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When I returned to the city of Rigforeshia, well, I had already expected this to some extent but…… A tremendous commotion occurred.

Thats no wonder since Lillywood-san, one of the Six Kings, is currently next to me, which must be a shocking situation for the elves who worship Lillywood-san like a god.

Looking quite nervous, the man who is facilitating the event approaches.

[W- Well then, the bag of fruits you collected…..]

[Ah, yes.]

As I handed the bag to the man, right after that…… I think I heard Lilia-san shout something, but to be honest, that sounds scary…… So, Ill just pretend I didnt hear it.

As I was thinking about that, Lillywood-san was talking to the man who was facilitating the game.

“Fumu, the all-time record was 210 but…… I guess I didnt even have to help you with collecting fruits.”

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

[W- World King-sama, what does that……]

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“This person, Kaito, had already collected nearly 400 pieces before he met me.”

[W- What the……]

The man takes the bag from me in astonishment, while the other facilitators look at me as if I were a monster.

The highest score was 210 Arehh Thats funny…… I think youre missing one zero there. I mean, if thats really the highest score they can get, I might not want to think about it for a moment……

Feeling uncomfortable from the gazes around me, I moved my gaze to watch the tallying, but just when one of the facilitators took the fruits out of the bag…

[……We would need more baskets……]

Apparently, one basket wasnt enough, and the facilitator, with a stiff expression on his face, continued to transfer the fruits into the baskets…… and eventually, when the number of baskets reached 15, it seems that the contents of the bags was finally emptied.

(T/N: I think the fruits mentioned here arent that big, or I really mistranslated and it was actually “berries” instead.)

The man looks at the baskets piled up like a mountain of fruits, and after staring at it for a few moments…… he doesnt even count them, but just moves his gaze and lets out a loud voice.

[Winner, Miyama Kaito!!!]

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Instantly, a crackling cheer erupted from those around me.

The winner Me Ah, no, you havent even counted them yet…… Around 210 was just the average amount, is what I was thinking but…… Arehh Isnt this bad

[Amazing, that guys amazing!]

[Whats with that number, 1000…… No, Isnt that about 2000]

[And look at that number of spirits! The other spirit mages wont even reach his level!]

[Yeah…… He must be the apostle of World King-sama…… Thank God, for gracing us with your presence.]

Yep, how should I say this…… I may have harvested too much.

W- What should I do! I mean, it already causes a huge fuss around us, and somehow…… some people started worshipping me as Lillywood-sans apostle! I need to settle this down immediately…… Ah, this is dangerous, I feel like a wave of humans is about to surge towards me……


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[ [ [ [ ! ] ] ] ]

The noise disappears all at once, as Lillywood-san shouts at the people who were about to rush towards me with excitement.

Lillywood then stands a few distance in front of me and quietly looks around the people around us before speaking.

“First, we should do the awarding. If you wish to speak with Kaito-san, do so after the festival. When doing so, please keep everything in moderation and dont cause trouble…… This is a strict order. Is that alright with everyone”

Hearing her dignified voice resounding everywhere, many elves prostrate themselves with their knees and hands on the ground.

“Its safe to say that Kaito-san is now the winner, and since the atmosphere is already in place…… Do you mind if I do the awarding I would also know the amount of fruits he had acquired.”

[O- O- Of course!]

“Well then, Kaito-san…… come with me.”

After getting the facilitators approval, Lillywood-san lightly taps the ground with the wooden staff she held.

Thereupon, a tree grows from a little distance away and it wriggles and turns into a large altar-like shape.

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Then, Lillywood-san moved to the center of that wooden altar and called out to me…… Eh You want me to go over there While all these people had their eyes on me

Climbing up the wooden altar and standing in front of Lillywood-san, exposed to a level of attention thats already on the level of being in a public execution.

I didnt know what to do, but since the other part is Lillywood-san, one of the Six Kings, and since were in public, I decided to get down one knee and took the formal way of bowing to someone.

“Otherworlder Miyama Kaito.”

[Y- Yes!]

“You have communicated with many spirits at the harvest festival and won their strong and deep trust. For this great work, I commend you.”

[T- Thank you very much.]

The awarding ceremony began in some sort of flow, and I very nervously responded to Lillywood-sans words.

“You have collected a total number of “2,321” fruits……. This is a result unseen even back in the past, and it proves that you are truly loved by the spirits.”


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Most of that number was the fruits collected by Lillywood-san, so its not really collected through my efforts but…… Unfortunately, this isnt the place for me to say such a thing.

Lillywood-san then continues to praise me with her dignified voice, and the people around us applaud and cheer.

“The original winners prize is of course as stated by the rules…… But your achievement isnt something that can be evaluated on its own. Therefore, I would like to give you some kind of reward from me as well. Tell me, what do you desire”

[Wha Huh]

What a surprise, it seems that Lillywood-san is offering to give me something other than the winners prize, and I completely freeze up when I hear those words.

To be honest, even if she says something like rewarding me out of the blue, I just find it…… troubling.

Ive already received the Fruit of the World Tree, and I cant think of anything else I would like to have right away, but it might be rude to refuse her offer.

However, I dont want wealth or fame, and I cant think of anything in particular that I would like to have.

Isnt there anything that can come up in my mind A reply that will get me through this without a hitch…… think, I have to think of something……

Thinking in silence for a few moments, I then came up with an idea before looking up towards Lillywood-san.

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[W- Well then, this might be rude of me, but Id like to ask you one thing…..]

“Yes, please speak.”

[Rigforeshia seems to be in quite a mess from the Black Bear attack that happened yesterday, so I was hoping if you could do something to help them……]


Yes, what I thought of was in regards to the city of Rigforeshia.

Yesterdays attack by the Black Bear destroyed the wall that had been protecting the city, and the guards have become quite rattled.

The fact that this city is currently in considerable trouble can be clearly seen from Rei-san and the others conditions yesterday and today, and I thought it would be great if she could do something to help them.

This way, no one would feel envious that Im the only one who received something nice from Lillywood-san, the city would become safer, and it will be beneficial to me if I ever get a chance to come visit in the future.

Hearing my statement, Lillywood-san looks impressed before she kindly smiles at me.

“I understand. I will do as you wish and cast Warding Magic on the city of Rigforeshia myself. I will also send my people to guard later until the guard force regroups.”

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[Thank you very much.]

Once again, loud cheers erupted around me, and I heard voices praising me from all over the place, which made me feel very embarrassed, to say the least.

“Well then, once again, I would like to conclude the award ceremony by presenting to you this medal, as a proof of your victory.”

With these words, Lillywood-san handed me a wooden medal with a beautiful flower pattern on it, marking the end of the award ceremony.

Lillywood-san then looked at me with a kind expression on her face and spoke.

“You must be tired too. Please rest your body and relax until the main festival in the evening.”


“Everyone, please try not to bother Kaito-san until the main festival.”

Ah, I see……I didnt know why Lillywood-san suddenly said she would be one giving the awards, but what she just said made it make sense.

Lillywood-san understood that I was going to have lots of people asking me lots of questions if she didnt do something, and even if I was the winner, I couldnt leave the place without receiving the award.

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Thats why she made it easy for me to leave this place by presenting the award herself as soon as possible.

After thanking Lillywood-san for her thoughtfulness and that we would be talking when we meet up again at the main festival…… a banquet-like festival held in the evening where everyone attends, I leave and head towards Lilia-san and the others.

As I was leaving, I heard people saying from behind me stuff like “How humble! What a splendid human!” and “A noble man truly worthy of being called a hero”, praises that were clearly not fit to my stature, so I just decided to not listen to them.

Or rather, this kind makes me worried for the evenings main festival, you know! It would be great…… if it didnt turn into something really outrageous……

Leaving the plaza as soon as possible, I found Lilia-san and the others and ran over to them.

Thereupon, Lilia-san greeted me with a very beautiful smile…… A smile that honestly sent a chill run down my spine for some reason.

[Kaito-san, welcome back. That was a wonderful statement you made when you thought about Rigforeshia.]

[T- Thank you very much.]

Arehh She just normally praised me Was that Shura that I thought I saw behind her earlier just my imagination

[Im feeling really proud of you for that…… But lets put that aside for now……]

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[We just have something very important to talk about. Yes, its very important. So, why dont we have a little chat in private……]

[Ah, no, ummm…… I have some things to do so……]

[I t s o k a y , r i g h t ]


Lilia-san has been smiling for the whole time she said that.

However, theres something powerful hidden behind that smile that was conveyed even without her saying a word, as her hands, beautiful as whitebait, have veins pulsing on them.

Ah **, Im going to die…… Im going to be killed!

[Well then, its about time we depart.]

(T/N: Lilia-san didnt just use the word commonly used for go, but instead a word that also meant die.)

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[W- Wait, Lilia-san! A little slower…… youre using too much strength! Wait, my arm hurts! Its breaking! Its breaking!!!]

Dear Mom, Dad—– I won the harvest festival. But when I came back—– A shura was there.


Duchess Lilia ascended and turned into a Shura.

However, lets not forget here.

There are still two events left (The Fruit of the World Tree and the direct confrontation with the World King)……

To know what happened for the misadventures of the Ashura Duchess Lilia, stay tuned!-

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