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Its been about an hour since Lilia-san left, looking out of character, and Im now walking the streets of Rigforeshia by myself.

After Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san left, Rei-san and Fia-san seemed to have regained their composure and offered to show us around the city with a strangely high level of tension.

For some reason though, they wanted Sieg-san and I to go out alone, and after they forcefully pushed this formation, Rei-san and Fia-san ended up being the ones guiding Kusonoki-san and Yuzuki-san, while Sieg-san will be my guide, so I was supposed to be walking around the city with Sieg-san but……

As expected though, Sieg-sans behavior was somewhat strange, as she seemed to be concerned about Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san, so I told her that I was just going to stroll around the neighborhood and that it was okay for her to go check on them. Sieg-san was hesitating at first, but in the end, she went to where Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san are, so I was left here alone.

Well, its good if she could take care of what may have been happening with Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san, but I dont know Rigforeshia well enough to explore it alone, so Im trying to wander around the neighborhood while avoiding places that look too weird.

The town is lively and bustling with activity as the Sacred Tree Festival is coming up tomorrow…… The atmosphere really is like that day before Christmas, as I could even see some couples here and there. It would be great if these riajuus would explode though……

However, I knew that something like this would happen, but being alone within this atmosphere really isnt very nice.

It would be great if I could at least find one person I knew here, but Im afraid I dont know anyone in this place……


[ ! ]

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[Its Kaitokun-san!]


Turning my head when I heard a loud voice, I saw a familiar pink-blonde haired fairy who looked less than 50cm…… I think shes roughly around 30cm tall.


[Long time no see~~]

The young fairy girl who I met when Kuro invited me to have barbecue before, Razelia-san, a family member of Kuros, flits around me with her small wings, with a bright smile on her face.

[Its been a while. I never expected that I would meet you here. Is Raz-san here for the Sacred Tree Festival too]

[Thats right~~ The fairies also live in this forest after all, so there are plenty of Razs friends here~~]

[I see, but Im glad to see you again.]

[Raz is also glad to see Kaitokun-san!]

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By the way, Raz-san has always called me “Kaitokun-san”, because she said that this is because Kuro calls me Kaito-kun, so she just put “-san” in there…… Of course, I corrected her, but she never corrected the way shes calling me.

[Arya Somehow, havent Kaitokun-san become cooler]


[I dont really know why, but it feels gentle and warm near Kaitokun-san. Hmmm. It feels like Im near Shallow Vernal-sama.]

[Shiro-san did give me her blessings so……]

[Ahhh~~ I see. Shallow Vernal-sama is the God of the world, so Kaitokun-san, who received Shallow Vernal-samas blessing, is loved by the world. Thats why Raz who was born from nature feels so comfortable with Kaitokun-sans magic power~~]

[Heehhh, I didnt know the blessing I received had that effect.]

Ive never understood the effect of Shiro-sans blessing but it seems that her blessing has the effect of making me loved by the world, and for a fairy that was born from nature, the magic power I was clad feels comfortable for them.

I heard before that having a peaceful walk through the forest has a relaxing effect, so the effect may be something like that.

[Were you here alone, Raz-san]

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[Nope~~ I came with Neun.]

[With Neun-san]

[Yes. Neun looked like shes depressed, so we came here for a change of scenery~~]

[Shes depressed, you say, what is Neun-san doing now]

[……Look over there.]

[……What the heck is that……]

In response to my question, I looked in the direction Raz-san pointed at, and saw a black armor sitting on the edge of the road…… sitting in that position we used to do in PE class.

Thats definitely Neun-san…… but what the heck is with that situation O rather, how the heck could she sit like that even in full armor

[What happened, for her to be like that]

[Thats the thing~~ Since Kaitokun-san taught her how to make tofu before, Neun was very excited about it. At first, Ein-san was the one making it, but she was determined to make it herself next time.]

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[Fumu fumu.]

[And then, she began working on it each and every day, that she even began to mumble about how its “not smooth enough” or “not deep enough”.]

[Shes quite particular about it huh.]

Neun-san seems to be very particular about Japanese food, and she has been trying to make delicious tofu without compromising with it.

I see, she said she would come visit to share some of the tofu when she finished making it, but she never came to visit us because she wasnt satisfied with the quality of the product.

I didnt know Neun-san that well yet, but I can understand that shes a big Japanese food fan, and I guess she wont be convinced by a food made half-heartedly.

[Because of that, Raz and Acht-kun became curious about Tofu-san. But Neun wouldnt let us eat until she was satisfied with what she made. But Raz wanted to try eating it, so I asked Ein-san to make some.]

[Ein-san would definitely make it in no time.]

[Yep yep. She made it right away and ate it with Acht-kun. Acht-kun said it was “tasteless”, but Raz thinks Tofu-san is soft, jiggly and very tasty.]

I dont know if Raz is vegetarian or if its because of her racial trait, but she cant eat any meat at all.

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Thinking back, I remembered that she only ate vegetables back when were having barbecue.

Anyway, for Raz-san, it seems that tofu made from soybeans was very tasty.

[And thats when she appeared. Neun came in right at that time and told us how she finished making her own Tofu-san.]


[But seeing Raz and Acht-kun eating Tofu-san, it seems like she was confident with her own Tofu-san, saying “Even if its made by Ein-sama, its not going to be better than the one I made.”]

[……What a daredevil.]

In other words, although the person herself doesnt intend to do so, Neun-san seems to have challenged that monstrous maid.

Thats no good. No matter how much I wanted to side with Neun-san, the only future I can see with that battle is where she kneels in defeat.

[Then, after she said that, she took a bite of the Tofu-san that Ein-san made…… She just sat down on the ground, said “A bug of my size has shown disrespect to the maid, Ein-sama. My apologies. Please let me continue to eat this tofu even in the future.” as she cried.]

Her heart broke! The self-confidence she had was just crushed to pieces!

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I- I see, so thats why shes that depressed…… She spent nearly a month frantically going through trial and error, and if someone could exceed what she had just done just by making it once, her heart would certainly break.

[That is, how should I say this…… really pitiful.]

[Ein-san was also just listening to Raz and Acht-kuns request and didnt mean to hurt Neun. And so, with a troubled face that she usually wouldnt have, she consoled Neun.]

This may sound very rude, but I cant imagine that Ein-san looking bewildered.

Well, thats how unexpected Neun-sans depression must have been for her.

Thats also why Raz-san invited her to the Sacred Tree Festival for a change of pace, and thats why we met right now.

After hearing Raz-sans story, I approached Neun-san who was still sitting there, and with a confused tone, I called out to her.

[U- Ummm, Neun-san. Its been a while.]

[……Miyama-san Ah, yes. Long time no see…… For remembering a dung beetle like me who cant even make tofu properly, thank you very much.]

[……Umm, Raz-san.]

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[……What is it]

[…….I had an image that Neun-san was rather reassuring but……]

[……Shes like that sometimes. Once she starts to get depressed, it will take some time before she gets better again.]

Since she was the First Hero, I thought her heart would have monstrous toughness but…… It seems that Neun-san is the type of person who cant stop herself from getting depressed.

It certainly seems like shes taken the responsibility of making it, but I dont think thats something that she should be self-loathing for.

Well, this feels really awkward…… How should I say this…… I dont think this is something I can show to the people of this world who worship the First Hero.

[E- Errr, Raz-san has told me about it but…… Even you should know how outrageous of a being Ein-san is. Im sure Neun-sans tofu would also have a taste that wont be inferior to others……]

[……Then, please try it.]


[Youll know the difference once you try it out.]

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[Ah, errr…… Alright.]

I tried cheering up the depressed Neun-san by saying something that I didnt know if it would be a good follow-up.

Thinking that it was just a mistake to compete with a monstrous person like her to begin with, and that the tofu made by Neun-san, whos quite particular with Japanese cuisine, must be delicious, I told her about those things but Neun-san just took out two types of tofu from her magic box and held them out to me.

[The one on the right is made by Ein-sama and the one on the left is made by me…… Compared to Ein-samas, my tofu is just like trash.]


Under the pressure of her very depressed atmosphere, I tried each of the tofu.

The tofu on the right, I dont know if just terrific is enough to describe it…… Its smooth and doesnt get caught on the tongue, and the taste is so refined and elegant that even I can tell its a top-quality product. Ein-san made this in one shot Just how much of a monster is she……

The tofu on the left is very homemade, and has a warm and gentle taste.

Arehh But, isnt this just……

[……Ummm, as far as Im concerned though, I prefer the tofu on the left though……]

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[Ah, no, Im not really saying that either of the tofu is good or bad. However, the tofu on the right certainly is very elegant and tasty…… but for me, I guess it tastes like home or something like that I prefer the tofu on the left, which is simple and gentle.]

[A- Are you sure]

After hearing my impression, Neun-san still looks like she cant believe it, as she raised her face that was being covered by her knees and looked up towards me.

[Yes, it tastes really good. Its so good that ” I would like to eat it every day”.]


When I told her my honest opinion, Neun-san suddenly made a strange sound before standing up in one go.

Arehh Whats going on I get the feeling like she suddenly got flustered about something but……

[Mi- Mimi- Miyama-san! T- T- T- That is to say, errr, y- youd like to eat my miso soup everyday…… A- A- Are you saying that with that meaning]

[……Miso soup Yes, if its miso soup made by Neun-san, that sounds great and Id love to have some.]

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[ ~ ~ ~ ! ! ]

The miso soup made along with this tofu. Unnn, Neun-san is a Japanese foodie, and if she can make such good tofu, she must be a good cook, so if Im not being a nuisance, Id love to drink it.

[P- Please wait for a moment! T- This is the first time Ive been said such by a man, and my mind cant keep up so……]

[Ah, no, its not like Im forcing you or anything like that.]

[N- No, I- I dont dislike Miyama-san by any means, and when we spoke before, Miyama-san had a favorable impression as youre a very kind person…… H- However, I dont think we know much about each other yet!!!]

[Eh Ah, yes. Thats certainly true.]

Unnn What in the world is Neun-san talking about Does that mean she isnt comfortable serving her home-cooked meal to someone she doesnt know well

No, I just wanted to try it if youre okay with it Neun-san, but its not like Im forcing you to give me some of it…… Could it be that because Im Kuros acquaintance, she just cant say no or something like that

[Ummm, Neun-san. You dont really need to mind it that much, if thats impossible, its alright and just say so.]

[N- No, I- I think Miyama-san is a wonderful person, a- and Ive been alive for a long time now, so Ive also thought that it was about time to think about it, b- b- but please give me some time! F- First, lets start with “exchanging letters”!!!]

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[……Exchanging letters Yeah, I dont really mind but……]

Arehh Why are we suddenly talking about exchanging letters She did say earlier about how we still didnt know each other very well, so I wonder if its related to that

In short, it seems that she wants to deepen our friendship first, and then, she can serve me some of her home-cooked meals.

I heard that Neun-san was born in the Taisho Era, so perhaps, the means they have to deepen their friendship with someone is to communicate by exchanging letters.

Ive never exchanged letters before, but since I have too much time in my hands since I came to this world, talking with her through letters would be great.

[W- Well then, ummm, I may be inexperienced…… F- From now on, I will be in your care.]

[Ah, yes. Me too.]

[U- Ummm, w- w- well then, I still have things to do, so Ill be excusing myself! S- See you later!!]

After Neun-san quickly told me that, she vigorously left.

Im not really sure what happened, but anyway, I guess its great that Neun-san had become better huh

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[Neun-san looked very bewildered, but do you have any idea why]

[Raz also doesnt know. But Im glad to see shes gotten better~~]

[Thats right.]

[Yes! And thats thanks to Kaitokun-san~~ Thank you!]

Looking at Neun-sans departing back, I just tilted my head along with Raz.

Dear Mom, Dad—— the day before the Sacred Tree Festival, I met up with some people I never expected to meet. Later on, the flow of our conversation somehow turned strange, and before I knew it——- Well be exchanging letters.

Two shadows stare at the figures of Kaito and Razelia, who are tilting their head, from a few distance away from them.

[……What do you think Aoi-senpai.]

[……From what I see, it seems that theres also a problem with the other side I know he said that shes a Japanese, but it may just be that even her way of thinking is also very old-fashioned.]

Aoi and Hina, who happened to pass by in the middle of their stroll and were watching the series of exchanges, mutter with a somewhat dumbfounded expression.

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[I mean, why is Miyama-senpais reaction like that He doesnt look embarrassed from her reaction, it even looks like hes really confused~]

[No, you may not have noticed it since theyre speaking with each other normally, but I dont think you can expect Miyama-san to notice her reaction when hes talking with someone whose expression is hidden behind her helmet……]

[Isnt Miyama-senpai supposed to have an absurdly keen sense towards emotions because of his Sympathy Magic]

[If he cant see the difference between and , it would be impossible for him even if he can read their emotions……]

The two women, who are conversing with each other with a resigned expression on their faces, are approached by Rejnhardt, who is acting as their guide.


[Unnn You stopped walking, whats the matter]

[No, its nothing.]

[Yeah, we were just watching a natural womanizer in action.]



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Kaito just said before, that riajuus should explode.

Does he want to commit suicide

T/N: 1/9… Thats one rather long chapter.-

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