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Chapter 1056: A Good Deed

Yun Xi did not leave because she was waiting for Liang Xinyi to make her move.

At the same time, she was watching Liang Xiuqin trying to get Yun Ziling to form new connections.

It was a pity that most people didnt know much about the Yun family.

Even though they may have heard of it, the first question that they asked when they met Yun Ziling was whether she was Young Master Jiangs fiancée, which embarrassed and annoyed her.

Liang Xiuqin also kept on cursing Yun Xi from the bottom of her heart, but she plastered a polite smile on her face and continued to compliment and suck up to the heirs of the distinguished families.

It was a pity that people were not interested in this kind of older woman with no family background.

Moreover, Yun Ziling herself was not likable, and everyone started leaving in twos and threes after exchanging a few offhand words with them.

This banquet was mainly for young people.

Liang Xiuqin had really only come to bring her daughter so she could go around and try to make connections with others.

After a while, people started avoiding them like the plague and taking another route when they saw the mother and daughter pair headed their way.

Yun Xi was not interested in this kind of relationship-climbing occasion.

Chen Yichen was constantly by her side, and where she was standing soon became the most sought-after corner.

Compared with the desert island around where Mu Feichi and Huo Tingxiao were standing, she was surrounded by Chen Yichens friends and people who wanted to be friends with him.

It was so happening there that they almost stole everyone elses limelight.

“Little Yun Xi, I heard that you have gone on to Jingdu University.

How is the school My family is on the school board.

If you face any issues, you can call me, and someone will help you solve them right away.”

It was Young Master Ji Ran from the Ji family who was talking.

As he spoke, he handed Yun Xi a golden business card, and his handsome face had a kindly smile on it.

The Ji family and the Chen family had always been close, and Ji Ran was one of Chen Yichens childhood friends.

Since they had found out that Yun Xi had cured Old Madame Chens disease, they were all very curious about this girl.

Unfortunately, Chen Yichen was very protective of her and did not let them meet her.

However, he had had a chance to meet her today.

Indeed, knowing a person by her reputation was not as good as seeing her in the flesh.

The girl was more beautiful than he had thought.

Her little face was so delicate and tender that it looked like a freshly laid egg.

It looked so inviting that it made people want to take a bite.

These buddies who had grown up with Chen Yichen since they were all in diapers could easily see through his intentions.

It was a pity that the girl was still supposedly the Jiang familys future daughter-in-law.

If the Jiang family really looked down on this marriage arrangement, Chen Yichen would have made his move a long time ago.

“Little Yun Xi, I made a special trip to thank you today!”

In the crowd, a bespectacled man handed Yun Xi a glass of juice.

Yun Xi turned to look at Chen Yichen.

Chen Yichen introduced the man to her.

“This is my cousin, the husband of my aunt who attended the last banquet.

His name is Feng Jun.”

“My wife has been drinking the medicine you prescribed to her all the time.

Her condition is excellent, and we even have good news to share.

We just went for a checkup the other day, and she is pregnant! I am going to be a father, and its all thanks to you.

My mother said that you must come to eat at our home sometime as our whole family must thank you.”

“Ah, really Thats great.


As soon as Chen Yichen had introduced Feng Jun to Yun Xi, she remembered that he was the husband of Mrs.

Feng who she had met at the Weiya Banquet.

She had never seen Mrs.

Feng after that and had only heard Chen Yichen talk about her.


Feng was insistent on using Yun Xis prescription to try to get healthier.

Now that Yun Xi had heard she was pregnant, it was fantastic and must be exceptionally good news to the Feng family.

The wealthy families had always placed immense value on their offspring, and now that Mrs.

Feng was pregnant, she felt that she had done an immensely great deed.

“Thank you! You must come to visit us some time.

We want to thank you very much.”

The couple had been trying to have a baby for so many years.

His wife had tried various remedies and suffered so much.

Now that she was pregnant, it was like an impossible dream that had finally come true for them!

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