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Chapter 1057: Its Your Party

In the beginning, no one had expected that the medicine prescribed by a young girl would be so effective.

They had figured they might as well try it because there was nothing to lose, rather than actually believing in her abilities.

But the facts turned out to be the best proof.

“Definitely!” Yun Xi nodded politely and raised the glass of juice in her hand.

“I will visit your house and have a look at Mrs.

Feng soon.”

“Okay, thats great.” Feng Jun took his own business card and handed it to her.

“You can come over anytime.”

The people who had been standing around talking to Chen Yichen congratulated Feng Jun and looked at the young girl on the sofa incredulously.

Who didnt know about the Feng familys problems

They had used all sorts of methods to try for a child, from praying to God to worshipping Buddha.

They had even taken all kinds of medicine, but nothing had worked.

After undergoing many examinations at the hospital, the results had indicated that both of them were fine.

There were no secrets in wealthy families, and some people had teased him in private.

But now Feng Jun was about to become a father.

With such good news, as well as Yun Xis healing of the Eldest Heir and Old Madame Chen previously, no one dared to doubt this girls medical skills any longer.

When she had proven herself in such a manner, it was impossible to doubt her.

Ji Ran and Feng Jun took turns giving out business cards and everyone else followed suit.

As soon as they had finished, Yun Xi was holding a thick stack of business cards in her hand.

Fortunately, they had introduced themselves.

Otherwise, Yun Xi would not have any idea who they were.

When she received the business cards, she glanced at the names and titles, and none of them were ordinary people.

She had immersed herself in the laboratory and had not paid much attention to the outside world in her previous life.

However, now she finally understood the power setup in Jingdu and was clear about the identity of all these people.

Chen Yichen had introduced them to her not only to pave the way for her future, but also in hopes that she could join his circle of friends so that she could walk in Jingdu unhindered in the future.

After all, after she had canceled her marriage arrangement with the Jiang family, she would no longer have the title of daughter-in-law of the Jiang family.

It would inevitably be difficult for her to progress in Jingdu, which was a place that required connections.

He was paving the way for her and expanding her network.

Yun Xi understood this and knew that he wasnt trying to make her feel grateful toward him, but she appreciated him fondly for what he did for her.

She turned to look at Jiang Chenghuan, who had escaped from the crowd of women whod been surrounding him and was currently standing by the window.

He stopped Zhao Yumo as if it had been a chance encounter and struck up a conversation with her, acting as if they were strangers who had recently met.

Not only did this prevent the socialites from harboring feelings of hostility toward her, but he also made them envious of her, which showed Jiang Chenghuans wit.

Zhao Yumo and Jiang Chenghuan were just like her and Mu Feichi.

They knew each other very well, but they could only pretend not to know each other, and it was tiring to put on such an act.

At the self-service counter, Liang Danyi stared at the few young masters she had her eyes on, but they all ran toward Yun Xi.

Her hand holding the juice was about to crush the glass.

She had just introduced herself to them, and they had left without even meeting her eyes.

At this moment, they were staring at that wretched girl Yun Xi like wolves who had just seen meat.

All these people went forward to lick her shoes and were not afraid of being killed by her bad luck.

Gritting her teeth, Liang Danyi stomped her feet in annoyance.

She did not have the guts to cause trouble, but she could not swallow this grievance easily.

“Sister, this is the party that you arranged yourself.

Look, that wretched girl Yun Xi is taking advantage of it.

Quickly, find a way to stop her.

How shameless of her.

Its not even her familys banquet, but she is acting like she is the star of the show.”

Liang Danyis words struck Liang Xinyi in her heart.

After all, she had been staring at Yun Xi all night, and she had seen so many men circling Yun Xi to show their intentions.

There was already a stormy sea in her chest.

Their family was the host today, and she was the princess who should have received everyones favor.

However, the biggest winner tonight was this wretched girl.

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