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I brought the second stray child, Fors-san, back to the others.



[Can you believe it Laguna just brought me here and left me in this labyrinth-like venue, telling me to enjoy myself because she had to go to a guest table as a King. The despair I felt at that time was quite terrible…… Its like all I see was darkness before my eyes. I cant even imagine how many hardships I faced while heading from the Teleportation point to where you met me……]

[No…… You were just a straight few hundred meters away from the Teleportation point.]



No matter how many people there are in this festival, it isnt like you couldnt move forward…… but for Fors-san, a straight line filled with many people is already like a labyrinth.

I think I understand now why Neun-san was so surprised that she was able to reach a Teleportation gate.



[……And thus, I brought her here.]

[……What are you doing, Grand Elder]

[Oya If Im not mistaken, you should be Rejnhardt and Sylphias daughter…… Sieglinde, right]

[Yes. Its been a while.]



Speaking of which, its easy for me to forget about it, but Fors-san is the top of the Elven tribe, and of course, the Elf Sieg-san would know about her.

I mean, from their conversation, it seems like theyve already met in the past.



[I see. My, youve grown up a lot. I feel like it wasnt long ago that Rejnhardt and Sylphia were small children, but for their daughter to have grown up so well already…… Good gracious, how time flies.]

[……Ive heard Kaito-san mention it before, but seeing how your physique really did change from the time I met you back then, I was surprised.]

[Hahaha, well, you get used to it. Your surprise at change is just temporary. There will soon be a time when this form of mine would be common sense. For example, just like the fact that Miyama Kaito-kun is now the Hero of the Elves.]



In the course of the conversation with Sieg-san, she smoothly began saying something strange……



[Hero of the Elves Me]

[Of course, after annihilating the Black Bear outbreak and for your great contribution in the restoration of Rigforeshia, a lot of plays about you were being played that your story has already become a staple. Good gracious, I guess thats how it will be for people who leave their mark on history. Ahh, you dont have to show such a complicated expression on your face. Im well aware of the circumstances, but its difficult to do anything about it now.]

[Well, Ive already given up on that one.]



I heard from Mom and Dad that books about me had been published and were extremely popular. Incidentally, out of consideration for me, they dont mention my name in the book and just refer to me as “the young man from another world”…… Well, rather than being an open secret, its more like almost all Elves know about it because of what happened in the Sacred Tree Festival.

Incidentally, the authors did contact me once to ask if they could give me some of the proceeds from the books, but they didnt need to since theyre just basing it on me, and that they could write whatever they wanted as long as they dont write anything weird.

……From what I heard from Isis-san, for some reason, my actions were depicted more intensely in the subsequent volumes……

Well, anyway, I dont care about that book anymore. Id also like to excuse myself from reading those books……



As I was thinking about this, I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around, I saw Tre-san with a strange look on her face.



[Kaito, she just said you annihilated a Black Bear outbreak…… What kind of illegal magic did you use Im sad here, you know Kaito, I dont remember raising you that way.]

" "

[I dont remember being raised by you though! Also, Tre-san….. For arguments sake…… Just think of it for arguments sake. If I used some kind of powerful magic, do you really think I would be able to defeat a horde of Black Bears]

[Nope, not at all. If Kaito can beat a single Black Bear, that should mean I can beat a wyvern if I try hard enough.]

[Then, thats how it is.]

[Then that also means another person annihilated them huh~~ Im glad. It seems like the “Slime Alliance” between you and I really is unbreakable.]

[Since when am I a part of that weird alliance!]



With her good sense of humor, Tre-san really has quite the ability to strike up a good conversation. After nodding several times with a smile, Tre-san turned her gaze to Fors-san and spoke.



[Nice to meet you, Im Tre! Ive heard a lot about you from Neun. She mentioned how you often get lost just like I did.]

[Oya, my, oh my. My apologies for the delay in greeting you. My name is Fors, a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. You had my curiosity when it sounded like youre related to Neun, but hearing that you also got lost a lot, now you had my full attention. You are as directionally-challenged as I am]

[Hmmm, no, it isnt that Im directionally challenged, its just that the scenery strangely changes before I knew it!]

[……I see, that is a great way to look at it. We didnt get lost, we were just puzzled over the sudden change in scenery…… It was that idea of “looking at things from a different perspective”, wasnt it]



Somehow, I have a brief hunch just now. Perhaps, these two shouldnt join up too much. I feel like if I dont throw a tsukkomi at them here, this would lead to a strange direction.




















Miyama Kaito (Not including equipment, blessings, and any otter buffs)

Physical Strength : Meagre

Attack Power : Insubstantial

Defensive Power : Frail

Speed : Not fast

Mental Strength : Strongest in the novel



Tre Onee-chan

Physical Strength : Full of Spirit

Attack Power : Slime

Defense Power : Slime

Speed : Neither fast nor slow

Mental Strength : Rather Robust




Physical Strength : Due to Gag Status Correction, Infinite

Attack Power : Sweet

Defensive Power : Lots of Green Onions

Speed : Hokkaido Miso

Mental Strength : Pineapple




Serious-senpai : [No, other than my physical strength, my stats dont make any sense at all!]


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