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Chapter 1094: Creepy Han Zhongteng

The colorful nightlife of Jingdu had started up with the disappearing light of day.

The noisy nightclubs were lit up with blinding neon lights, and each room was bustling with music and drunken singing.

Liang Xinyi had lost count of how many times she had called Han Zhongteng that day.

He had not picked up a single one, and she had had to ask around among his close friends to know where he was at the moment.

Standing outside the doors of a nightclub, Liang Xinyi looked up at the dazzling neon lights.

The bright beams made her eyes twitch.

She knew she was walking directly into the claws of Han Zhongteng as she made her way here, and she knew there was no escape at this point.

She was walking into a black hole that had no end in sight.

If she needed help or any way to climb upward socially, she had to depend on him.

Even if it meant humiliating herself and selling herself out to him…

She had no networks in Jingdu; she had no choice as of now.

Liang Xinyi handed the member card that Han Zhongteng had given her previously to the doorman.

He checked the card and verified her identity before informing her of Han Zhongtengs private room number.

Walking up the stairs, she located the private room and stood knocking on the door.

However, the wails of voices singing completely drowned out her knocks.

Gritting her teeth, she opened the door and marched into the room.

Shining rainbow neon lights were scattered all over the room.

Liang Xinyi immediately located Han Zhongteng, who was sitting on the sofa, embraced by women on both sides.

The men in the room caught sight of the incoming figure.

One by one they stopped what they were doing.

“Oh Are you new, miss Quite a looker, arent you!” The man holding the microphone by the karaoke machine commented teasingly into the microphone.

The voice echoed through the private room.

Even Han Zhongteng, who was lost in another womans chest, caught the sound and looked toward the source of the voice.

Seeing that Liang Xinyi had not made any reply, the man by the karaoke machine gave her a look and added teasingly, “You look a little young to be here.

Arent you a student Anyway, come sing a few songs with me.”

Liang Xinyis face paled and darkened in succession at the comment showing that he had mistaken her as a hostess.

She gripped her slightly shaking hands and squeezed out a sentence after a long pause, “Im looking for someone.”

“Oh Who are you looking for Which family”

The man smiled coyly as he pointed toward the group of men on the sofa.

“Are they your family”

Liang Xinyi speed-walked toward Han Zhongteng before the men on the sofa could comment.

With one hand she pulled the woman sitting on his lap away and took her place.

She clung tightly to Han Zhongtengs neck as she leaned into his ear and whispered, “I need your help, and Ill do anything you ask!”


Silence filled the room as everyone there understood what had transpired.

She was looking for Han Zhongteng.

From her sitting position and her student clothes, it was crystal clear to all who she was.

She must be the young girl who Han Zhongteng had bedded.

However, Han Zhongteng remained unbothered as he tore her hands off him and leaned back on the seat.

“These two ladies already have it covered.

What use do I have for you”

Aside from having slightly better features and a more innocent look compared to the two women in makeup, she did not differ much from them.

Liang Xinyi felt as if she had been slapped across the face.

Han Zhongtengs humiliating words almost sent tears pouring down her cheeks.

But she held in her emotions.

She may have hit a dead end, but she had to maintain her dignity.

Han Zhongteng had always liked her noble presence.

After all, she knew his weak spots.

He liked her because she was more innocent and clean compared to the other women he picked up in his party world.

If she had to beg him, she would do so in a dignified manner.”

The other women could be flattered and surrender to him, but she was the only one who was hard to fool.

He had a twisted taste in women, and Liang Xinyi was exactly his type.

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