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Chapter 1001: A Precarious Situation

Yun Xi rushed to Tianyu Mountain.

To her surprise, Mu Feichi was not there.

The butler said that Mu Feichi had not been back in two days, and he did not know where he had gone.

Yun Xi tried to call him, but he did not answer.

She called Jin Lei and Li Zilan too, but neither of them knew where he, Qi Yuan, and Feng Rui had gone.

Just when she was as anxious as an ant in a hot pot, a military off-road vehicle suddenly stopped in front of Mu Mansion.

Yun Xi looked at the figure getting out of the car and ran toward him.

“Young Commander, something has happened.

Feng Yang is missing!”

“I already know about it.”

Mu Feichi removed his sunglasses and pulled her into the house.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan followed behind them, and Grey Wolf was also there with them, holding a laptop.

“You know about it When did you find out” Yun Xi was a little surprised that he had received the news so quickly.

“I just found out.

The person I sent to follow Feng Yang said that the three of them were missing, so I hurried back.

Grey Wolfs intelligence network is gathering information, and we should be able to find out their whereabouts soon.

Lets wait patiently in the meantime.”

Yun Xi turned her head to glance at Grey Wolfs laptop and put down her laptop beside him.

“I just saw a subordinate of Feng Yang.

He rushed back and told me that Feng Yang had disappeared in Xinqi Town.

Feng Yang must have been onto something, which caused his sudden disappearance.

I checked the mountainous terrain around the town.

If they are not hiding in the town, they must be in the mountains.

You see, this mountain terrain is unique, and this area and town have experienced war in the past.

The terrain is easy to defend and difficult to attack.”

“Feng Yangs subordinate came looking for you” Mu Feichis eyes darkened.

“How did he know where you live”

If it had just happened, then she should have been on the way back to her apartment and was not at the university.

“I gave my address to Feng Yang.

In case of any emergency or accident, he was going to send someone to look for me.”

Grey Wolf answered the phone and looked up.

“Young Commander, their people may be on the lookout in Xinqi Town.

If we rush to the town, it will create a big scene, and they will easily catch wind of our arrival.”

“Dont enter the town then.

Well go straight into the mountains and search throughout the mountains.”

Yun Xi looked at the mountains on the map and shook her head.

“Going into the mountains with a search party will expose us.

Our position will be evident if they are hiding in the shadows.

Moreover, we are not sure how many of them there are or whether or not they are in the mountains.

If they have weapons, we will easily be destroyed once we are in the mountains.

If the people who kidnapped him are from drug gangs and have mercenaries, it could be extremely troublesome.”

It was hard for her to remain calm at this time.

Mu Feichi nodded and said, “No matter who it is, we will send people to check it out first.

With so many people living in those mountains, there will certainly be people in the town who have seen strangers come and go.

Grey Wolf, get them to send me reliable information.”

“Yes, sir!” Grey Wolf immediately passed on the orders to his subordinates after responding.

Xinqi Town was neither big nor small, but precisely because of its unique terrain and the fact that they did not know how strong their opponents were, they did not dare to act rashly in this matter.

Mu Feichi turned to look at Yun Xi, who was beside him.

He frowned and said, “We will take care of the rest.

Stay here tonight and dont go home today.

The butler will take you back to school tomorrow morning.”

Yun Xi raised her head to look at him and shook her head resolutely.

“I cant go back yet.

Feng Yang was implicated because of me.

I cant sleep soundly until his safety is confirmed.”

He was the only child of the Feng family.

If anything happened to him, how could she ever face Old Chief Feng

Moreover, listening to Mu Feichis tone, she could tell that they did not have the upper hand and things were not looking positive.

Evidently, he did not want her to get involved.

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