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Luna-san led me into the house, and after a short walk down the hallway, we arrived at what seemed to be the living room.

[Welcome back, Lu-chan. Ara Ara ara…… Miyama-san]

[Hello, Noir-san. I'm sorry for suddenly intruding.]

Noir-san, who was relaxing in the living room, looked a little surprised when she saw me.

[Yes, hello, welcome to our humble abode. However…… My apologies, I'm going to have to leave for a while.]

[Eh Ah, yes.]


Returning my greeting with an elegant smile, Noir-san then left the living room in a hurry.

It seems like I'm not the only one who had no clue what was going on, as Luna-san also had a wondering expression on her face as she tilted her head.

[……What's going on No, well, let's not worry about that right now. Miyama-sama, please have a seat.]

[Errr, yes…… Well then, if you'll excuse me.]

Although she looked suspicious about Noir-san's actions, Luna-san made me sit down while she headed for the kitchen to fulfill her purpose for inviting me.

Their kitchen was visible from the living room, so I could see Luna-san while she's preparing the dishes from my seat.

How should I say this…… Looking at her from here…… Even Luna-san would look like an incredibly beautiful woman. Her efficient movements, which she must have cultivated as a maid, were fully demonstrated in her housework, giving me the impression that she's a mature lady who can do housework perfectly.

Well, such an impression was usually ruined when she speaks……

[Thank you for waiting. Please be careful, it's a little hot.]

[Thank you for the meal.]

A few moments later, Luna-san placed a wooden cup of hot milk and some sweets in front of me. Then, perhaps because she wasn't at work, she sat down in the seat facing me instead of standing and waiting, as she had always done at the mansion.

After expressing my thanks, I took a sip of the hot milk, and the sweet and pleasant taste of the little amount of sugar in it spread in my mouth.

[Luna-san is quite skillful in this huh The sweetness is just the right amount, not overpowering the taste of milk, making it very tasty.]

[It's my honor to receive your compliments.]

After smiling with satisfaction at my comment, Luna-san began to drink the hot milk that she had prepared for herself. Thereupon, Luna-san and I exchanged idle chatter for a while.

Maybe it's because it's a private conversation, but Luna-san seems to be more relaxed than usual, and our conversation went well.

Just when I felt that we were smiling more and more, the door to the living room opened and Noir-san came back.

[Thank you for waiting. My apologies, Miyama-san, for leaving without greeting you properly.]

[Ahh, no, please don't worry about…… wait, arehh]

[Mom! What are you doing!!! I mean, what were you even doing earlier!]

When Noir-san came back, she was wearing an elegant dress, not the normal dress that she was wearing earlier. Seeing her mother enter the living room like that, Luna-san got up from her seat and flusteredly approached her.

Thereupon, with her hands on her slightly blushing cheeks, Noir-san spoke.

[But you see, Lu-chan suddenly brings Miyama-san home…… Mom was also still wearing loungewear, not wearing makeup, and I'm also not wearing underwear with a great design…… I'm not sure I'm ready to meet Miyama-san like that, so I've been preparing myself a bit.]

[Why the heck do you sound like you're plunging into a full-on war! Wait, your hair…… You even took a bath Heck, you're even wearing perfume……]

[Mom is still a woman after all…… So when I'm going to meet up with a charming man, I want to make sure that I'm at my best appearance.]

[You do realize that you're getting more and more sexually explicit, right! Please cut it out already! You're doing this every single time! I'm about to get a stomach ache like Lili, you know!]

When Noir-san appeared, overflowing with sex appeal, Luna-san shouted in desperation at her. How should I say this, unnn…… I guess it would be best if I don't throw a tsukkomi at how she just naturally spoke how Lilia-san's name is synonymous with stomach ache. Considering how I'm the likely cause of such stomach aches after all……

[Ara S- S- So that's how it is huh. I'm sorry, Lu-chan, Mother wasn't thinking clearly enough……]

[……S- So you understand what I mean now]

[Lu-chan is "jealous" of Mom, right I guess that's right, even though Lu-chan worked up the courage to invite Miyama-san home, you were too embarrassed to make your approach when Mom is around.]

[You don't get me at all! You don't understand! what I was talking about at all!!!]

Rather than Luna-san being led by the nose, Luna-san looked as if she was being completely brandished around. As expected of Noir-san.

Shouting as she held her head, Luna-san then glanced at me and spoke.

[Miyama-sama, please go upstairs and enter the room at the end of the hall…… my room. I'll go after I talk to Mom. Or rather, please go already. If Miyama-sama stays here, my mind feels like it would explode.]

[……I- I understand.]

[Lu-chan….. S- So that's how it is…… You're already planning to climb the "stairs to adulthood", aren't you]

[Like I said! Could you please stop leading the conversation towards that direction!!!]

A parent & child quarrel Unnn, slipping out of this situation, which could be called a parent & child quarrel in a way, I moved upstairs as Luna-san had told me to.

Then, I slowly opened the door at the end of the hall…… Luna-san's private room, and walked in.

Thereupon, the things I saw inside that room…… How should I say this…… Her room had "quite the femininity in it".

A bed with plushies by its side, pretty floral curtains, shelves lined with colorful jars of marshmallows, a desk that is neat and tidy, but has cute little designs in some areas…… Entering this room that screams femininity itself, I couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

Dear Mom, Dad————— Properly thinking about it again…… Luna-san's hair is stylish, her housekeeping is excellent, she's excellent enough to be the personal maid of the head of a Duchy, and she likes pretty things and sweet things————— I feel like she's quite feminine.

Serious-senpai : [……Serious, come~~ come~~]

: [You just never learn, don't you]

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