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The God of Time and Space, Chronois, completely released her power. However, she didn't even take a stance in front of Ein and the others, who were quite vigilant of her.

[……What's the matter Aren't you going to use that second authority of yours to defeat us]

[I just told you. As a "parting gift", I'm not going to use this power to defeat you. When I decided to use this power, "the end of this battle was decided".]

After replying to Ein's words without hesitation, Chronois snapped her fingers. Thereupon, Life suddenly appeared next to Chronois.

[Calm yourself already, God of Life.]

[……God of Time and Space]

[I admit, the power of the Human-Demon Allied Forces surpassed our imagination. In this case, doesn't that mean that they've fulfilled all of the "requirements"]

[……You're right. Vexing it may be, I should prioritize Shallow Vernal-sama over my personal grudges. No objections here, "let's end this".]

[……What are you———- Wha!]

Chronois and Life exchanged some disturbing words. When Ein tried to ask about their intentions…… The situation around them drastically changed.

The scene immediately changed, to a scenario that looked like a complete photocopy of that time when they just entered the God Realm. The Human-Demon Allied Forces were gathered on one floating island, while the Gods were likewise gathered on another floating island.

It was a forced teleportation by the authority of Chronois, who controls time and space. While many of the people looked puzzled, Chronois calmly spoke.

[Rebels…… No, Human-Demon Allied Forces. It was truly a brilliant performance. I sincerely admire your efforts even when faced against us, strengthened Gods. However, that's enough.]

[Your mouth has been getting bigger, ain't it]

In response to Chronois' words, Alice spoke on behalf of the Human-Demon Allied Forces. This was also the same composition as when they just entered the God Realm.

[……We have been strengthened by the power of Shallow Vernal-sama. And "only the Supreme Gods"…… have been given another power, the ultimate authority, which I am strictly ordered to use "only when I judge that we were in a predicament".]

[……Ultimate authority———-! Everyone, retreat!]

[Too late! "Judgment of Time and Space"!]

Predicting the threat of the trump card from Chronois' words, Alice urged the others to leave, but before they could…… Chronois activated that power.

What is this ultimate authority In the first place, the Gods' power was given to them by the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal. In other words, that ultimate authority is none other than…… "the authority that Shallow Vernal herself directly uses".

Yes, the Supreme Gods had been given a special magic crystal in which Shallow Vernal had directly stored her magic power, filled with the authority of each respective Supreme Gods.

Some of those gathered here may be able to use magic that affects space. Some of them may even be able to use sealing techniques that could invalidate magic that affect space. But even if that's so, not one of them could resist the power of Shallow Vernal herself.

That is the clear and cruel difference in rank that exists between a world's creator and her creations.

All of Human-Demon Allied Forces' movements and thoughts…… stopped with the space.

[……Rejoice. The fact that you made us use this is proof enough that you pushed us over the edge. Once again, I tell you. It was splendid…… God of Life.]

[Yes, "Judgment of Life".]

When Life said the same keywords as Chronois, a wall of multi-colored lights appeared and advanced towards the halted Human-Demon Allied Forces.

[Forced into a state of suspended animation by the power of Shallow Vernal-sama…… You can take it as a seal that cannot be broken.]

[Some of you may die and resurrect by twisting the laws of causality. Thus, I'm going to ask you to stay asleep until everything is over. Then, to make it doubly sure, we will use God of Fate's Judgment so that you can't break the seal on your own…… And that would be the end of it.]

The wall of light that would settle this battle mercilessly approaches the Human-Demon Allied Forces. However, before the wall of light, which wasn't moving slow at all, could reach them, Alice, who was supposed to be frozen in place, began to move.

[Kuhh…… Haahhh……]

[……Well, I knew that it's hard to believe, but I guess it isn't surprising that you got out.]

Even though she saw that Alice had released the spatial restraints caused by Shallow Vernal's power at a frightening speed, Chronois wasn't shaken. It's as if she was expecting that to happen……

[However, "you won't have the time to help others". You are certainly strong, but there are many ways to buy time against you alone.]


Yes, Alice had indeed lifted the Judgment of Time and Space that had been placed on her. However, she still took a few seconds to lift it. There would be no way for her…… to save the rest of the Human-Demon Allied Forces before God of Life's Judgment arrives.

Alice herself knew…… that she wouldn't make it in time. Therefore, she wanted to use her "trump card"…… but before the wall of light approached them, a shadow appeared between Alice and the wall of light.

[……Judgment…… of Fate!]

[ [ [ ! ] ] ]

Fate's action startled not only Alice, who was about to use her trump card, but also Chronois and Life…… No, all the Gods.

This is because Fate thrust her fist towards the wall of light and unleashed the Judgment of Fate on it……

As a result of Fate's Judgment, the wall of light broke into two, avoiding the Human-Demon Allied Forces, as if it had been determined from the start that they wouldn't be hit.

[……What are you…… What are you doing!!! God of Fate!!!]

That was an unbelievable sight. No, it was a sight that should never have happened.

It's no wonder that Chronois is furious. She also knew that Fate had been feeling indecisive since a while ago. But even if she's feeling indecisive, she thought that she would never choose an option like this.

The Gods exist only for the sake of Shallow Vernal, and the Supreme God, Fate…… couldn't have broken the biggest taboo for all Gods.

[Do you have any d*mned idea what you're doing!!!]

[……I…… I was……]

While all the Gods stared at her with the same angry expression on their faces, Fate herself was in a state that could hardly be described as normal.

Her face was pale and her body was trembling……for she herself understands the gravity of what she has done. But still, she speaks in a trembling voice.

[……I……! I think that…… Shallow Vernal-sama…… is w- "wrong"!!!]

Those words brought silence to that space. Hearing what Fate said, the eyes of the Gods looking at Fate became so cold that one could even feel their killing intent. Even Alice, who had thought of persuading Fate before, was speechless.

It was such an abnormal act. The fact that she, a God, would deny Shallow Vernal's words……

[After all, this is strange! What's the point of erasing Kai-chan's memories! That's not going to make anyone happy! I doubt even Shallow Vernal-sama would……]

[Shut up, God of Fate. You are now committing the most serious crime in this world. If Shallow Vernal-sama ordered you to do something, abandon all other considerations and carry out Shallow Vernal-sama's order. That is the reason for us Gods' existence. That's something that you……]

[……You're wrong.]


[Shallow Vernal-sama! "never ordered us anything like that"! She just explained to us about this battle, gave us this power, and only told us that "she'll leave the rest to us"! You hear me!!! I wasn't ordered to fight Shalltear and the others, nor am I ordered to help her erase Kai-chan's memories!!!]

Seeing Fate screaming like a spoiled child, Chronois spoke to her with a cold expression on her face.

[How could you be so foolish…… It is natural for us to act on her intentions, even if she did not directly express it in words.]

[That's right! That's why Shallow Vernal-sama gave us this power…… because she's telling us that "if we judge that Shallow Vernal-sama's action isnt right, use her power that she gave to us and stop her"!]

[……Are you trying to tell me that you didn't betray Shallow Vernal-sama What convenient nonsense are you talking about…… I can only think of this as a reckless remark. In the first place, the very idea of being able to stop Shallow Vernal-sama with the power she lent to you is……]

[Unnn, that's right. I'll never be able to oppose Shallow Vernal-sama the way I am now.]


[That's why…… I'm going to do this!]

As she said this, the powerful magic power that Fate had been clad in started weakening. At the same time, Fate's face started being dyed in pain.

[Guuuhhhh, aaAaaAaaAAAAAhhHHH!]

[God of Fate…… What are you Wait, don't tell me———- Stop! Don't absorb Shallow Vernal-sama's magic power into your body!]

As Fate screamed louder, her body cracked little by little, emitting a strong light. Looking as if Fate was on the verge of exploding from within, Chronois hurriedly tried to stop her.

[Our magic power is different from that of Shallow Vernal-sama's! If you take it into your body, your very existence will be "painted over and you'll disappear"! You won't just die, you know! It would be a complete annihilation of your existence! Stop it!!!]


[God of Fate!]


The powers that Shallow Vernal gave the Gods were something like a blessing. It's as if they're wearing a membrane made of Shallow Vernal's magic power on top of their own.

That is all that they were bestowed with. Just as Chronois said, the magic power Shallow Vernal had is of a different caliber. It is only an external boost, and if you take it into your body…… The original magic power within your body would be immediately swallowed by Shallow Vernal's magic power, along with their existence.

If that happens, even Life's power will no longer be able to revive her. It would mean that the existence of Fate would disappear from the world. And for Fate, such a time draws near.

With the intense pain that seemed to rip through her body, the consciousness of the being known as Fate was being painted in white, disappearing from existence.

(……What am I doing I've done something stupid…… Truth is that I also know about it. I know that what I was saying was just convenient nonsense…… I'm sure God of Time and Space's words were more correct.)

The light flooding out of her body covered Fate's body, swallowing not only her consciousness, but even her body. Little by little, her emotions and consciousness were disappearing from within.

(I am———– born for———– Shallow Vernal-sama's sake———– That is our reason for existence———– and yet, I———– went against Shallow Vernal-sama's will———– Shallow Vernal-sama would definitely———–  be disappointed in me———–  What am I———–  talking about———–  again———–  Aaahhh———–  I'm disappearing———–  I am———–  disa———–)

Her thoughts have been completely painted white. So deep and cold white, making her unable to think anymore…… emptying the contents of the thing called heart.

She can't remember anything anymore. She can't think of anything anymore. Everything is just whi————

———–Ah, yes. It's nice to meet you…… Errr, I'm Miyama Kaito.

(———–Miyama———– Kaito…… Kai…… -chan.)

———–W- Wait right there, Fate-san! C- Calm down!

(……What is this It feels warm.)

———–Fate-san, I'm going back to my question…… Then, why me

(Ahh, how nostalgic……)

———–Here, the present I have prepared for Fate-san.

(That cushion made me feel so happy……)

———–It's alright, Fate-san. That is alright.

(……Really Is this really alright)

———–It's already too late for you to say that though. I've already known you were selfish and troublesome…… but still, I've fallen in love with you because you're kind in some way, cheerful to the core, and you make me smile whenever I'm with you……

(Ahh, I see…… So that's how it is.)

Thoughts that should have been painted out began to resurface, and within her heart began to heat up…… a small light appeared.

(I won't disappear. Even if Shallow Vernal-sama becomes disappointed in me, even if the reason for my existence disappears…… There are still "things that are important to me".)

Feeling as if the pieces of a puzzle were falling into places, the being known as Fate, which had been on the verge of breaking apart, began to return.

No…… She begins to be reborn anew. Along with the pillar of her heart that she gained……

The intense light that seemed to cover the space gradually subsided. As the Gods and Alice watched, the magic power pulsed through the trembling space.

[! W- What is this…… this magic power!]

[It's just like Shallow Vernal-sama's……]

Sensing the clearly different magic power, Chronois and Life looked astonished. As if in response to their dumbfounded mutters, the light converged and settled on a single point.

[……It was just a bit.]

As her "silvery-white" hair swayed, her beautiful voice echoed through the space, expressing to everyone her definite presence.

[It might be like taking just one step at the foot of a mountain so big that I can't see the top.]

Her change isn't only in her hair. Her eyes where her authority dwells…… became "purple with a golden pattern in it"…… Eyes that are unique to her.

[But yes, I did take a step forward.]

When the light was completely cleared, reigning in the space with her overwhelming sense of presence that seemed to swallow everything, that being———–

[……Transcending time, space and life———– I've arrived———– to the realm where Shallow Vernal-sama and Underworld King resides.]

God of Fate…… No———— the transcendent God called Fate.

Serious-senpai : [Arehh Was Fate actually the protagonist I mean, who the heck is the real protagonist

: [He's sleeping in a cradle.]

Serious-senpai : [……The protagonist is completely at home, taking up the princess role huh……]

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