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Chapter 1100: Dog-Eat-Dog Fight

What a melodrama!

Ah, that was not right.

This was a good show about facing the consequences of ones actions.

This was indeed a crowning example of getting what she deserved.

“Shut up! All of you, shut up!” Liang Xinyi was agitated by what had happened today and screamed at Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

Her miserable situation today was all because of Yun Xi as usual.

Very soon, the whole campus would know that she had almost been raped and that so many people had seen her in her semi-naked state.

She wasnt going to be able to stay at this university any longer.

She didnt even know if she had contracted HIV!

That was the most fatal blow.

The situation was irreversible.

What should she do What else could she do

Qiao Ximin had just arrived at the exhibition hall and had heard that Yun Xi had arrived with a group of people.

She immediately sensed that something had happened.

She definitely did not expect to be treated to such a miserable scene when she rushed over to see what the other students and teachers were gawking at.

What on earth was going on

Shouldnt Yun Xi be the one suffering Why…why had it become Liang Xinyi

Qiao Ximin walked over and looked at the scattered clothing on the ground.

She saw Liang Xinyi, who was crouched in a corner, clad only in a windbreaker.

She frowned and asked, “Whats going on What happened”

A bunch of female students had surrounded Liang Xinyi and had dragged an easel over, blocking her from the view of the gathering crowd.

The moment she saw Qiao Ximin, Liang Xinyi wanted to rush forward like a madman.

Her hands trembled as she gripped the windbreaker on her body.

She gritted her teeth and glared at Qiao Ximin with hatred.

“Qiao Ximin, I should be asking you what is going on! Didnt you say Yun Xi would arrive half an hour earlier Why did she arrive so late”

Qiao Ximin blinked and looked at her innocently before looking at Yun Xi.

She asked in feigned confusion, “What did you say Why dont I understand”

Qiao Ximin understood and knew what had happened, but she could only vehemently deny her involvement in front of Yun Xi.

“I dont understand either.

What do you mean Liang Xinyi, you had better make yourself clear and explain properly!”

Yun Xi looked at Qiao Ximin and Liang Xinyi and played dumb.

She casually shifted the blame onto Qiao Ximin.

It was going to be a dog-eat-dog fight! If the two of them wanted to die, then they could tear each other apart.

“You dont understand Didnt you say that the invitation you sent to Yun Xi was for half an hour early I arrived before 9:00, but she hadnt arrived yet.”

“This had nothing to do with me.

Dont drag me into this.

I came earlier than the time on the invitation too.

It was 9:30, isnt that right”

Yun Xi hurriedly pushed the blame away, taking out the invitation card in her hands to verify the time, proving her non-involvement with this matter.

“Im not sure if Yun Xi had arrived yet, but everyone is here to view the art exhibition.

It doesnt matter if they arrive early or late, and its entirely understandable if they are late.

Furthermore, you said that the time on the invitation was earlier.

That is impossible.

Everyones invitation time was the same.

They were printed together.

All of them say 9:30.

When did I say that it was half an hour earlier If you dont believe me, ask them.

The time on everyones invitation is 9:30, right”

Some of the students had brought along their invitation cards, and they compared them with one another.

They indeed all said 9:30.

Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth.

Her invitation card had said 9:00.

It was different by half an hour.

Qiao Ximins attitude was clear as day.

She refused to admit any involvement and intended to disassociate herself completely.

Liang Xinyi glared at her resentfully and emphasized once more.

“My invitation states 9:00 oclock!”

Unwilling to give up, Liang Xinyi found her bag that she had dropped in the corner.

She took out the invitation card and threw it at Qiao Ximins face.

“See for yourself!”

Embarrassed, Qiao Ximin opened the invitation and glanced at it.

Yun Xi also went over to take a look.

The time was indeed different.

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