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Chapter 1087: More Tricks

Qiao Ximin shrugged and chuckled softly.

“I havent really had anything to do with her.

Its just that I dont like her.

I wont interfere when you fight with her, because it has nothing to do with me Thats all I can help you with.

At the right time, Ill even come out and act as a peacemaker in order to gain her favor because shes still useful to me.

Its not convenient for me to fall out with her now.”

“Youre helping her and me at the same time.

Arent you afraid that Ill betray you in a moment of desperation”

It seemed as if Yun Xi really had a lot of enemies.

Not only did this daughter of the Qiao family want to use her to deal with Yun Xi, but she also wanted to stay on friendly terms with Yun Xi so that she could use her in the future.

What a good plan.

“Why should I be afraid I havent done anything.

All I did was send you an invitation.

All the students and teachers have one.

Even if she suspects something, she wont suspect me, right”

If it hadnt been for the fact that she didnt want to be implicated, she wouldnt have used her exhibition as a bargaining chip.

“But the time on the invitation is different from mine.

How are you going to explain that”

“If your plan succeeds, I will have a way to explain it.

You dont have to worry about that.”

Qiao Ximin chuckled, her gorgeous face filled with pride and confidence.

“Ive only presented you with an opportunity.

Its up to you to grasp it.

Good luck!”

She patted her shoulder and turned to get into a sports car parked nearby.

The car sped away in the dim yellow light.

Liang Xinyi looked at the car as it was getting smaller and smaller.

She gripped the invitation tightly in her hand, and an even more sinister plan than Qiao Ximins surfaced in her imagination.

It would be better to find someone to frame Yun Xi so that she would appear guilty.

She wanted her to be worse off than she was and lose her reputation.

Yun Xi had just come out of the cafeteria and was headed to classes when she noticed Liang Xinyi standing behind an iron fence outside the basketball court.

It had been a few days since the wedding banquet.

Yun Xi knew that she had been placed under house arrest by Su Donglin for a while and had only been released today.

House arrest was like going to jail.

It had probably not been easy for her.

Once she was allowed to leave, she would definitely have immediately gone to school.

She wouldnt have wanted to stay in the apartment where she had been held captive for days.

The sky had darkened, and lights around the basketball court had been turned on.

The area where Liang Xinyi was standing was brightly illuminated, and cicadas chirped in the grass.

Even from this distance, Yun Xi could see something shining in her hand.

As she focused, she realized that it was the same invitation that she was holding in her hand.

This time, not only had Qiao Ximin made an exception and invited everyone to her art exhibition, she had even sent an invitation to Liang Xinyi.

No matter how she looked at it, Yun Xi felt that there was something fishy going on.

In her previous life, she had suffered too much, so in this life, she never acted like a fool.

She was cautious and guarded against people.

Frowning slightly, she turned and walked in the direction where Liang Xinyi was standing.

She paused at the corner, and then she suddenly came around the corner and hit the pressure point on Liang Xinyis arm.

Liang Xinyis arm went numb, and the invitation in her hand fell to the ground.

The impact had not been gentle, and the invitation rolled away.

Liang Xinyi looked up at the person who had knocked into her.

When she saw Yun Xi, her stomach instantly erupted with a wave of anger and hatred, and her expression became twisted.

“D*mn girl, its you again! Do you want to die”

“Liang Xinyi, you were the one who bumped into me.

Is it my fault”

Yun Xi bent down to pick up Liang Xinyis invitation and stood up.

She met Liang Xinyis resentful gaze with a cold smile.

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