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Chapter 1086: Evil Plan

“My surname is Qiao.

Im Qiao Ximin, a daughter of the Qiao family.

I was at your mothers wedding a few days ago.

Do you remember me”

“Oh, yes, I do.

May I help you, Miss Qiao”

She remembered that Qiao Ximin was a very popular member of the Jingdu Finance Department.

This was the same department she was in, but they were one year apart since she was one year behind Qiao Ximin.

“I saw what happened at the pool, and now all of the female socialites of Jingdu are making fun of you.

Im afraid your reputation in Jingdu

society is rather ruined.”

“What do you mean” Qiao Ximin had unhesitatingly poured salt all over her wounds and smacked Liang Xinyi across the face metaphorically.

Liang Xinyi felt her face burning as she recalled her humiliation.

“What I mean is that Yun Xi completely ruined your reputation that night, and now you wont even be able to attend the socialite ball.

Isnt that right How can you accept this I know you want revenge, and I can help you.”

“Help me” Liang Xinyi stared at her in confusion.

Her eyebrows were knitted together and her grip around her bag had tightened.

She did want revenge, but these two hardly knew one another.

Why was she offering to help her

There were always conditions attached to every offer of assistance.

Whether it was Han Wanling or Han Zhongteng, anyone who had ever offered her help had had conditions.

Qiao Ximin would be no exception.

However, if they were willing to offer her help, it indicated that she remained valuable to them.

It meant that she was even valuable enough for them to stake some plan on her.

“You see, everyone including our school has been launching these anti-narcotic exercises lately.

Drugs are really dangerous and could ruin one and ones family, dont you agree Everyone in school hates everything that has to do with drugs at the moment.

If you want to eliminate Yun Xi and have her expelled from Jingdu, you are going to have to use some specific tactic to get your way.”

Qiao Ximin pulled out an invitation and passed it to Liang Xinyi.

“My art exhibition is happening in a few days.

Ive invited Yun Xi, but her invitations time is 30 minutes before the opening.

In these 30 minutes, you can do whatever you want.

After 30 minutes, I will call all of the student body over to see what you have accomplished.

The rest is up to you and whatever tactics you come up with.”

Liang Xinyi frowned as she started thinking about this plan.

Plenty of things can be accomplished in 30 minutes.

If she had the chance, she definitely would not let Yun Xi off the hook very easily.

Yun Xi had humiliated her in front of all the socialites of Jingdu, and this time she vowed to return the favor in front of all of the members of the school.

Teachers and students… No one would be exempted.

Almost as if Qiao Ximin was worried that Liang Xinyi would not be harsh enough, she could not help but add another piece of advice.

“You should find a junkie who is willing to accuse her of selling drugs to him.

She will have a hard time defending herself in front of everyone at school.

Also, these anti-narcotics exercises are everywhere right now.

So for anything drug-related the principal wont show any mercy and will expel her from Jingdu on the spot.”

Qiao Ximin smiled and continued with her words of twisted guidance, “A student expelled from Jingdu and a student with a narcotics history…it would be impossible for her to find a job in Jingdu.

This would ruin her life, you get what Im saying”

“Ah, I understand…” This tactic even seemed rather vicious to Liang Xinyis mind.

However, no qualms could overcome the hatred in her heart.

Liang Xinyi looked up at Qiao Ximin with a puzzled expression.

The sudden kindness and aid had made her rather nervous despite her excitement.

She could not wait for this to happen.

“But wont it ruin your art exhibition”

“The exhibition will continue after were finished with Yun Xi, dont worry about it.”

Her art exhibition was a form of entertainment.

It mattered little how much she earned, its real purpose was as an avenue to let others witness what was going to happen with Yun Xi.

“But what do you get out of this Has Yun Xi offended you in any way Why are you doing this to her”

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