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There are only two days left until the Sacred Tree Festival. Were planning to head there the day before it starts, so well be leaving for the Elf Forest tomorrow.

The Elven Forest seems to be an extremely lush place, and since this is the first time Im going out of Symphonias royal capital, Im really looking forward to that trip.

I was also able to get Kuro to teach me some new magic, a means of self-defense that I had been thinking about for some time, so I guess I would be able to protect myself when I need to…… right

[Unnn. I think its starting to take form but…… Kaito-kun, using this magic too much is no good, okay It has a heavy burden on your body, after all. Well, I guess youre already feeling it now……]

[……my whole body hurts.]

[See that Im gonna cast Recovery Magic on you, so stay put.]

Ive learned a new magic, and as a result of that…… Ive been lying on the floor with painful muscle ache all over my body, and seeing me like that, Kuro wryly smiles before casting Recovery Magic on me.

After a warm light envelops my body, the numbing pain in my body eases.

The magic that Kuro taught me is a combat-oriented magic thats making use of my Sympathy Magic, though its also the type that has a backlash, and since the me who doesnt have that much magic power cant use it for a long time, its really a magic that I could only in emergencies.

However, its a magic that fulfills the demands I have in mind,and it has made a moderately amusing effect…… Well, I just hope I wont have to use it but……

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[Speaking of which, I had something to ask, Kuro.]


[Is there a magic tool in this world that acts like the machine in my world called calculator]

[Kalkulator What kind of teknolojikal mashin is that]

It seems that calculators havent been passed down by previous people who held the role of Hero, so I go on to explain what a calculator is to Kuro.

I wondered for a moment why theyve passed down mayonnaise and stuff like that but not the calculator, but thinking about it, it has never occurred to me until I saw Lilia-san struggling with her calculations.

The reason is that as soon as I came to this world, I entrusted my technological items to them, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I had a preconceived notion that technological items are no good in this world, and I didnt think that it would be possible to recreate that with magic tools because I didnt know that magic tools can be made individually.

The previous people who held the role of Hero probably also had the same preconceptions. And most importantly, I heard that unlike me, that guy whos holding the role of Hero is rather busy.

They are traveling around the world in a year to give speeches, so they would be more conscious about the food and clothing around them, and compared to the books and other forms of entertainment they may encounter on their travels, I think its almost impossible to get involved in anything related to accounting.

Thinking about this, I told Kuro about the calculator and asked her if there was something similar here. If one doesnt exist, I also asked her if its possible to recreate it.

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[……Is that something Kaito-kun thought of]

[Eh No, it was just a common tool back in my world.]


After she finished listening to my explanation, Kuro looked quite surprised at first, then, she put her hand on her chin and began thinking for a while.

[……I think that can be recreated. However, thats something I never thought about. Its true that if you record the formula, you would be able to calculate it in an instant but……]


[I didnt think about that at all. Magic and math are two different things, and the idea of using magic to support calculation never entered my thought. Now that you mentioned it, I was just thinking why I hadnt thought of that before.]

Now that she mentioned it, I think I can somewhat understand.

The technological machines we use back in our world…… were products made by science, and in a sense, connected with mathematics right from the start.

However, the magic in this world is a separate entity from science, and it seems like they had no idea of connecting it with mathematics.

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In that sense, the person who made the first calculator and the computers must have been a real genius……

Kuro became silent again for a while, and after taking out a piece of paper and pen, she began writing something on it.

After shes done, her black coat spreads out like a curtain and she calls out to it.

[Sechs, you there]

[Whats the matter Oya Isnt this Miyama-dono Its been a while.]

[Its been a long time, Sechs-san.]

From behind her coat, Sechs -san appeared, wearing a mask that looked like some tribe might be used in a ritual, and even though weve met before, I was still surprised when a bony hand appeared.

As I recall, from what I heard when I met him before, he usually wears a ceremonial mask to make it easier to distinguish him from other liches.

Its certainly easy to distinguish him, but this makes it look like hes at a carnival. Well, if thats his personal hobby, thats not something I will interfere with.

After exchanging a brief greeting with Sechs-san when he appeared, Kuro handed Sechs-san the piece of paper she had just written on.

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[This is a magic tool that Kaito-kun had thought up, and I had written here the technique needed to make it……]

[…… This is…… quite a brilliant idea!]

No, that isnt really my idea, I just gave her the details of a tool I had been using back in my previous world……

[What do you think]

[……This would start a revolution.]

[Can we start mass production]

[Yes, as expected of Kuromu-sama. With this technique, we could make it fairly cheap.]

Errr, what the hecks happening I feel like the situation is getting bigger and bigger.

For my part, I was just hoping that I could get Kuro to make a calculator-like magic too and give it to Lilia-san, but Kuro and Sechs-sans reaction to it somehow looks unusual.

[Kaito-kun. Can I make and sell this kalkulator at my company]

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[Eh Ah, yeah. I dont really mind…… or rather, its not like Im the one who invented it.]

Kuro asked me with a somewhat serious expression on her face, and I replied that its obviously fine with me.

Thereupon, Kuro nods once before turning to Sechs-san.

[Thank you. Then, Sechs.]

[Yes, then, regarding Miyama-donos right…… How about “half of the net profit” from this magic tool]


Arehh The flow of the conversation somehow turned strange. Half of the net profit Does that mean Im getting paid

[Basically, youll be paid every month.]

[Eh, no, could you please wait a sec! Im telling you this isnt something I invented, this is something that came from my previous world……]

[That might be so. But in this world, Kaito-kun is the one who invented it.]

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W- What should I do In short, this means that Im the one who holds the patent rights for the calculator, right…… Arent patents something that would bring in really large amounts of money

No, its not that I dont like getting paid either…… Im only going to be in this world for a year, and even now, Im feeling doubtful if I can even spend all the money that Lilia-san gave me…… Lilia-san Ah, I can do that.

[For example, would it be fine if I were to hand over the rights to Lilia-san…… to Duchess Albert]

[Yes, of course, thats fine. What to do with your right is up to you, Miyama-dono. But if you want to do this, I think it would be better to have Duchess Albert in this conversation as well.]

[Youre right. Ah, thats right. Sechs, youre going to visit Lilia-chan next time, right Why dont you bring Kaito-kun in on the discussion then]

[Fumu, that could work…… for the meantime then, lets make this magic tool and lets see it in action.]

[Ah, that would be thankful.]

It seems that its a done deal that they would make a calculator (temp) for me, which should make Lilia-sans job a lot easier.

To be honest, I just need enough money to enjoy this world, and if Lilia-san doesnt mind it, Im fine with handing over all of that rights to her.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— when I talked about getting Kuro to make me a calculator, we ended up talking about rights and all that stuff, and the situation seems to have become larger than I expected. The point is, if we were to make a calculator in this world—— It seems that I will be its patent holder.

The sound of a pen that had been echoing in the quiet office stopped, and Lilia raised her face from the documents she was looking at.

[……What in the world is that I think I felt a horrible chill run down my spine just now……]

Her face slightly turning pale, Lilia muttered…… That premonition she had, wont appear until just a few days later……


The protagonist has begun to attack the economy as well…… What would happen in the Duchesss future!

Its finally the Sacred Tree Festival, go check it next time!

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