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Chapter 1035: Yun Xi Prevails

Before Yun Xi could make her second attack, Mu Feichi had turned around and thrown a punch toward her.

He had wanted to teach Yun Xi techniques of defense, so he didnt put his full power into it.

However, he had not held back as much as the previous time the two had sparred.

In his eyes, Yun Xis safety was his top priority.

He really couldnt have cared less about the disasters of the outside world.

He was fast, but Yun Xi had expected this.

He had seemed to be using most of his strength since the start of this fight, and she did not dare to make any bold attacks.

Regardless, she had studied with Yan Shuo for about three months.

She may not have learned many new techniques from Yan Shuo, but her reaction speed and reaction movements had tripled.

It was unfortunate that Mu Feichi was being so protective of her even when the two were sparring.

Because of this, she had also held back and did not put her full power on display.

Grabbing onto Mu Feichis incoming hand, Yun Xi cuffed his wrist and moved like an attacking cobra and pulled his hand against his back.

In response, Mu Feichi leaned backward in an attempt to push her to the ground.

Yun Xi turned over and cuffed his muscly arm with one hand and pushed against his stomach with her foot.

In this position, she used her power and held his neck in a chokehold.

With the same strength hed used to push her down, she had pushed him to the ground with his own arm.

Her attack was faster than Mu Feichi had expected.

Her smaller physique had given her an upper hand in terms of movement, and when she counterattacked, she was as quick as a snake, and Mu Feichi was having a hard time keeping up with her.

Mu Feichis eyes got super large with surprise, and he could not hide the disbelief on his face.

Not only was her reaction speed excellent, but her unhesitant attack had also caught him off guard and unable to react in time.

Positioned above Mu Feichis torso, Yun Xi used a hand to hold down Mu Feichis arm to resist any attempt he made to turn over.

Her other hand pressed down on the knee of his other leg.

She temporarily held this position and stopped any counterattacks from Mu Feichi.

Yun Xi smiled from atop Mu Feichi as she closed the distance between them, “Dont underestimate any opponent, Young Commander! Even me…”

Mu Feichi looked fondly at the blushing face inches away from him.

He was unsure if he should laugh, cry, or give her a kiss.

“Looks like I have underestimated you, babe.”

Yun Xi broke into a proud smile.

HMMM! “So I win this round!”

Although she had only won with a stroke of luck and opportunity, she had still won.

If he had used his full strength and power, however, there was no possibility that she would be on par with him in a fight.

However he was a sucker for her, and whatever attack she threw at him, he would always leave a window open for her.

Yun Xi realized this was true of course.

Therefore she had made use of this weakness and found the window for her to launch her attack.

“Fine, you win.”

Mu Feichi sighed lightly and with the strength in his other hand, he flipped himself over and pressed down on her against the soft carpet.

Before the back of her head hit the floor, he reached out and caught her head, and his body was pressed against the lower half of her body as they lay on the floor.

Yun Xi looked up at him expectantly, and his handsome face closed all the distance between them with a kiss.

The sudden kiss landed on her lips, and she let out a muffled yelp of surprise.

He pressed down on her and deepened the kiss almost desperately.

Yun Xi wanted to say no as a reflex, but his kiss had stopped her from any words.

The moment was gentle yet it lingered, the seconds seemed to be dragged out into eternity.

He carefully swept a strand of hair off her face.

He remained on her lips and deep in the kiss.

How he wanted to eat her up…

The kiss felt seamless and was meant to be.

The more the light of passion was ignited in his blood, the more impatient he felt about the days of waiting ahead of him.

The more Yun Xi grew and improved, the more attractive she became.

With every gaze and every kiss, Mu Feichi could almost hear his soul vibrate and thousands of emotions flowing through his body.

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