

Qiao Ximin did not understand how Liang Xinyi had received the wrongly printed invitation card and had almost been raped by the person shed hired herself!

This whole situation had become so ridiculous!

But Qiao Ximin was sure that she had given the wrongly printed invitation to Yun Xi, so why was it with Liang Xinyi

What went wrong exactly

Now, no matter what had gone wrong, Yun Xi was already suspicious, and she had even pushed all the blame onto Qiao Ximin.

So this was definitely bad news for Qiao Ximin.

You were the one who gave me the invitation… Liang Xinyi suddenly remembered that Yun Xi had knocked into her that night.

Both their invitation cards fell to the ground, which must be when the invitation cards were swapped.

That must be when everything went haywire.

But now, Liang Xinyi had greatly embarrassed herself, and she could no longer hurt Yun Xi.

So if Liang Xinyi doesnt pull Qiao Ximin down with her, she will become the only culprit in this situation.

To cover up all the silly things she did, Liang Xinyi must push all the blame onto Qiao Ximin.

Anyway, no one knew that she had been the one whod hired the thug.

So, if she pushes all the blame onto Qiao Ximin, she will become the most innocent victim.

And, if she does that, she will be cleared of all suspicion and get everyones sympathy instead.

Otherwise, she cant clean up this mess at all.

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