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Looking at Alice's former comrades revived by Kaito's Heart Tool, Αναμνήσεις…… No, all these people which could already be called an army, the Gods tensed up.

[……Now then, while I get my thoughts ready, I guess I'll explain what's happening to you. The people who have been revived by Kaito-san's Αναμνήσεις have strength corresponding to the strength of the user's heart…… but they can't use the special abilities they have before birth.]

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Hearing those words, a hint of relief appeared on Chronois and Life's faces. What they are most wary about is the unknown ability of the Heart Tool that Alice is using, and it is good news that the people she revived couldn't use their special abilities.

But at the same time, they wondered why would Alice bother to tell them that As this question came to their minds, Alice deeply smiled.

[However…… Mine and Kaito-san's Heart Tools are a perfect match. Seriously…… It feels like our Heart Tools are meant to be combined like this!]

The moment Alice announced this, the lights of Ἑκατόγχειρες that had been circling around her body scattered and moved in front of each person.

And as soon as these lights were taken into each of their bodies, a number of voices echoed on the battlefield.

[Shine! The blade of my heart! Gather with the light——– Line up——– and become my aurora wings, piercing through all things! ——–Swords of my heart, burst forth! Soar to the skies! Wings of Victory——– νιρβάνα!]

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The beautiful woman with a face very similar to Alice's…… Alice's younger sister, Noel, exclaimed, and beautiful, shining twin swords appeared in her hands.

[The flames of loyalty dwelling in my soul! The noble flames that will never be extinguished——– Burn the earth——– Scorch the heavens——– Incinerate the stars! Blade of my heart, burst forth! Burst into flames! Blazing Spear——– Φλέμπελ!]

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As if in response to the red-haired female knight———— Adele's voice, a large spear clad in crimson flames appeared in her hand.

[Become the Asura, my heart! Prayers alone won't save you——– Begging alone won't protect you. For they who are fragile——– I will dye my fist with blood! Emblem of my heart, burst forth! Unfold! Scripture of Extermination——– Κερμίδης!]

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In the hands of the priest in a vestment with black upside-down crosses on them…… Leon, he grasped upon a book with sinister decorations on it.

[Fuhahaha, what a nostalgic lineup, this is! Well then, I guess I'll join you…… Awaken, Tyrannical Beast sleeping within mine heart! Rip the earth with thy black claws——– Devour the sky with thy black fangs! Thou are the predator, the Beast of the End, bringing ruin to the heaven and earth! Fangs of my heart, burst forth! Reveal thyself! Magic Staff——– ἀποκάλυψις!]

(T/N: Apocalypse)

With the appearance of her former comrades, Iris also enters the battlefield with her Heart Tool in hand. Reviving in an enhanced state by Αναμνήσεις, and acquisition of the special abilities they had before death by Ἑκατόγχειρες…… The compatibility of these two Heart Tools certainly is the best.

As the battle erupted once again, facing off against the Supreme God Chronois are Alice's best friend and younger sister…… Iris and Noel.

[……Just Iris is unfair. If there had been a way to preserve the soul in the Heart Tool, you should have told me.]

[Well, I was only able to complete the method to preserve the soul just before I died, so it can't be helped. Anyway, it seems like you've become mellower after you died huh. Is it alright with you You do know that the person we're trying to save is her "lover", right]

[It's alright! It certainly feels frustrating. I wanted to be "Big Sister's bride" but…… he is the one who saved Big Sister who had been suffering since we died. If it's him, I can leave Big Sister in his hands…… It's still frustrating though!]

[U- Umu…… I retract my previous statement. You're still the same as always……]

Alice's younger sister, Noel, is one heck of a siscon. Before she died, she was always saying that her sister was the most wonderful and lovable person in the world, and she was very serious about wanting to marry her sister.

Even when she died once and came back to life, she was still the same, old siscon. However, she still received some of Alice's memories through the effects of Αναμνήσεις…… and feeling grateful to Kaito, she recognized Alice's relationship with him, though she still exclaimed her regret.

[……Now then, shall we begin, God of Time and Space The two of us will be your opponent.]

[You're facing me, with just the two of you I don't know how much power those Heart Tools have…… but it seems like you're underest———– Nghh!]

[Ahh, be careful…… She's fast.]

With only just a blink of an eye…… Closing what should be a considerable distance between them, Noel brandished her shining twin swords at Chronois.

She was moving at a speed that really was like a flash, but even so, there was no way that Chronois would be left behind in terms of speed. Immediately stopping the time, Chronois moved behind Noel and unleashed her fist towards her.

And then, that strike————- "slipped through" Noel's body.

[Wha———— Turning one's body into light A power similar to the authority of the God of Flash!]


[Guhhh, but if you're just that strong……!]

[……I'm here too, remember Swallow! Tyrannical Beast! ἀποκάλυψις!]

[ ! ]

With her entire body turning into particles of light, Noel attacks with the speed of a flash, while Chronois tries to counter with her authority to manipulate time.

But then, Iris intervened. The magic bombardment Iris unleashed, which was explosively empowered by ἀποκάλυψις, isn't something that Chronois couldn't afford to receive, so she hurriedly evaded it.

Noel then followed it up with another attack, and with their seamless coordination, they pressed upon Chronois.

At another place, Adele and Leon were facing the God of Life, Life.

[Good grief, to think that we're going to fight a monster that makes it look like the Seven-Star Demon Beast is just a mere kitten…… Apparently, dying once hasn't changed my lack of luck. Well, I'm pretty sure I don't have enough firepower to fight you…… "How much would we need"]

[……You're right, that Demon Beast really is no match for her. At worst, we should need "more than a hundred". Well, with our physical ability, this would just be quick. Until that time, I'll leave buying time to you.]

[Roger that. Let's do our best a bit more……]

Watching Adele and Leon approach, exchanging words, Life tried to respond by creating a large number of cavalrymen, as if she was trying to test the waters.

However, the more than ten thousand cavalrymen that Life had created were "all crushed at exactly the same time".

[! W- What in the world just……]

[It's not like there's a hidden trick to it. My Κερμίδης just allows me the ability to "attack all enemies in sight at the same time".]

[……I see, that's a troublesome ability, isn't it]

[No, no, that's not it. I can only use this to buy time…… Or rather, you really did it quickly huh, Miss Adele. You've already reached enough power]

[What are you———— Wha!]

Life was alarmed by the fact that the ability of Leon's Heart Tool was the natural enemy of her ability to create soldiers…… but immediately after, her eyes widened in astonishment when she saw Adele behind Leon.

Adele was spinning her Heart Tool Spear above her head, fast and repeatedly, and with each revolution, the flame that her Heart Tool was clad in and her magic power…… increasingly getting greater.

[……Miss Adele's Heart Tool, after activating, "increases in firepower with every swing"…… so, before long, she should have enough firepower to wipe you out with a single blow.]


[Whoa there…… Didn't I tell you that I'm here to buy time for her Until Miss Adele is ready…… I won't let you interfere with what she's doing.]

Leon, who is absolutely capable of fighting against many by himself, and Adele, who was indefinitely increasing her firepower. Facing these two, a bead of sweat ran down Life's forehead, sensing that her situation wasn't good.

While her former comrades were holding the Gods at bay, Alice closed her eyes and concentrated on something.

(……Ahh, geez! I've expected this, but this thing really is quite unmanageable! If I can't control it, it may wipe out everything within this place…… I'll need a bit more time.)

Alice was holding onto a glowing sphere in her hand, and she seemed to be struggling to control the power that resided in it.

However, this power…… will completely determine the outcome of this battle.

A few minutes later…… When Alice finishes controlling the power————- will be the time to settle this matter.

~~ Extra : Explanation to Heart Tools ② ~~

① νιρβάνα / Nirvana

The Heart Tool of Noel, Alice's little sister.  They're glowing twin swords, and its ability is to turn the body of the user into light. This allows Noel to literally fight at the speed of light, and nullifies most attacks.

Before her death, this ability had the disadvantage of having an extremely short effect time, but this has now been resolved thanks to the revival enhancement of Αναμνήσεις.

[You understand, Noel Don't use the TranX-Am.]

[Roger! TranX-Am!]

② Φλέμπελ / Flamvell

The Heart Tool of Adele, the spear knight who calls Alice her master. A large spear clad in flames. It has the ability to increase the firepower and speed of the spear with every swing after it is activated.

In other words, the longer the fight, the stronger it becomes.

③ Κερμίδης / Kilmedez

A Heart Tool in the form of a book belonging to Leon, a mass-murdering priest. It gives him the ability to attack all enemies in sight at the same time, specializing in one-to-many attacks. However, one of the limitations of this Heart Tool is that its ability can't be activated unless the user is touching Κερμίδης, so one of his hand is always occupied.

Incidentally, even if the opponent is hiding, if even a part of his body is in the user's sight, he would still be counted as an attack target.

④ ἀποκάλυψις / Apocalypse

A Heart Tool in the form of a humongous wand belonging to Iris, Alice's best friend. It's ability is very simple, it amplifies the magic power poured into it hundreds of times, but because of its simplicity, its firepower is overwhelming.

The current magic power of Alice's clone ensures her enough firepower to thoroughly wipe out even the enhanced Gods.

⑤ ἀποκάλυψις Ultimate Battle Form "Dual Fang"

This is Iris' ultimate battle form, awakened after confirming the bond between her and Alice (Alicia) during the battle against the Seven-Star Demon Beast. Iris couldn't activate this alone, as it could only be activated while Iris was holding unto ἀποκάλυψις together with Alice.

The deeper the bond between her and Alice, the greater the effect, amplifying her magic power beyond the normal form of ἀποκάλυψις.

Alice's Ἑκατόγχειρες can also be used in as a combo, temporarily adding another Heart Tool's ability to ἀποκάλυψις's ability.

: [Aren't they overwhelmingly powerful Alice-chan's comrades, I meant.]

Serious-senpai : [Rather, isn't every single one of them some heck of a cheat! They're all abilities that would make you the protagonist of some other novel…… Heart Tools are seriously cheating!]

: [No, they're only that strong because they've been really strengthened after being revived by the effects of Αναμνήσεις, and regained their special abilities from before their death with the power of Ἑκατόγχειρες. Well~~ This is also the power of Alice-chan and Kaito-san's love! Seriously, the best compatibility of Heart Tools means the best compatibility of hearts!!! Well~~ Alice-chan and Kaito-san really are the best couple!!!]

Serious-senpai : [Shaduuuuuup!!!]

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