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In a part of the area around the Spirits Forest, not far from the city of Rigforeshia, the figures of Rejnhardt and Sylphia who had joined the guard force could be seen.

Half of the guards were decimated, an unusual situation in previous years, and these two people seemed to be quite serious at first as they were guarding the area…… but contrary to such vigilance, the harvest festival was progressing peacefully and calmly, and soon, it would already be lunchtime.

Nearly two hours have already passed since the harvest festival started, but let alone monsters, theres no signs of even animals appearing in front of the two of them at all.

If you think about it, it should be natural that this would happen.

The magic power of death released by the Death King Isis once covered the entire Elven Forest. Yes, if her magic power of death is so incredibly powerful that it could break the minds of half of the guards in just the aftermath……

If that were the case, theres no way these wild animals and monsters that have the ability to sense danger in the wild would ever think of leaving their homes, and they would definitely stay in their nest for a few days, shivering in fear.

If that was the case, there was no way the fierce beasts and monsters that would usually interfere with the harvest festival would come around, and thus, the two of them had a lot of free time at the moment.

Just as these two stayed alert, but relaxed as they continued to keep the security in the area, with somewhat serene expressions on their faces, a man and a woman approached them.

[Ooiiii~~. Rei, Fia!]

[Oya, I never thought Id meet you here.]

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The male elf calls out their names while widely waving his hand, and it seems that they knew each other, as Rejnhardt light raises one hand to return his greeting.

The elven man and woman stops when they get close to the two, and this time, the female elf speaks to them with a gentle smile on her face.

[Did you two join the guard force]

[Yeah, we had that kind of situation after all. Well, it looks like thats something that we cant avoid.]

[Are you two not going to join the harvest festival]

[Ah, well, Im not joining this year. Im just here to pick her up.]

Sylphia replies back to the womans words, followed by Rejnhardt asking about the two of them.

[I was actually going to join the guard force …… But he insisted that I join for some reason, so Im joining the harvest festival. Im just heading back for lunch.]

[Well, that should be obvious. It wouldnt be much fun without you joining this festival, as youre “last years winner”.]

[Yes, thats right…… However, its a shame Fia isnt joining this year. Theres no point in competing without a rival to compete with.]

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The female elf is a spirit mage just like Sylphia, and they are good rivals and best friends who work hard for each other.

In fact, last year, the woman may have acquired victory, but the difference in points between her and Sylphia was very small.

The fact that a rival with such equal ability didnt take part in the competition makes the woman look a little disappointed, and Sylphia, seeing this, tried to choose her words carefully before speaking.

[……H- Hey, errr, can we not…… do it this year]

[ [ Eh ] ]

[See! Its not too late, so you can still default now……]

[W- Wait right there, Fia What the heck are you talking about]

[No, Fia is right. I know what youre capable of. However, having that competition of yours isnt going to be good this year.]

The man and woman looked surprised at the words Sylphia told them, and when the woman listened back looking confused, Rejnhardt followed suit and recommended that they abstain.

[Oi oi, what kind of joke are you two pulling now]

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[No, Im not joking here! This year isnt good…… A “monster” is participating this year.]

[ [ A monster ] ]

Hearing Rejnhardts words as he tells them that, looking a bit pale, the man and woman nodded their heads with expressions that seem to say they still dont understand their reasons.

After a bit of silence passes between the four of them, Sylphia slowly opens her mouth.

[……”I was actually planning to participate” since I was encouraged by Rei before……]

[Yeah, but Fia withdrew from joining yesterday. After witnessing how outrageous that child is right before our eyes……]

[ [ That child ] ]

[ I thought it would be better if I abstain from joining. Otherwise…… This pride I boasted and developed as a spirit mage…… will be smashed to pieces.]

[I agree with Fia. I dont mean to underestimate you by any means. Its just that child is too much of a monster.]

[ [ ……………… ] ]

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Seeing Sylphia and Rejnhardt, who recommended abstaining so desperately that it even looks like they were talking about an “incoming crisis”, the man and the woman could understand that the two of them arent joking at all.

However, even if they did so, as expected…… Probably because that one point where they themselves have never seen this “monster” for themselves, but the threat that they have been talking about wasnt properly conveyed.

[……Good gracious, you two seriously think shes going to lose You remember how many fruits she collected last year, right “186”, thats the record highest even among the generations, right]

[T- That is……]

[It certainly is a tremendous amount considering that the average amount of fruits harvested only amounts to 50 but……]

Certainly, if you normally think about it, even if it was a person with great ability, the person Rejnhardt and Sylhia had in mind isnt a spirit mage.

In that case, he shouldnt be able to beat this woman who have clear knowledge regarding spirits and has already gathered solid experience with it…… is what should have been the case but…… Still, the anxiety never disappeared in their minds.

[……Fufufu, isnt it amusing]

[ [ Eh ] ]

[For the two of you to describe him to be such a being…… Wouldnt this mean that I wont lack rivals to compete with I guess he would be someone I would need to take seriously.]

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[Ohh! Great, lets go break the record again!]

[Yes, Im in great shape this year and “the spirits seem to be in a better mood than ever”…… Ill show you two how I cross the 200 points mark this year.]

Rejnhardt and Sylphia thought for the womans sake when they gave her advice, but it ended up igniting the spirit of the woman who wasnt very motivated for this competition since her rival, Sylphia, isnt joining.

The woman declaring the unprecedented number of 200 left Rejnhardt and Sylphia unconsciously at a loss for words.

[Hahaha, thats the spirit! Oops If we spend too much time chatting here, well end up missing lunch.

No, Im passing on lunch, Im going back to the forest. If its someone thats even greater than Sylphia…… I cant be negligent.]

[I see, Ill be going back to Rigforeshia then.]

[Yeah, look forward to it…… Well then, you two. Thanks for the good info. Ill be off.]

The man and woman conversed in front of the two who just looked at them, petrified, and the woman turned back the way she came and went back to the Spirits Forest, while the man also walked towards the city of Rigforeshia.

As they majestically went their ways…… Rejnhardt looked off the back of the woman who was well suited to say such words, and quietly muttered.

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[……Fia, shes quite an awesome spirit, isnt she]

[……Yes, shes the “Head Spirit Mage” after all…… the greatest among the elves.]

[……200 should have been an outrageous amount of points, isnt it]

[……Yes, it would truly be a history achievement.]



They quietly exchanged words as the woman disappeared from their sight. Looking at the direction she had gone in, the two of them quietly looked at each other again.

[……But, I wonder why I still cant imagine a future where she can beat Miyama-kun……]

[……How unexpected. Me too……]

[Errr…… Thank you.]

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Going around the forest together with them, I thank the spirit for holding them out in front of me before taking them and putting them in my bag.

It seems that quite a bit of time has passed since the festival started, and when I look at my watch, it was already lunch time.

Its about time I took a break anyway, so I guess its fine if I have lunch

[How many do I have now I think I already have about “300” now]

Looking at the bag which works the same way as my magic box and doesnt feel heavy at all, I thought.

Ive been harvesting fruits almost without a break so far, and I think Ive harvested a little more than 300 fruits there.

However, as a first time participant, Im not sure if that 300 is a large number or not……. I wish I had asked Rei-san and the others before……

No, in the first place, I dont know the reason why, but Lilia-san and the others treated me like Im one of the people who had a chance for victory, and they even bet money on my name.

Honestly, if it was just Lunamaria-san, it would have just been fine, and if I were to lose, then she would have got what she deserved but…… With Lilia-san, Sieg-san, Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san betting on me, I feel like a bit of pressure weighing down on my shoulders.

Well, theres no point just thinking about it, so lets just do our best in the afternoon as well.

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[……Even so.]

Having collected my thoughts, I suddenly move my gaze.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see so many different colored spirits that they were filling my field of vision.

Some spirits that noticed my gaze and waved to me, spirits that were flying around me as if they were having fun, and spirits that were repeatedly patting my body as if they found something of interest……

[As expected of the Spirits Forest, there are so many spirits here……

The spirits arent as timid as Rei-san and the others said, on the contrary, they were the ones guiding me to the places where there are more fruits growing on the trees, and they were even willing to help me harvest them.

Hmmm. I guess since they were providing the place for this festival, the Spirits were probably very friendly to the Humans.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I think the harvest festival is going reasonably well, but I guess its was quite obvious since this place was named the Spirits Forest…… In this forest—– Theres an outrageous amount of spirits here.


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Halfway Counting of Acquired Points

Last Years Winner……… Currently 96 pieces, with 30 spirits following her.

Kusunoki Aoi……… Currently 30 pieces, with 3 spirits following her.

Hina Yuzuki……… Currently 28 pieces, with 4 spirits following her.

Miyama Kaito……… Currently 345 pieces (broke the all-time record), with 152 spirits following him.

T/N: 2/15. Last chap for the day, Im being distracted by this top war game.-

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