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My date with Alice was a very fun and happy one, and we spent a lot of time visiting many stalls.

Fortunately, only a minute would pass in my former world when I go back, so I could enjoy myself to the fullest without worrying about the time.

Alice was still as shy as ever, but despite her shyness, she was smiling the whole time, and I could tell that she was really enjoying herself.



When we had finished more than enough stalls, we came back to the shrine grounds to chat. I somehow feel a little sad though, probably because the enjoyable time is about to end.

I remember feeling this way when I went to an amusement park with Mom and Dad when I was a child and the sun started to set.

This in itself was proof that the bazaar that Alice and I went to together was enjoyable……



[……Even so, we went around a lot, didn‘t we]

[Yes. It was quite fun, wasnt it How should I say this…… It feels like weve played as much as we want after being stressed for quite a while.]

[Weve also done a lot of what Alice wants, doing lover-like stuff,]

[Auuu…… I feel like my face would burst into flames remembering what we did. However, youre right…… I feel happy.]



The expression on Alices face as she muttered this seemed a little sad, and I felt that she was feeling a different emotion than the reluctance I was feeling right now.

This is just my hunch, but I feel like Alice doesnt want me to step in too much in this topic, so I didnt ask any questions and just hugged Alice close, my hand on her shoulder.

After smiling a bit, Alice leaned in with a happy expression on her face, and acting all pampered, she lightly hugged me before muttering.



[……Haahhh…… So that I could be as honest with my emotions as today, I guess Ill have to work hard from now on.]


[No, I feel a little guilty because I feel like Im using some kind of “cheat” today.]

[……I see.]

[……Youre not going to ask me about that]

[I dont need to. I can already predict what youre talking about…… Whats important to me is that Alice had fun and was happy. And since I shared the same feeling, theres nothing for me to say except that Im very happy.]

[Geez, its because youre saying ikemen-like phrases like that that Im embarrassed here.]



This was just a guess…… but I probably wont remember what happened in this space when I returned back there.

I guess it would be the same as what happens when I meet up with Makina-san, where I cant remember the events here in Trinia, but only when I come back here.

I think thats why Alice, who is always shy, was able to take bolder actions than usual.



As I was thinking about this, a hand was suddenly put around my neck and Alice hugged me tightly.

" "





[For the next time…… Ill do my best and be the one to invite you…… So lets go to the beach together. Unlike the last time when we were together with everyone, just the two of us.]

[Ahh, Im looking forward to that time……]

[It would be great if its a place that had a cottage. So that we could stay the night……]




At about the same time, I was surprised by the words that were muttered in a gentle voice, words that held a special meaning for Alice, for the first time today…… Alice initiated a kiss.

Keeping our lips interlocked for about 10 seconds, we then slowly moved our faces away…… and with a big smile on Alices face, she spoke.



[……Kaito-san, I love you.]



Her expression at that time is just really beautiful and lovable…… that I feel that its a shame to forget about it.








Meeting up with Alices best friend before we departed, we went back to Trinia after a minute had passed in this world. Of course, the place we had returned to was Alices miscellaneous goods store.

Perhaps, because it was nighttime while that bazaar was being held and we had spent quite a bit of time over there, I felt somewhat confused when it was suddenly daytime when we returned.

In contrast to the confused me, Alice, whose mood was back to usual, had prepared a cup of tea for me, to which I received it.



Even so…… Arehh Thats strange Somethings out of place here…… I cant immediately think of whats out of place, but I still feel that somethings out of place.

As I was thinking about the cause of this, Alice, seeing my state, tilted her head and asked.



[Kaito-san Is something the matter]

[No, somethings out of place, or rather, it was just that things were different from what I had expected……]

[Unnn I dont really understand what you mean but…… Would you like me to prepare some teacakes for you]

[No, I cant say Im bloated, but “I ate a lot at the food stall earlier”, so Im not in the mood to eat much———– Unnn]

[ ! W- W- Wha……]



Almost at the same time I feel somethings out of place with my statement, Alice looked so shocked that she dropped the cup in her hand.

Without looking at the broken cup on the floor, Alice pointed her trembling finger at me with a look of utter disbelief.



[……K- Kai- Kaito…… -san…… Y- Y- You…… remember]

[Eh Ahh, u- unnn. I remember it.]



I finally understood what that strange feeling I had been having before. Yes, I do remember going around the bazaar with Alice. I thought for sure I would forget about it when I returned back here but……



[W- Why, how come K- Kaito-san! Whats the name of my other best friend]

[Eh ……Arehh Hmmm, I cant remember. The only thing I cant remember is what happened regarding Alices other best friend, as if part of my memory has been completely plucked out.]

[B- But, about our date……]

[……I completely remember it.]

[ ~ ~ ~ ! ! ]



The moment she heard my words, feeling as if I just heard the sound of a booming explosion, Alices face turned red. Just like that, Alice shook for a moment, but it seemed like her quick thinking soon led her to some kind of cause…… as the expression on her face changed from shame to outrage.



[ —————–! ! ! ! ]



Thereupon, as Alice shouted someones name in a voice I couldnt hear with all her might, I felt the whole miscellaneous goods store shake from her scream.




















【In the lands of endless sugar, a huge pillar of sugar stands erected.】


【As if it were a tomb, there were letters inscribed on the pillar.】


【”Here lies the great incarnation of seriousness.”】


【Even if we leave such pillar alone though, she should be resurrected in the next chapter or so.】


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