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Chapter 1030: Distressed for Mu Feichi

Chen Yichens answer had far exceeded Yun Xis expectations.

After exchanging blows with Crocodile for so long, she had not thought in this direction at all.

With this explanation, her previous guesses had not been wrong.

Since Crocodile could often escape at critical moments, the problem did not lie with Mu Feichis subordinates, but it was Crocodile who had spies in the top management of Jun Country.

It seemed that the extent of the involvement of this Crocodile organization was massive, and the positions of some people were beyond her reach.

“But its only the drug lord Crocodile who has been attacking me recently.

The Young Commander has been hunting down the drug lords whereabouts, and I was also involved because of this…”

Chen Yichen raised his eyebrows and curled his lips into a half-smile, tapping his fingers on the edge of the coffee tray.

His laidback tone exuded a deep coldness.

“How do you know that the party who was after you is only one person”

“According to what you just said, they are an organization with not just one person who harbors ill intentions toward us.

Moreover, there are plenty of people in Jun Country who are involved in it.

This means that their entire organization wants to get rid of the Young Commander.”

Because she was the Young Commanders weakness, she had become their first target.

Even if her relationship with the Young Commander had been well concealed, she believed it could not be completely hidden.

Since he had repeatedly dispatched special forces to rescue her, someone must have noticed the special treatment she received.

Chen Yichen nodded.

“Its very smart to think on this level.”

“In Jun Country, there are so many people who want the Young Commander to die.

He protects his home and the country and keeps them peaceful, but they want him to die.

Are these people right in their minds” Her voice trembled with anger as she spoke and faltered at the end of her sentence.

Some things were terrifying when you gave them deep thought, and she felt cold in her heart.

This coldness that had suddenly appeared quickly spread to her limbs.

Mu Feichi probably knew everything about this but he still stood firmly by his beliefs without any regrets, bearing the burden of his family and the country on his shoulders, never caring about his personal gains or losses.

However, these people were so selfish that they were hoping for the hero of Jun Country to die.

Such cold hearts and interests were bone-chilling and revolting.

It was no wonder that Mu Feichi had always done things based on his own beliefs and had never cared about what others thought.

These people were not worthy of his attention from beginning to end, let alone worthy of his care.

What he cared about was this country and the common people of the country who supported him.

He had never cared about doing things for the powerful high-ranking officials.

For a moment, she felt so distressed for this man that she could not even say a word.

People often quipped that how much power one had was balanced by the responsibilities one had to shoulder.

It was true in the case of Mu Feichi.

All these people were the beneficiaries, but he was the unsung hero who was silently contributing, which was really unfair to him.

However, this was the duty of a soldier, and it was his lifes mission.

He knew all this well, but he had never told her, and he had not even wanted her to involve herself in it.

His protectiveness and indulgence made her even more downcast.

“For those people, their interests are more important than his life.”

Yun Xi gritted her teeth, and when she raised her clear eyes again, cold determination filled her eyes.

Chen Yichen could not help but raise his eyebrows when he saw her expression.

He saw an enormous hostility and bloodthirstiness in her eyes.

“In that case, I dont have to be too kind when dealing with them.”

The faint smile on Chen Yichens face gradually faded, and his dark eyes fell on her stubborn face.

“What do you want to do”

Yun Xi smiled and replaced the murderous look in her eyes with a smile.

Her expression was courageous and determined.

“Originally, I didnt intend to hide it from you because I will still need your help in the future.

Maybe after you hear me out, you might feel that I am talking about the Arabian Nights and am daydreaming.

But even if I am daydreaming, I want to try.”

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