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Chapter 1079: My Number One

“Young Master, please eat the noodles.

Otherwise, theyre going to get soggy.”

Yun Xi pushed the plate toward Mu Feichi.

She then patiently explained what had happened.

“I went to the Chen family home to visit Old Madame Chen for a medical house call.

After that, I went home.

Thats all.

Do you have to be so angry”

“It seems as if Chen Yichen is the most important person to you.”

“No! Youre the most important person to me.

You are ranked number one in my heart.

Chen Yichen is nowhere near you in the line.

Like Yumo, he is just a friend.”

Yun Xi looked at him sincerely.

All her focus was on him, and there were no lies and deception in her eyes.

Since she had been reborn, Mu Feichi had indeed been the most important person in her life.

He had protected her, instructed her, and loved her.

He was the best.

Most men of his age would be sending flowers and expensive handbags as gifts or going out for food and fun when trying to please and woo girls.

But with their statuses and identities, Mu Feichi and Yun Xi were destined to be different from any usual couple.

Mu Feichi was the Young Commander of Jun Country and responsible for the countrys security.

So it was normal that the ways he used to please Yun Xi would be different from the ways of any other young men.

While other young men sent flowers or bags as gifts, Mu Feichi would give guns or knives.

And when other couples went out to have fun, Mu Feichi and Yun Xi would be fighting against enemies together.

Mu Feichi had given Yun Xi a life that other girls would never even be able to imagine or experience.

After getting to know him, her life had changed entirely and would never be the same as other peoples.

But, so what All this had already become her dream and the beliefs that she wanted to fight for.

When she had just arrived from Muyang, she had never thought of getting involved with this man.

But now, her life had changed completely because of him.

With her sincere expression that was evidently free from any lies, this firm guarantee from Yun Xi had finally appeased the man a little.

“What did you go back home for” Mu Feichi had only just taken up the chopsticks Yun Xi held in front of him and started eating the noodles.

“They suspected that I know all of you, so I went back to get rid of that suspicion so that they wont have any idea of using me to get to know your families.

I was also there to do some baiting.”

“Who were you baiting” Mu Feichi knew the reasons why Yun Xi had to clear her familys suspicions, even if she didnt explain.

“My mother and sister.

After what happened tonight, do you think I will ever just let anyone bully me”

“Wasnt your cousin the one bullying you”

“I am still waiting for things to happen, and I am actually using my mother and sister as the bait.

I dont have to personally deal with people like them, as there will always be weapons that I can use against them.

Also, they can only fight against those on the same level as them.

They cant seem to excel when they are facing opponents of another class.

But, then, it would no longer be fun to watch, would it”

“Do you need me to step in and help”

“No, its better if you dont do anything.

You cant help with anything this time.

If you step in to help, then it could spell trouble for me.”

“All right.

Look for Qi Yuan if you need anything.

Be careful when you are outside since your clean-up plan is about to start.

If there is any movement, they will be on guard.

There are also possibilities that they will act first, so you must be prepared.”

Mu Feichi wont stop whatever she wants to do.

This plan of hers would be her training.

If she can pull it off, he wont have to worry when she marries him.

“I know that.

I have already spoken to General Feng, so he will notify me as soon as possible if he has noticed any movements from that group of people.”

“Be careful, and never be careless.

You must never underestimate your opponents.

Overestimating them is better than underestimating them, understand”

“Understood.” Yun Xi nodded.

She then said in all seriousness, “All of you have way better tricks up your sleeves, and you dont even dare to underestimate them.

I definitely wouldnt dare to take them lightly.”

Underestimating your opponents could be fatal, and she doesnt want to die early either.

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