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Chapter 1018: Talent Is Real Charisma

She did not want to be eating with so many people around, it was unsafe and frankly ruining her appetite.

However, with one phone call from Mu Feichi, her father had removed all of her special privileges.

Other than her personal bodyguard, she was treated like any ordinary person.

For someone who grew up being sheltered and attended to by many assistants and servants, it was impossible to expect her to live the life of an ordinary person at the university.

“Hey, theres a basketball match this afternoon.

Come watch if you are free! You know the forward guard of our departments team is the eye candy Yang Wu.

Its quite rare to see him competing.

You should come and see him or the next time youll get to see him will be next year!”

The one who was inviting her was one of the second-year Finance Department students, Yang Tianlang.

There was a basketball match today between the Political Science Department team and the Finance Department team.

The eye candy Yang Wu of the Finance Department seemed to be an influential figure at Jingdu University.

He had entered Jingdu as a top scholar, his parents were high-ranked officials, his contacts were figures of the elite, and he had a handsome appearance.

Many girls across many departments were deeply infatuated with him.

Hence, the spectator stands would be packed with girls at every basketball competition he was a part of.

There would be no space left if one was late just by a few minutes.

Yun Xi smiled awkwardly at the people huddled around her.

She did not know how to turn them down.

“But I have to head to the lab this afternoon…”

Her top scholar in three subjects title had placed her on the board of influential individuals at Jingdu University.

Even seniors she did not know would try to involve her in any fun news or events.

In only a few days, she had met close to every senior across each department.

On the other hand, shed barely had time to meet the peers of her own cohort.

The concerns of the seniors were not as obvious nor as passionate as in her last life.

In this life, she truly understood the charisma of talent.

She may have lacked prestige in terms of personal background, but this had only given her more attention and support.

“Lets go, Yun Xi.

We can be a little late to the lab, and I heard senior Yang is particularly handsome…”

Zhao Yumo chimed in from beside her.

She had been admiring this second-generation official eye candy for a while.

Not only did he have a good background, but his skills in English were those of a translators level.

All this made her more curious about him.

“All right, lets go support him!”

Lan Jing, who was sitting on Yun Xis left, tugged her elbow and looked at her in anticipation.

It was fortunate that she had stood beside Yun Xi during military training and shared the same dormitory as she did.

She had fainted just 30 minutes into the training due to her weak body.

Yun Xi had given her first aid and some herbal tea to lower her body heat, and she did not faint once more over the next 20 days of military training.

She had had a weak body since birth.

Who wouldve thought that Yun Xis medications had been so effective that everyone in their dormitory room had been able to finish the 20-day hell-like training easily.

“All right, lets go then!” Yun Xi turned to Xu Tianlang and asked for the time of the match.

As Xu Tianglang finished telling her, the crowd suddenly quieted down.

Curious, Yun Xi followed the direction he was looking in.

It was no surprise when she saw Si Wenxuan approaching the cafeteria condescendingly.

Yun Xi surveyed the people around her and recognized a few bodyguards disguised as students walking among the group around her.

These bodyguards had been handpicked by Mu Feichi to protect Si Wenxuan at school.

They were young and had been in training since their teens, all for the purpose of protecting someone like Si Wenxuan.

They were close to her in age, making it easier for them to conceal their purpose and harder for them to be discovered.

Si Wenxuan remained with her usual arrogant demeanor.

She walked in with a few lackeys by her side, her chin held high and her pride insurmountable.

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