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Chapter 1049: Offending Su Ximan

There were many things that Liang Xinyi could accept, but giving an apology to Yun Xi was something she could never do.

To apologize to Yun Xi would be the equivalent of slapping herself in the face.

There was nothing in this world that would make her do that.

There was no way she would ever apologize to someone like Yun Xi!

Liang Xinyi scanned the guests that she had invited purposefully to embarrass Yun Xi, and then she turned to Su Ximan who never seemed to give her a break.

The invitation that she was gripping in her hands had been scrunched into a ball, and her body was shaking with anger.

Her lips quivered, but she could not swallow her pride!

Gritting her teeth, Liang Xinyis aggression and hatred were slowly revealing themselves on her face.

Her expression had twisted with rage, and she looked like a beast.

Just moments ago she had been receiving the guests with smiles, but now the hatred in Liang Xinyis heart was growing like wild grass and burying any of her remaining logic.

Back in the countryside, the jinx Yun Xi would be the one to have to apologize to her.

It was simply impossible for her to apologize to Yun Xu, impossible!

However, Su Ximan was not someone who she could fool or defy.

She would not let her off the hook easily.

With a small HMMPPH! she raised her eyebrows at Liang Xinyi.

She looked satisfied with what she had done.

“Well, not willing to apologize, huh Ill apologize to Yun Xi instead.

But you do realize what it means if I apologize instead of you, right Hope you dont regret this!”

Su Ximans reminder had awakened Liang Xinyis consciousness.

But it was too late.

Before Liang Xinyi could say anything, Su Ximan took a step in front of her.

She had made the eldest daughter of the Su family apologize on her behalf.

This spelled bad days ahead for her mother and sister in the Su family.

Even if her mother married her fourth uncle, Su Ximan was tied to the Su family by blood.

The Su family had always defended their blood family first.

She had witnessed that.

Therefore, the Su family would always side with Su Ximan no matter how she tormented the three of them and refuse to give them any sympathy.

The three werent yet on stable terms with the Su family, and now they had already offended someone with such a crucial status.

The battle for better days was half-lost.

Su Ximan had motivations of her own, and she needed a suitable reason as support for her future attitudes toward them.

Liang Xinyis hesitation had presented her with the perfect opportunity and excuse.

Su Ximan turned and took Yun Xis arms in her own.

Her head tilted slightly and her strict expression immediately melted away to the dignified and graceful smile of a lady.

“Im so sorry, Yun Xi.

I was so happy to invite you, but who wouldve thought you would be so wronged.”

Yun Xi turned to Su Ximan and to Su Donglin who stood quite a distance away.

Su Donglin lightly nodded, and she understood what he intended and played along.

Laughing lightly, she patted the back of Su Ximans hand, her pink cheeks puffed out with a charming smile, “Its all right.”

She did not need an apology from Liang Xinyi.

On the contrary, the level of humiliation Liang Xinyi had received was satisfactory for her goals.

In the end, when Liang Xinyi had refused to concede, it was not her she had offended, but Su Ximan.

Su Ximan had cards up her sleeve that were as good as her own.

She realized she wouldnt need to deal with Liang Xinyi personally from now on, and this was a satisfying outcome for her.

Feng Yang, who had witnessed the scene, took this chance to chime in, “What are you all up to”

“Oh, youre here, Feng Yang!” Su Ximan let go of Yun Xi and began to fondle Feng Yang instead.

“You said you wanted some mung bean soup so I went to buy some for you.” As he spoke, he handed her a bag and turned to Yun Xi, “Yun Xi, there is some for you as well.

Why dont you all go upstairs to the lounge and enjoy it”

“Of course! Thank you so much, darling!” Taking the mung bean soup, Su Ximan took Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo and headed to the other corridor.

As soon as they turned the corner, they caught sight of the two figures standing in front of the elevator.

They followed Su Ximans gaze and caught sight of Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan waiting for the elevator.

The atmosphere in the room stirred up slightly.

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