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Chapter 1085: Let Liang Xiuqin Suffer

After following Qiao Ximin with her gaze as she departed, Yun Xi looked down and took a peek at the details of the exhibition written on the invitation.

She closed it after she had done so.

Her phone beeped unexpectedly as she walked away from the notice board.

It was Yun Yuanfeng calling from home.

Her father wanted her to come home.

“Dad, did Mom leave to find Young Master Jiang on her own and offend him in the process”

“How did you know” The precision of Yun Xis guess left Yun Yuanfeng speechless.

“Young Master Jiangs secretary called and scolded me.

They asked me to go take Mom home and stop her from humiliating herself at the gates of the Jiang Corporation.

Mom would not listen to reason and was causing a scene demanding to see Young Master Jiang.

This has offended Young Master Jiang.”

Jiang Chenghuans secretary had given her a call, but she had exaggerated the scolding part.

All he had asked her was what her mother wanted and how to proceed since her mother was causing a scene at the front desk of the Jiang Corporation.

He didnt know whether he should call the police or chase her out.

Yun Xi had advised him to call the police.

Unfortunately, Liang Xiuqin had dragged Yun Ziling past security and fled before the police had arrived.

Their escape had given Yun Ziling with her history of heart attacks a difficult time as they ran down the street.

Liang Xiuqin had never wanted to be arrested so it was fine that they had escaped.

Nevertheless, this issue was going to be reported to Yun Yuanfeng, and this was what Yun Xi had intended.

“Dad, this isnt my responsibility.

Even if you call me back 100 times, theres nothing I can do.

Mom has dug herself into this hole, so you have to solve it.

I still have classes tonight.

I have to go.”

Yun Xi hung up immediately before Yun Yuanfeng could speak.

She had decided that this was none of her business.

This was a fight for her parents.

Her mother had asked for this, and she was not going to be cover for her anymore.

She would not be responsible for any of her actions.

Liang Xiuqin lacked a complete sense of self-awareness.

She needed to face a couple of severe failures to learn the nature of the world.

It did not revolve around her, and not everything could be done her way.

She had the typical attitude of ignorant women from the countryside.

Even Chen Lixue had learned she had to act properly in order to marry into the Su family.

If Liang Xiuqin did not begin to make some changes, she deserved to be on the receiving end of Yun Yuanfengs fury.

The sky darkened slowly and, the lamps around the university lit up.

The entire campus was soon illuminated with a mellow yellow glow.

Fall was right around the corner, and Jingdus nighttime temperature had fallen slightly.

The air had hints of a chill.

Liang Xinyi had just returned to school.

As a punishment for what she had done during the wedding banquet and for tarnishing the Su familys reputation, she was ordered to be locked up in a condo by the family.

The days felt like years as she stayed locked inside the condo.

She had never once felt fear since she arrived in Jingdu.

Yet, in the face of the mighty Su family, she felt that she had brought great trouble on herself.

The Su family had warned that they were going to punish her, yet the punishment had not been decided on yet.

The suspense had kept her in a state of paranoia and fear.

The Su family were different from the other great clans.

Han Zhongteng, who had been her only support, was unwilling to assist her any longer, and Han Wanling, who had supported her but who was banished overseas, had left her with no one else she could turn to.

Even if Han Wanling had not been overseas, she knew she would not offend the Su family on her behalf.

She had walked into a dead end, and she could hardly bother thinking about how she could rescue her personal reputation anymore.

Suddenly a voice echoed as it called out to her, “Liang Xinyi!”

Liang Xinyi turned around immediately.

She spotted a figure, but it took her a while to recover from her thoughts.

“You…who are you”

She watched as the figure slowly approached her.

Her dress fluttered in the wind and the dim yellow light illuminated her features.

Liang Xinyi could not take her eyes off the figure.

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