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I've been very busy working on the next volume, so I'm releasing an extra chapter that was supposed to be released later. This will be a story about Lunamaria's past, why she became that much of a zealot when it comes to Kuromueina, and how she became best friends with Lilia.

Her father had died before Lunamaria was old enough to be aware of things, and her mother Noir had raised her single-handedly.

Lunamaria had always loved her mother, who had been kind and warm to her while working as a top-ranking adventurer. She wanted to help her mother, but having Demon blood flowing in half of her veins, Lunamaria's growth was slow and her body began to grow only when she finally reached the age of 40.

It was inevitable that she would become an adventurer. Under Noir's tutelage, Lunamaria developed her skills and became an adventurer, and in just a few short years, she had risen to the top of the Adventurer world.

After watching her daughter grow up, Noir retired from adventuring at Lunamaria's suggestion, and began to receive treatment for her chronic anemia while visiting her doctor, Vier.

However, an incident occurred. It was about five years after Lunamaria had become an adventurer. Lunamaria was indeed an excellent adventurer, but by no means was she perfect.

It wasn't Lunamaria's fault. She didn't get too self-conceited, she was well-prepared, and she was in tip-top shape…… However, she had overlooked a really small sign, so small that even a veteran adventurer might overlook it, of a "mass stampede of monsters".

By the time Lunamaria noticed it, she was already surrounded by a large number of monsters. Lunamaria is strong, she is one of the top adventurers in the world.

However, she was gradually cornered by the sheer number of monsters generated by the stampede.

And when she was ready to die…… it was her mother, Noir, who saved her.


[I'm glad I made it in time. I'll handle this, so please run away, Lu-chan.]

Noir is a veteran adventurer who has completed many quests over the years. That's why, when she saw the duplicate copy of the quest form that Lunamaria left in her room…… From the description written on the quest form, she had detected the signs of a stampede and thus, headed to Lunamaria's rescue as fast as she could.

Not bothering to call for assistance and directly rushing to Lunamaria paid off, as she was able to save Lunamaria just in the nick of time.

[……B- But……]

[Don't worry, Mom is strong…… okay]

[ ! ]

Hearing the words Noir said with a smile while facing so many monsters that it was ridiculous to even count them, Lunamaria read the thought held within her words and turning her back on Noir, she started running.

As she frantically ran through the secluded forest…… large drops of tears dripped down Lunamaria's eyes.

She knew it. That if she stayed behind, she would only be a liability……

She knew it. That the only thing she can do is to call for help……

She knew it. That despite her dislike for it, Noir drank a lot of animal blood when she was working as an adventurer……

She knew it. That now that she has retired and didn't have to force herself to drink animal blood, Noir no longer has the power she had in her prime……

She knew it. That if the situation stayed like this…… Her beloved mother, the most important person in the world for her, would die……

Lunamaria ran frantically, falling down several times along the way, forcibly moving her body screaming in pain. Still, it was a long way before she reached a human habitat…… and she would never make it in time.

Just as this thought crossed her mind, Lunamaria's foot was caught in the root of a trip, and she had spectacularly fallen.

[……Uuuuu…… Someone…… help me……]

It was a voice so soft that it sounded like she's squeezing it out of her mouth. However, it did indeed change her fate.

[Unnn Is someone there Wait, you're badly injured…… I'll be using Recovery Magic, okay]

Lunamaria knew the being in front of her…… she's one of the pinnacles of the Demon Realm that she remembered seeing at the Festival of Heroes……

[……Underworld King…… -sama……]


The moment she realized that the being in front of her was the Underworld King…… Kuromueina, Lunamaria jumped up and lowered her head so low that it was rubbing on the ground, she desperately shouted.

[I'm begging you! Please help me! If this goes on, Mom will…… Please! I'll do anything so please……]

She understood that her actions aren't just on the level of being disrespectful anymore. She knew that it wasn't acceptable to beg for something from the Six Kings…… but still, Lunamaria wanted to cling upon the possibility that she might grant her plea.

Thereupon, as Lunamaria's head was lowered, tears incessantly flowing down her eyes, a hand was gently placed on her shoulder.

[Unnn. It's alright…… I'm going to help you, so can you tell me what was going on]

[Ahh…… Uuuu, a…… Monster…… Stampede…… Mom is facing them alone…… I can't do anything……]

[Stampede…… I see, so that's why those monsters were afraid……]

After hearing Lunamaria's story, Kuromueina looked like she was thinking about something before she gave her a dazzling smile.

[Don't worry, I will absolutely save your mother.]


The smile on her face, illuminated by the moonlight, made her look like the messiah in Lunamaria's eyes.

From then on, Kuromueina's actions were swift. She immediately rushed to the place Lunamaria told her, eradicated a huge number of monsters in an instant, and healed the severely injured Noir with Recovery Magic…… and carrying the unconscious Noir, she returned to where she left Lunamaria.


[Don't worry, she's just unconscious. She's alive and her injuries are healed.]

[A- Ahhh…… Thank you very much! Thank you so much! I don't know how to thank you……]

[Don't worry about it. I only helped you because I wanted to. Rather than that, it was quite the disaster, wasn't it ……You did a great job. It's alright now. Come on, I'll take you home.]


Lunamaria was relieved from the bottom of her heart. To the fact that her beloved mother was still alive……

Thereupon, Kuromueina brought Lunamaria and Noir back to their home. After laying the unconscious Noir on the bed, Kuromueina was about to leave, but Lunamaria stopped her.

[U- Ummm! Underworld King-sama!]


[I'm Lunamaria…… I will not forget this debt! I'll never forget it!!!]

[You don't really have to worry that much about it. I'm Kuromueina. If fate permits, I'll see you again.]


As Kuromueina left with a smile on her face, waving her hand at her, Lunamaria saw her off, bowing her head several times until she was out of sight.

From this moment on, Kuromueina became her benefactor and the one she respected above anyone else.-

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