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Chapter 1044: Free Lessons

Yun Xi had originally wanted Mu Feichi to help her get in the back door, but she hadnt expected him to be so generous as to arrange things as soon as shed told him what she wanted.

To her, it had been a difficult problem.

“Young Commander, the Jiang familys status is very high, and Im obviously not worthy of it.

And in what capacity should I show up

Yun Xi raised her head to look at him and deliberately asked, “Should I show up as Jiang Chenghuans child bride”

“In your dreams!” When Mu Feichi heard that, his face turned dark.

He fixed his stormy eyes on Yun Xi, looking aggrieved.

“My woman is going to be a child bride for the Jiang family Babe, do you really think Im so generous”

He raised his hand and poked her forehead, reminding her solemnly, “You can do anything else, but dont even think about this!”

Yun Xi chuckled.

She had just been joking with him.

Mu Feichi had not mentioned a specific date for the socialites ball, and did not tell her that it was on the winter solstice, which also happened to be her birthday.

Yun Xi had merely regarded it as a date and time to estimate how much time she had left to improve her strength and abilities.

She had originally only wanted Mu Feichi to get rid of Liang Xinyi directly, but then shed thought that that was not a heavy enough punishment for her.

Wouldnt Liang Xinyi find it the most unbearable punishment if Yun Xi stepped over her and stole all of her limelight

At this socialites ball, she planned to step hard on Liang Xinyis sore spots.

There was no need to be polite any longer.

Nothing else would torment Liang Xinyi more than this.

She could betray herself and even give away her mother.

She would stoop to anything to get her way.

When she watched Yun Xi step on top of her, looking more beautiful, proud, and illustrious than she ever would, that was the time when she would feel the most pain.

“Tomorrow, I will have Baifan find an etiquette teacher for you.

The teacher will show you what you should know.

You must grasp it all.”

He paused to look down at her from his great height with a wicked smile.

“Of course, you can let me teach you too.

Teacher Mu can give you free lessons.”

Yun Xi raised her head speechlessly and looked at his handsome face.

No matter how hard she stared at him, she could not tell that he knew any etiquette.

“Young Commander, do you even know about ladies etiquette”

“Of course, isnt it basic etiquette In addition to the etiquette assessment, the socialites ball is also a platform to showcase individual talent.

As the decision-maker of the Mu family, what is it that you think I dont understand”

He pondered for a few seconds and then said carelessly, “Oh right, I dont understand childbirth.

Only you need to know about that.”

In the beginning, he had been serious.

But very quickly, this seasoned orator started going astray.

Yun Xi blushed and laughed.

“Im sorry, I dont need your help.

Please hire an etiquette teacher instead!”

Just looking at his current teasing appearance, she felt that there was nothing good that he could teach her about etiquette.

Zhao Yumo, who had also received an invitation, hurried to the Department of Medicine to find Yun Xi.

With Chen Lixues upcoming marriage, Liang Xinyis status would rise significantly.

She would obtain a different position in society.

To some extent, they naturally had to be prepared as the enemys combat value had increased.

“Yun Xi, are you going to attend the wedding” Zhao Yumo asked.

As they left Yunding, Yun Xi took out the sandalwood fan given to her by the shopkeeper of Yunding.

She fanned herself as she walked.

“Of course Im going to attend.

There will be a good show to see, so how can I not go And since I have already received Su Donglins invitation, I must show my face.”

“Seriously, this marriage has a strange vibe no matter how you look at it.”

“Because I made this marriage possible.

I approached Su Donglin and negotiated terms with him, letting my ex-auntie marry into the Su family, so Liang Xinyi can have a legitimate identity with which to participate in the socialites ball.”

“Ah Why did you do that Thats too good for them! Thats the Su family were talking about.”

Yun Xi chuckled lightly and winked slyly.

“Because I dont think the Su family groom is very pleasing to the eye and not a nice man either, so I shall let my ex-auntie ruin him.”

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