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Chapter 1005: Your Belief Is My Belief

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Yun Xi was holding her sniper rifle and the periscope she had brought with her.

After shed measured the distance and orientation based on the level gauge, she turned to look at the man beside her.

“This time, will you let me be your spotter”

This was actual combat in the true sense, at least for her.

“Okay.” Mu Feichi nodded and handed her the binoculars he was holding.

He turned around and put his loaded sniper rifle on the ground.

Their location was on high ground, and it was the best vantage point, but this was not the mountain peak, and they were uncertain whether there would be snipers around them.

Through the periscope, Yun Xi looked at the figures in the green lens.

These instruments were her eyes in the dark night.

Many people were stationed in the mountain col, and she did not dare miss out on a single location, even the vantage points on the mountain.

After surveying everything carefully, she had indeed discovered two snipers.

If there were snipers in this kind of place, it meant that there were also mercenaries with weapons and equipment guarding the mountain col.

“Two snipers in different positions.”

Mu Feichi added a silencer to his sniper rifle, pressed on the mic button of his headset, and said to Li Zilan, who was on the other side of their vantage point, “There are two snipers, so its one each.

Dont give us away.”

Li Zilan looked at the surrounding scene through her binoculars and curled her lips.

She said to Yun Xi on the the headset, “My spotter is not here now.

Girl, come on over.”

Yun Xi answered faintly, “All right.”

After determining the specific positions of the two snipers, Yun Xi said to Li Zilan, “He is at 9:00 oclock in the direction of the light in the mountain col at 260 yards elevation, and the wind is southerly.”

She continued after a pause, “You need to get rid of them at the same time.

Otherwise, if one is shot before the other, the remaining one will sound the alarm immediately.”

Mu Feichi understood this.

As he was a sniper and Li Zilan was a spotter, they had the most basic teamwork.

“Young Commander, look toward three oclock at an elevation of 190 feet to the left.

On your mark, three, two…”

Before she finished counting down, two pops sounded from the headset into one anothers ears.

The two snipers had been killed silently in the darkness.

After they shot down the snipers and eliminated the hidden trouble on the higher ground, Mu Feichi put away his sniper rifle and commanded Li Zilan to keep the situation at the vantage point under control and shoot down the enemy after they emerged.

Mu Feichi stroked Great White who had come back and positioned himself next to Grey Wolf.

“When we come out, immediately notify Jin Lei to come over.”


In the dark, a few lonely stars dotted the night sky.

The shadowy night shrouded the entire mountain forest in darkness.

Mu Feichi passed his and Yun Xis sniper rifles to Grey Wolf and gave her a hand pistol, “For close combat, this is more suitable for you!”

After receiving the pistol with a silencer and four bullet cartridges from Mu Feichi, Yun Xi quickly loaded the gun and turned to look at the dark-eyed man next to her.

In the night, her faintly twinkling eyes were as bright as stars.

“Baby, do you regret meeting me Youve had to face this kind of scene only after meeting me.”

Yun Xi smiled.

She did not expect that he would ask such a question at this time.

She blinked twice and said, “It is a great honor to give ones life on the battlefield for our beloved country.

Since this is your belief, it is also my belief.”

His beliefs had gradually influenced her.

As she was on her way to becoming stronger, it had become her unwavering belief.

He had never regretted this path, so how could she regret it

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