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Makina : [In the first place, I tell you. The problem is that there are too many people who don't understand the cuteness and preciousness of my beloved child. In the end though, that's what those holidays were made for, right Of course, I'm not saying all of the holidays were for that purpose. I properly appreciate those worthy of recognition. Among the lumps of flesh in the other world, although they are far from Mother's level, there are those that understand the magnificence of my beloved child. I give them credit for that. Well, I think we should make it mandatory for all living things in the world to learn about the magnificence of my child, like incorporating it into the schools' lessons, but my beloved child doesn't want that, so it can't be helped. If my child would just give me the GO signal, it might not have been a bad idea for me to lead the world to the right direction, but well, since my child's will takes precedence above all things, being hasty about this matter isn't a good thing. Going back to the topic, the ones who know it is alright. The problem here is that many of those lumps of flesh don't even know my beloved child's face! That's just pure blasphemy…… However…… However, I tell you! I'm trying to hold back my anger here. I know, it couldn't be helped. Not knowing something isn't a crime, so at least, at this point in time, I'm not going to punish them for their ignorance. I think not wanting to know is a sin, and I think such people should be exterminated, but I'll leave them be for the time being…… I wonder if I should ask Shallow Vernal if I can exterminate them Well, putting those matters aside, it all boils down to this: How do I convey the preciousness of my beloved child to those ignorant I guess the important thing is for them to know about it! I'm not a devil. If they were at my level, they'd be able to easily find my beloved child's lickable points like "seeing that, on average, his right eyelashes are slightly longer than his left", but as expected, I'm not going to ask them to reach my level. Being able to achieve this feat only proves that I'm a loving mother, knowing every detail of my child. Well, it would be most ideal if all of humanity could eventually reach this level, but there's no point in rushing them. I think they should know the basics first. Ahh, I'm not talking about "how much my child weighs when he was born", and such common knowledge in the world. These are the most basic of the basic, things that you are supposed to know before you start talking about him, else the topic really won't end.On other points, I think we should start with the bird's eye view of my beloved child's body. My beloved child is a treasure to the world just by the way he stands, but of course, his charm changes depending on the angle you look at him. Ahh, don't misunderstand me, I'm not talking about low level points of 10 or 20. I'm talking about the plus points in his charm, knowing that everything about my beloved child is a perfect 100. First of all, look at the whole picture, the center of my child's body in front, turned 16° to the right…… This is the angle that novices prefer. It's a great angle where one can enjoy the cuteness and coolness of my child at the same time, and it's an angle that anyone can easily notice, so not only is it suitable for novices, it's also the angle that experts simp for. As you become competent, you'll start to consider things more three-dimensionally, paying attention to the vertical position of your viewpoint. This is difficult for novices, but this also brings about various inclinations. First of all, when you look at him from below, there are many patterns where you can see my beloved child in a cool way. On the other hand, if you look at him from above, you'll see more of his cuteness, which also brings about a lot of lickable points. If you become proficient enough, you'll be able to split your vision into at least a hundred parts and look at my beloved child from all angles, you know Well, that should be obvious. The preciousness of my child is always changing, so if you want to make sure you don't miss a single moment, you should at least divide your vision. Well, as a novice, you don't need to think that much. If you can just feel the preciousness that comes from my beloved child's whole body, even if it's just a bit, you'll be able to grow as a person who thinks about my child. After looking at his whole body and reaffirming my child's preciousness, I would like you to look at it in detail as well. Next, advanced beginners tend to look at the eyes of my child. I understand how they feel though. My beloved child's eyes glisten like sunshine, and after seeing his pupils, jewels would look like rocks. However, you shouldn't be hasty, okay If you move your gaze to his eyes too casually, you may miss something. Experts naturally start from the tips of his hair, but since you're still a novice, let's broaden it a bit and focus on his hair as a whole. My beloved child's hair is, well, not only is the shade beautiful to the level where it can be described as a world treasure, the fact that they like to curl up a bit is just cuteness overload! Especially that hair slightly inwardly curling over hanging over his ears. I could eat fifty bowls of rice just by looking at it. Then, the next thing you should look at is his forehead peeking through the gap between his bangs. That is just dangerous, isn't it It looks so delicious, I want to lick it right away. It's incredibly attractive, but if you look at it too long, you might not be able to control yourself. The next thing to look at is his eyebrows. Let's also broaden things a bit here and look at his eyebrows as a whole. It's beautiful, isn't it The line his eyebrows make look like they're shining. After that, it's finally time to look at his eyes. Of course, there's the beauty of his eyes that was mentioned earlier, but I also want you to look at the overall balance, including his eyelashes. When you can immediately determine the angle of the corners of his eyes, then you're finally competent enough. Then of course, there's his nose. This order of looking at the nose from the eyes shows the balance of the nose…… and the golden ratio of the world. If you're a novice, you'll probably spend a few hours admiring the beauty of my child's nose, so you should free up as much time to gaze upon my beloved child. Next, his lips…… truly irresistible! This is a really dangerous spot for a novice to keep looking at. You wouldn't be able to stop yourself from wanting to kiss him. Going on, enjoying his jawline to the fullest, let's move our attention below his head. There are many parts of the fact that even a novice can easily notice, but from the neck down, the difficulty rises a bit. In other words, seeing how much charm you can find in him could also be considered as showing off your skills. If you're at my level, you can find about 200 lickable points on his neck alone, but as a novice, I think it's best to enjoy the sexiness of his throat first. Once you've enjoyed the golden road that is his throat, neck, and nape, the next stop would be his collarbone. If I were to be frank, I really don't have enough words to describe this. If you're not careful, you can get a nosebleed from arousal. It is indeed a fantastic point to drool over, especially since my beloved child often wears clothing that's comfortable around his neck. The only thing disappointing about it though…… is that d*mned necklace Kuromueina gave him. It's a hindrance. A d*mned hindrance…… but my child seems to like that necklace, so I'll just be patient here. After that, I would have liked to go around to his back and look at his shoulder blades and such, but since I'm guiding the novice you, I'll just talk about my child as seen from the front. Well, I don't think I need to tell you about the charm of the next part, his chest. I think it's something that should be framed and displayed in a museum, but alas, the world's perception of things is just too low for that to have happened yet. Ahh, but the idea of a museum where you can see the beauty of my child doesn't sound so bad. There are many children who want to see my beloved child, but my beloved child only has one body, and not everyone can see it up close and personal. Yes, that was quite a shame. That's why, I think it would be great to have places where one can indirectly enjoy the charm of my beloved child. That sounds great, a museum…… I guess I'd make one. If I wanted to, I could easily prepare photos of my beloved child from back when he's a baby to the present, and displaying them wouldn't be a prob…… No, that won't do! If I want to display them in a museum, wouldn't I have to choose which photos to display! This is really difficult, my beloved child is always supreme, and even if I were to divide the photos of my child by the second, it would be too difficult to select the number of photos that can be displayed in a museum from the time my beloved child was born until now! No, of course, I understand. If I want to wind up the charm of my beloved child, if I don't divide it up by at least 1/1000th of a second, they might miss his preciousness…… but if I do that, not only would it not fit a museum, multiplying it by the thousand would be quite difficult…… In the first place, it's hard to choose between all the images of my beloved child, and even if I were to build a museum, it would probably take mea few hundred million years to select the right ones. Within that time, my child will continue to grow and the number of photos will continue to increase…… I guess that won't do. Wait…… I really don't have to limit myself to a building, right I can just set it up to a world…… That's right! I could create a world just for displaying the history of my beloved child's life, and display all the photos there!!! If I can constantly update the information and display the latest photos, I might also rediscover a moment of my cute beloved child that I may have overlooked!!! That sounds great, this idea…… I'll consult about this to my beloved child later. Of course, my child's will comes first, so if he doesn't like this idea, I'll stop. My child is rather shy after all, so shy that he doesn't allow himself to be obediently spoiled by Mother. Hmmm, that part of him is also rather cute, but I think that for his own sake, my beloved child should have more time to be pampered by me. His shyness is part of his personality though, so I don't want to do anything to change that. In that case, the best thing to do would be to make him feel less embarrassed. Those rabbles sure are a hindrance, feeling their gazes makes my child shy, which is why my child won't obediently let himself be spoiled. I suppose it is very best if it's just the two of us. However, the problem is Kuromueina…… She's always in my way. I wonder if there's any way I can get some alone time with my child I'll have to think about this again. However, I see…… Thinking about it again, I must have made my beloved child feel lonely. It must have also be hard for him when he can't be honest with Mother, isn't it This is quite the ordeal, isn't it Of course, as a mother, I'm always happy to spoil my beloved child, but thinking about it from my child's point of view, he's most probably thinking that I'm putting a burden on his beloved mother, which makes my gentle child shy away. However, if I were to be asked if it's right for a mother to forcefully try to improve a situation like this, that is also a problem. Ideally, I would like to create a situation where my child can naturally be spoiled by his mother, but this is also difficult…… Perhaps, this could be described as an eternal issue between mother and child. Well, putting that aside, I really think that my child is feeling lonely. Thus, as his mother, I want to do something for his sake. As expected, even though it might be cheap, giving him a gift would be a good idea here. Of course, it might be impossible for me to express my overflowing love, but I think I can express a certain amount of my love, which would make my child greatly relieved. It's like killing three birds with one stone: making my child happy with the gift, easing his anxiety and strengthening the bond between me and my child. Well, the bond between me and my beloved child is already at an all-time high, but there's no limit to how deep it can go! But, I digress…… Yes, a gift for my beloved child! I wonder what would be a good gift for my child I would have liked to give him the whole world, but I'm sure he would be hesitant in accepting it. If it's something he's familiar with……. I guess clothes would be good! I think it would be great if I, his mother, picks out the clothes for my child, and the fact that my beloved child wears the clothes I choose means that my beloved child is wrapped within my love. That sounds great…… No, but in that case, it would be better if it's purely made of my love. If other hands are involved in the process of making those clothes, my love for my child would be sullied. In that case, using only their designs as a reference, I'll make the clothes myself…… Hahh, that's right! How about some pajamas My child, sleeping wrapped in Mother's love. Amazing, that's the perfect situation! It's decided then. Now, I just need to decide on the design…… A cute design would be nice, but my beloved child seems to prefer simpler designs, so I think it would be better if there were no patterns. But since I'm making this for my beloved child, I want to incorporate something that feels like me. Well, let's think about that later. Even though it's just a pajama, it should also be imbued with a protective Mother's love, so for the time being, "Defensive Formulas against both physical and magic attacks" is a must, a Full Recovery Function after sleeping, and and effect that ensures peaceful sleep…… With the basics out of the way, other effects…… That's right! Let's make it so that "he can see my dreams"! That way, my beloved child can have the most wonderful experience of meeting me in his dreams! Ahh, but if that's the case, why don't I just send my consciousness to my child while he's asleep, so he can talk to me in his dreams, and I can love him to my heart's content!!! Ahh, that's amazing. Sometimes, my genius…… It's almost frightening. With this, I know what I'm going to get for my child. The last housewarming he had, I couldn't participate because Shallow Vernal kept on interfering, so this kind of gift is nice. Coem to think of it, my child's house was pretty good. As expected of Alice, she knows her stuff. I've been "sparingly" visiting his home, but it's quite comfortable. Well, I'd like to visit more often than I could, but considering my child's circumstances, I better hold myself ack. I think it's important to know matters even if you're close with someone. The only unfortunate thing is that I can't talk with my beloved child too long because Kuromueina would interrupt me every time, but I can live with that. After all, my child is just so cute, making me want to firmly run my tongue along his skin, and thus, retaining my sanity while standing before my cute child is just impossible. No, retaining one's sanity before my cute child could be said as pure blasphemy. Ahh, speaking of blasphemy, I have to warn the inhabitants of Shallow Vernal's world not to be disrespectful to my child. For the time being though, "I finished dealing with most of the nobles". There's a lot of commoners, so I'm not sure what to do with them, but I think I'll have their mayor gather and educate them. Good grief, I really wish they just wouldn't bother me with stuff as meagre as this. Not disrespecting my child is so common sense that it doesn't even need to be in a textbook, but it's sad that so many idiots just don't seem to understand something this simple. Well, they should realize their mistakes with a little education, so I guess it's not that big of a problem. It's just, even if it's in the shadows, Mother wants to make her child's environment better, so I don't really hate this kind of thing. I mean, Eden, who was on standby in that world, is rather bored. That Paradise doesn't have a job title like the Paradise on Earth, and I just basically made her for me to love my beloved child up close. Other than that, I guess there's the consultations and negotiations with Shallow Vernal. Come to think of it, I remember Shallow Vernal mentioning them planning a festival in the God Realm, and of course, my child will be there. Hmmm, as expected, since this is a festival of the God Realm, I have to be considerate of Shallow Vernal and monopolize all my child's attention huh…… Speaking of which, it looks like two of my children have returned to this world again. It seems like they were going to become adventurers, so I think I might have to tell them that they could also turn to Mother if they ever need help. Hmmm, this is culturally difficult huh…… I want to see my child in a yukata. I think he would be absolutely adorable in it. My beloved child is the cutest to begin with, so just the thought of adding more value to that makes my lover for him go into maximum overdrive. The skin peeking through his yukata would definitely be sexy. My beloved child isn't muscular, but he is well-toned where he should be, probably because he jogs every day and exercises frequently. His belly button is especially sexy, and I want to look at it. I suppose that's also one of the things I love about my child, isn't it You need to be clairvoyant to understand this, but the way my child's muscles move when he runs is like watching a high-class movie, it never gets old and after watching it, I'm moved to tears. Yes, his appearance as he moves is truly magnificent! Unfortunately, since my child doesn't exercise much except for while he's jogging, I don't get to see it as often as I'd like. Which reminds me, that beach volleyball game on the beach was really great! It was a scene overflowing with my child's charm. "I personally made it a movie", but I wonder if I should consider releasing it to the public I think releasing it to the public is a good idea, allowing me to spread the charm of my beloved child. I had directed and produced it myself, so I'm sure that it's a masterpiece that packs the most charm of my child in the world. Ahh~~ but since the concept of movies doesn't exist in this world, I suppose it might be difficult. Besides, this movie has so much preciousness that even I would lose consciousness, so if ordinary people without my resistance level were to see it, their cells might disappear from the preciousness. Hmmm, I don't really care whatever happens to those lumps of flesh, but I'm afraid my sweet, gentle child will be bothered by it, so I suppose I won't be showing this to the general public. No, rather than that, how about making a lower level version for the general public I suppose that works. After all, visual information is very important, and this is the best way to spread my child's charm. It would be great to make something that isn't so precious that there is a risk of death…… As for spreading the concept of movies in that world, I should be able to do it and there shouldn't be a problem. The only problem is that I don't know if I can compromise on expressing my child's cuteness. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to hold myself together, but well, let's just leave it to when that time comes. The other problem is that movies can certainly convey his visual appeal, but it couldn't convey my child's scent. Well, I guess creative works wouldn't be able to match talking to the person himself, and it's no good asking for too much of everything, so I guess I should compromise here. Come to think of it, there were books about my child's activities in that world. I read it myself, and it seems to be made by a child who knows their stuff, and to be honest, it wasn't too bad. There are some fictional parts in it, but it isn't trying to put him down and was trying to uplift his name instead. I understand that a certain amount of exaggeration is necessary as part of the production process, so I'm positive about this. I can appreciate the writer to such a level that I even remember their name. I'm glad that they're expressing my child…… However, it wasn't without faults. It has a strong hero-like aspect to it. Well, it's obvious that my child is heroic, so I'll leave that aside, but it's a little problematic that the story focuses too much on how cool my child is. No, it's not that there's anything wrong with it though. The expression and direction of my child's coolness is at a moderate level, and I think it's great. However, my beloved child's charm isn't limited to his coolness. Those books were a little weak in the cuteness department. On the other hand, in terms of cuteness, the plushie of my child that Alice made is amazing. It really is to be expected of Alice, she knows how cute my child is. Of course, I bought one and had "trillions of copies of it on display", but I never get tired of them. However, I think it's best not to sell them to the public. Above all, if my child were mishandled, even though it was just a plushie, I would probably give them a taste of hell and then exterminate them. However, I think it might be a good idea to use goods that are related to my child. Plushies are a bit of a no-no, but how about shoes with the image of my child in them I think that would be great. I'd buy them and wear them myself. The only problem with that is that if it's an image design, will people realize that it's my child I think it's important to know how well my child is known around the world. No, of course, it should be obvious that people know about my child, but it's unfortunate that many people are unable to do such an obvious thing. Basic information about my child should be taught as compulsory education. I think it would be great if every child is taught about my child's noble existence from a young age, so that there would be far less that would disrespect my child. Hmmm, I guess the next one I should be educating in this world is someone related to that. Schools, I mean…… Ahh~~ but that world doesn't have compulsory education like that world's Japan, and some people don't go to school in the first place. If that's the case…… How about making it a religion instead Why don't I create a religion that honors my child and write it in a holy scripture Of course, all the residents would have to join. As for those who don't join, I can just exterminate them…… There were a lot of churches and temples there, right In that case, if I were to spread it in such places, would it develop faster Well, I suppose I'll let them have the freedom to believe in other Gods after believing my child's holy name, so I won't suppress them regarding that. Unnn, this is also a good idea. I'll discuss this with my child next time I talk to him. No, no matter how good of an idea it is, it's no good if my child doesn't want it. My beloved child is rather modest and doesn't want to show off too much. That part of him is really cute too and he gets a lot of lickable points for that! I think my beloved child's personality is at the level where it resounds throughout the whole universe, but it's also nice to see him acting like a cutie patootie.It's easy to see what's in his mind on his face, and his honesty makes him really cute. His happy smile is more dazzling than the sun, and his kind smile makes the world a little more peaceful. However, his wry smile is also hard to cast aside. It really arouses the desire to protect him, or rather, he's so full of charm that it makes one think that they have to protect him! Of course, my child is a strong child and can do well on his own, but one would never know what the world has in store for him. I have to make sure to protect him within my motherly love. As for my expression of love, I usually enjoy talking with my child, but I would also like to do something else. Well, I was awakened to the joy of doing something with my child in that beach volleyball game back then, so I think it was natural for me to want to do something else. However, there's also the question of what to do. I think it's best if my child and I can enjoy ourselves to the fullest, but it's quite difficult to choose. I don't want to be mixed in with those lumps of flesh though, so I think something the two of us can do together would be good. My child likes to play games, and although it was a joint effort with Shallow Vernal, I gave him equipment that allows him to play games from that world for his last birthday. So, it seems like a good idea to play games together. No, of course, I'm happy just watching my child play games, but I also want to have fun with him. The only thing I'm worried about is that my child might shy away. While I was Eden, I had a calm yet dignified appearance, just like a God, and thus, my child is shying away…… Hahh! Could that be the reason why my child won't obediently let himself be spoiled by me! Of course, I can feel my beloved child's love for me, but as a polite child, it couldn't be helped if he felt reserved in front of me, who was overflowing with godliness…… Mnggghhh, I think I may have found something unexpected that I need to improve upon. I also have some external affairs to look upon, so it's hard for me to act or say anything ungodly, but if it's just to relieve my child's reservedness, I suppose I should use a more friendly tone of voice when we're talking together……]

Serious-senpai : […..Oi, as a result of you neglecting things, we've entered an abnormal situation where "the Afterword is over 10,000 characters long", and she still isn't showing any sign of stopping……]

: [……My apologies. It was my mistake. I mean, I underestimated Makina…… It seems like if this girl isn't stopped, she seriously won't stop.]

Serious-senpai : [……I don't even know how it's possible for her to talk this much.]-

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