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In the island in the Demon Realm that was the venue for the Six Kings Festival six months ago. Many people have gathered there, including some of the most powerful people in the world, who were well known in the Human Realm and Demon Realm.

[It seems like everyone is here. Now then, as I told you beforehand…… This gathering is about the decisive battle. However, let me explain a few points.]

After using Loudspeaker Magic to make sure everyone could hear her voice, Alice, the center of these people which could be called Human-Demon Allied Forces, announced. The expression on her face was very serious, and one could feel the tension in her eyes.

[First of all, those who don't have the strength to fight and those whose strength can't reach Peerage-ranks…… I believe you will only be able to do anything after we arrive at Sanctuary. As for fighting against the Gods, it is basically done by the Six Kings and our subordinates, and a very few powerful people in the Human Realm. Well, the Gods won't attack those who obviously aren't combatants, and Lillywood-san will set up a barrier for everyone. Well, please just relax and wait until the battle ends.]

Among those who gathered this time, there are those who aren't counted as a war potential in the battle against the God Realm, which includes Kaito's three kouhais.

That's because Alice examined the story she heard from Kaito and decided that "the bonds that Kaito had formed" would play a major role in rescuing him……

Of course, their participation isn't compulsory. However, most of the beings that Kaito has come to know since he came to this world are gathered here, and one can definitely see their will from their eyes.

Seeing this herself, Alice nodded in satisfaction before proceeding to talk.

[Well then, I will now speak of those that needed special mention on the God Realm's side and those who will respond to them. Compatibility is important in battle after all. We don't have much time, so I'll just briefly say this only once. Please make sure to remember it.]

After Alice briefly touched on the Supreme Gods and other opponents that they can't take on without a plan, she assigned people to the task most suitable for them.

When that allocation is complete and they are completely ready to go…… in front of them suddenly appears a huge…… a humongous gate that even Magnawell could easily fit through in.

[……Well then, everyone. It looks like the other side is fully prepared. That gate totally looks like it's screaming "Come!" if you ask me…… Okay, well, let's go then.]

After announcing the sortie in a voice that was too calm for a sortie order, yet filled with an inexplicable heaviness, Alice entered the gate at the head of the Allied Forces.

After the others who gathered in this place followed and entered the gate…… The gate disappeared as if it had never existed in the first place, and silence fell over the area.

When the allied forces went through the gate, they didn't arrive in the God Realm…… the realm filled with huge floating islands here and there, but on a stage that had probably been prepared for this battle.

[……What a spectacular view. And of course, all the Gods, aside from Shallow Vernal-sama, are gathered here.]

At the end of the Allied Forces' gazes, on a single floating island, all the Gods, clad in their white priest's robes, were gathered together, clearly radiating magic power that was an order of magnitude different from the usual.

And of course, at the center of their group, leading the Gods, are the three Supreme Gods.

[……Should I say "I'm glad you're here." or something like that]

Stepping forward, Chronois, the God of Time and Space, threw words to the Allied Forces with her sharp gaze set on them.

[I'd like to say that words are unnecessary in this situation but…… There are three things I need to explain to you lot.]

[Oya That's very kind of you.]

[Shallow Vernal-sama's instructions. Now then, listen carefully…… First, do not worry. Know that Shallow Vernal-sama will revive all of the deaths that occur in this battle after this battle ends. Of course, she will also heal all of your wounds. Many of you here are powerful people from various fields, and Shallow Vernal-sama does not want to see the world in chaos.]

The first thing that Chronois said was that all the people that died in this battle would be resurrected later. That is to say, Chronois is suggesting that this would truly be a battle to the death.

[Second, we will not attack those who do not have the strength to fight. However, the moment you point your blade at us, no matter how weak you are, we will deal with you without mercy. Those of you who will not participate in the battle here, stay quiet and do nothing unnecessary.]

[……Well, that would be quite welcome.]

[And lastly…… As you may already know, we have all been given great power by Shallow Vernal-sama, but only until the end of this battle. You better get it into your head that our strength are currently unlike how it normal is…… Now, if you still want to fight in spite of that…… Come! You who rebel against the God!!!]

After completing the necessary explanations, Chronois released a huge amount of magic power…… Here and now, the curtain rises on the battle between the God Realm and the Human-Demon Allied Forces.

When the battle began, the last to move were those with superior speed…… Chronois and Ein, who have the power to manipulate time. They were originally rivals in terms of their usual abilities, which would normally make them evenly matched.


[You and I have known each other for a long time, haven't we…… Don't worry, I'm cheating in this fight we have today. I won't think I've defeated you in this.]

After a moment of exchange, the one who was easily blown away…… was Ein.Even though they have the same ability to manipulate time, there is a huge difference in their current physical abilities. Therefore, the current Ein will never be able to win against Chronois.

Even so, Ein herself knew that…… even before they started to fight……


Ein, who had been knocked away, stopped unnaturally in midair, and her body was pulled away towards a direction. The one who pulled her in was Zwei, a magic doll with the power of Force Field Manipulation. Thanks to her power, Ein did not leave the battlefield early.

Thereupon, Ein's flung-away body was caught by someone.

[Sister Ein! I'll quickly heal you!]

[……Thanks. Zwei, Vier.]


After healing with Vier's Recovery Magic, Ein immediately stood up and looked at Chronois. In contrast though, Chronois remained relaxed and it doesn't seem like she would make any particular attack.

I suppose that was obvious. For Chronois…… no, for the Gods, their main objective isn't to defeat the Allied Forces. Their purpose is to buy time until the ordeal that Shallow Vernal gave to Kaito ends. If that's the case, there's no need for them to go on the offensive.

There is some risk involved in the act of attacking. If they were to be attacked, they can intercept them, but if they weren't, they would just wait…… The only ones who stand to gain from a prolonged battle are the Gods.

In front of such a Chronois, another huge shadow descended. It's a huge armor of over fifty meters tall.

[……Funf, we're counting on you.]

[Yes, Sis Ein!]

One of Kuromueina's family members, a Count-level, High-ranking Demon named Funf, known as the "Portcullis' Giant Soldier", gave a strong reply to Ein's words.

Immediately after that, the huge armor broke apart to reveal a girl dressed in skin-tight clothes that looked like a bodysuit.

(T/N: The scenario on the image is different because the images were from the LN.)

[I am the shield that protects my precious family———– Aegis!]

The words triggered the disintegrated armor to merge together and change form. It then appeared in front of her as a huge shield, which was so large that it could be said that she was holding onto a wall. Grabbing the handle of the shield, she powerfully stepped on the ground.

Not missing a beat when Chronois' eyes were drawn to the shield that appeared in front of her, Ein accelerated time, quickly stepped in, and swung her fist. However, Chronois, who now has power far beyond Ein's, easily blocked her punch and fired a counter in return.



However, her fist was blocked by a large shield that suddenly interjected between Chronois and Ein. Even so, no matter how specialized  Funf's defensive abilities are, she is still only a Count-rank…… Even though Chronois didn't manage to shatter her shield, the tremendous impact of Chronois' fist grealy blasted Funf's body away.

Thereupon, as if a repeat of the earlier incident, Zwei pulled Funf's body towards her and Vier quickly healed her body…… before she charged again to help Ein, who swung her fist towards Chronois.

Defending her strike, Chronois calmly muttered.

[I see, Limited Law of Causality Derivation huh…… What a good coordination you have there. It can even be described as bothersome.]

[A long time ago, one of our opponents pointed out how poor our coordination was, so since then, we've been working on it.]

The power that Funf possesses is the ability to "determine the future where she protects her family". Thus, no matter when or where the attack is launched, Funf will twist the law of cause and effect to block the opponent's attacks.

Ein attacks, Funf defends, Zwei supports, and Vier heals. The girls take on the God of Time and Space based on their coordination as a family.

Meanwhile, on another floating island, Life, the God of Life, one of the Supreme Gods, and the duo of Isis, the Death King, and Lillywood, the World King, were facing off.

[……Well, should have been obvious, isn't it As the Supreme God, I'll have at least two of the Six Kings assigned to me.]

"Perhaps, after all, the key to this battle is you…… If we don't defeat you, we will not be victorious."

[Correct decision. If you don't defeat me, the Gods will resurrect again and again…… but I think you are naive in your decision. Do you seriously think…… that only two of the Six Kings can handle the current me]

As Life announced with her eyes closed, behind her, flying cavalry that filled one's vision were created. An infinite number of troops, and each one of them is an overwhelming force that possesses strength equal to Peerage-holders.

This is the reason why Isis and Lillywood were the people assigned to face Life.


Isis, who has the power that specializes in killing, released her magic power of death. It collectively took away the life given to a large number of cavalry…… or so it should have been.

[……Why…… didn't they die]

[No, they did die. I just "revived them the moment they died". It's not that big of a deal for the me right now.]


Considering the fact that her original abilities have been enhanced to another level, Life had become a real nuisance for the Allied Forces' side and a key player on the Gods' side.

She generates unlimited military force, heals the wounded and revives the dead. Just as Lillywood said, if she is not defeated, the Allied Forces will not achieve victory.

[……Lillywood…… keep everyone away from me…… I'm going…… to "get serious".]

"Isis…… Yes, I understand. Lillie, bring the others and leave this floating island."

Hearing Isis' quiet mutter, Lillywood turned to her followers acting as her support…… the Seven Princesses to leave.

[Lillywood-sama! H- However, we are……]

"Because you possess powerful strength even among the Count-ranks, you think you're fully capable of fighting even if you're exposed to Isis' magic power of death, is it If that's what you think, you'd rather change your perception immediately……"

[ ! ]

"The only thing you've been able to endure…… "is nothing more than a fragment of the magic power of death that Isis, who possesses the highest magic control technique in the Demon Realm, can't suppress with all her might". Leave immediately."

[……Y- Yes!]

Yes, after struggling to suppress her magic power of death since a long time ago, Isis has achieved the best magic power control technique in the Demon Realm. However, even such an Isis…… wasn't able to fully control her magic power of death.

That's how great the magic power of death she was born with. That's why she usually doesn't use her magic power of death as it is, and instead uses it to cast ice magic when fighting.

The moment when she makes use of her magic power of death as it is…… means that she had gotten serious.

[……I'm going…… to save Kaito…… all those…… who interfere…… dies!]

Isis' magic power which is usually pale blue, turns into a black color. She had turned into the very incarnation of death itself. She has truly become the King who rules over death.

[So you've finally shown your true colors, Death Bringer. How sinister, you are. Well then, whether it's your death or my life…… Our crowd is a bit small, but how about we dance for a while]

Shallow Vernal and Kuromueina. Gods and Human-Demon Allied Forces……

As two major battles are going on, another battle…… and the most important one of them all, was going on all too quietly.

————–Your victory condition is simple. If you can "return back here", it's your victory.

————–Return back here Eh Ummm, what about the details of the ordeal and the loss condition

————–I'll tell you about it when you return back here.

————–No, that doesn't make any sense……

I woke up at the sound of my alarm clock. I feel like I've been having some kind of weird dream but…… It's just like any of my other dreams, I forget about it when I wake up.

Rather than that, what day is today again

Looking at the calendar hanging on the wall, I sluggishly turned my slightly sleepy head. Ahh, that right, today is "December 1" huh…… wait, arehh What the heck is with this calendar…… "December only reaches until the 30th" I guess it's some kind of printing error huh Well, I'm going to swap calendars when December ends anyway, so I guess I don't really need to mind it that much.

Even though the error in the calendar bothers me, I didn't really feel like thinking about it anymore, so I left my room, went down the stairs and headed for the kitchen.

[Ah, Kaito. Good morning.]

[Good morning, "Mom".]

[Breakfast is almost ready.]

[Unnn…… Where's Dad]

[He apparently had something he needed to handle so he already went to work.]


After greeting Mom with a bright smile, I washed my face in the bathroom, changed my clothes, prepared my bag and went to the living room to sit on a chair.

[Kaito, at what time are you going home today]

[Errr…… I only have the morning lecture today, but I'm going to visit the lab in the afternoon…… so I guess I'll be back around dusk]

[Then, can you do some shopping on your way home]

[Unnn, alright. Just text me what I'll buy later.]

[Alright! Here, it's finished~~]

[……Mom, the eggs are burnt.]

[……I- It's just slightly burnt, so it's alright. I think……]

Good grief, it seems like the day when Mom's cooking skills improve is still far huh. Well, I don't really mind her cooking that much……

Thinking about this, I hurriedly ate my food since I didn't have much time to spare, grabbed my bag and stood up.

[Thanks for the food…… Then, I'm off.]

[Unnn, have a good day! Stay safe, okay]

[I'll be going then.]

It's an exchange we should have had many times before, but it feels a little refreshing today. As I left the house, slightly feeling like something's out of place, the door of the house next door also opened and a petite woman came out.

[Arehh Kaito-kun. Morning…… On your way to university]

[Good morning. You too, Erina]

[Unnn…… Rather, you can call me Erina for times like this, but make sure you call me "Professor Kurosu" at the university, okay]

[Yeah, yeah.]

[……Do you really understand what I said]

Kurosu Erina…… My next-door neighbor and childhood friend, is a brilliant woman who became a professor at a young age, and the head of the laboratory at the university that I belong to.

She is so petite that, rather than a high schooler, she could be mistaken for a middle schooler or an elementary schooler, and I had always thought she was about the same age as me…… The white coat she's wearing is so unbalanced with her stature that she had become extremely popular as a mascot at the university.

Since we lived next door, I had always been under her care, playing with me and helping me with my studies. She is like a kind and patient older sister who forgives me easily, but she also has a childish side in her, which makes her really cute.

[Since we're both going to the same place anyway, how about we walk together to the university]

[No, I was going to meet up with "Alyssa" today……]

[Hmmm, alright. I'll see you in the lab then.]

[Yeah, I'll come in the afternoon.]

[Well then, see you later~~]

After seeing off Erina, who was cutely waving her hand before getting into her car, I started walking down the road to the university again.

After a while, I arrived at the park where I was going to meet up with my best friend…… but I couldn't see her. It's possible that she hasn't come yet, but with her personality……

[……Found ya!]

[Mhmm! Well done, Kaito-san. That's correct.]

[Can't you just appear normally……]

Pointing to a nearby bush, I declared, to which a girl wearing sunglasses appears with a bright smile on her lips. She is Mamonaka Alyssa…… my best friend since high school, and one heck of an oddball.

( T/N: 幻王 (Phantasmal King/Maboroshi Ou) → 幻中 (Mamonaka) )

[Why do I feel like I'm being slandered]

[Might just be your imagination…… So, did you go anywhere during the holidays]

[Yes, I just went on a little "hike to a disputed area". Here's a souvenir.]

[……I don't know what the heck you're talking about.]

Alyssa apparently hopes to become a "super journalist who travels around the world", and she has been visiting many countries during the holidays. Well, even though her career choice was that…… I have a feeling that the journalist she was talking about is different from normal journalists……

[Rather, was it safe to go to such a place]

[It's no problem! With the stealth technique from my "88 Journalist Secret Technique", I was able to smoothly tour around the place.]

[The heck, there really is something different about your image of a journalist.]

[Ahaha, well, let's just put that aside…… I've got a story on the corruption of a major politician, wanna hear it]

[Stop that, don't make me look into the darkness of the world at every moment you can.]

How should I say this…… Even though this woman is always joking around…… Since her high school days, Alyssa has been a genius, ranking first in the national mock exams for three years in a row, a good athlete and she can be described as a genius who can do anything.

I had heard how there's a fine line between idiots and geniuses, and I feel like she is the embodiment of that saying. Well, even though she's someone with a lot of crazy ideas…… I don't know why, but for some strange reason, we hit it off with each other. We are now best friends.

Incidentally, Alyssa would have been able to get into any high-tiered university if she wanted to, but the oddball said "If I want to study something, I can always do it on my own, so whichever college I went doesn't matter", and took the entrance exam for the same university as me.

Well, I was studying for the college entrance exam when I heard that…… and although I had to pay for it, she taught me in an easy-to-understand way, so I was grateful to her. Incidentally, she takes the exact same schedule of lectures as I do.

[By the way, Kaito-san! What should we have for lunch today]

[The heck. We haven't even arrived at the university yet, and you're now talking about lunch……]

[No, no, this is very important, you know! After all, we have to discuss "Kaito-san's financial situation" and————– Ouch!]

[Why are you assuming I'm going to treat you……]

Lightly knocking my fist on Alyssa's head, who was making her usual stupid comments, we started walking towards the university, exchanging idle chit-chat.


[Kaito-san What's the matter]

[No, I just had a headache for a moment.]

[……Are you alright]

[Unnn, it's settling down already.]

[Hmmm, just in case, should we go to the hospital I can get you a good plague doctor, you know]

[Let's just go to a regular doctor…… No, not that. It's really alright, I don't seem to have any problems……]

[I see. Well, if you feel anything out of place, just let me know.]

[Unnn, thanks.]

I wonder what that was That just now…… I kind of feel like there's strangely something out of place, as if there was a small fishbone stuck in the back of my throat, but the answer won't come out of my mind.

It was a sweet, gentle…… yet, difficult ordeal. That's right, he does indeed have a strong heart. He will not give in to the many pressures and hardships, continuously standing up to the troubles facing his way.

However, would such a person…… really be able to shake off the "gentle world where everything he wants exists" He has his parents, he has his loved ones. Can he deny such an inexorably warm world

This peaceful poison…… This gentle world was the ordeal that the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal gave to Kaito.

~~ Mental World Character Profiles ~~

① Kurosu Erina

Appearance : Kuromueina

Age : 28 years old

Outfit : Black Shirt & Hot Pants, Covered with a White Coat

Attributes : Childhood Friend, Little Girl, Older, Teacher, Makes Kaito feel that he's her cute little brother

② Mamonaka Alyssa

Appearance : Alice

Age : 21 years old

Outfit : Casual Jacket, Pleated Skirt & Spats, Always wears Sunglasses

Attributes : Classmate, Best Friend, Little Girl, Genius Girl, Slightly in love with Kaito

Serious-senpai : [This is weird……. Even though last chapter and the opening parts of this chapter was supposed to be seriously serious seriousness…… Why does the latter part of this chapter look like a heart-throbing school romantic comedy…… What the heck is going on!]-

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