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The words that Chronois-san told me. The story of Kuro being the one who once caused the battle between the Demon Realm and the God Realm didnt enter my mind at all.

[I can understand your bewilderment, but for now, lets move on with the story.]


Chronois-san quietly told the confused me.

I can certainly think about this later, but for now, lets not miss out what Chronois-san has to say.

[Well, even though Im telling you what kind of being she is, I havent seen the entirety of that battle either. Ive seen it up to the point where Kuromueina, who had invaded the God Realm, confronted Shallow Vernal-sama, but when I was on my way to the scene, Ein stopped me in my tracks.]

[……I see, even Ein-san was there……]

When she mentioned that, I can understand why.

Its not surprising that she was part of the battle at that time since Ein-san is a maid serving Kuro and I also heard that shes been in Kuros family for the longest time.

[Weve fought many times since then, but vexing it may be, we still havent been able to conclude that fight. Anyway, one of the reasons why you should be wary of Kuromueina is that “that” is the one who once attacked the God Realm.]

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[……you saying “one of the reasons” means that theres still more to it than that huh.]

[Umu…… The second reason is that…… since that battle, “that demon has been hiding her true form and power”.]

[Her true form]

Come to think of it, I remember Kuro saying that she can change her form at will.

However, the only form Ive ever seen was the usual little girl form, so I assumed that form is her most basic form but…… It seems like I was mistaken.

[You may already know about this, “that” can change her appearance and gender. Although shes under the so-called “indefinite” demons, as long as one is a living being, we would have a true form in which we can exert our strength the most. “That” may be acting based on her form of a little girl right now, but when she attacked the God Realm, she had a different form.]

[A different form]

[……Yeah, a monster made of jet-black smoke, as if it was a gathering of all the darkness in the world. That is that demons true form…… Ill be honest with you. The moment Ive seen that form of hers is the first time in my life I felt the feeling of fear. It was to the point that I thought she might be equal to the god of this world, Shallow Vernal-sama…… In fact, Im still having that thought since after that battle with Shallow Vernal-sama, shes still calmly living in peace.]


Shiro-san is the God of Creation, the being who created this world. She is the closest one the the word “omnipotent” that Ein-san, someone who had equal abilities as Chronois-san, says that she cant oppose, and she should have been the strongest being in this world.

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Kuro fought her and survived. I dont think Shiro-san is the type of person who would consider the thoughts of someone that she had just fought against.

[Shallow Vernal-sama only said one word about that battle, that it was a “draw”, and though she didnt say anything else…… You should be able to understand how unbelievable that is, right]


In other words, Kuro has the power that was on par with Shiro-san, the God of Creation, or thats at least, in terms of just the aspect of their combat abilities……

I see, if thats really the case, its natural for Chronois-san to be wary of Kuro.

The reason being is that Kuro is the only person who can possibly kill Shiro-san…… Then, Chronois-san, who is absolutely loyal to Shiro-san, would be wary of her.

[“That” is undoubtedly the strongest among the Six Kings. However, to the best of my knowledge, she hasnt shown her true form since that battle.]

[I see…… So thats why Chronois-san is so wary of Kuro.]

[……The two reasons Ive mentioned up to this point certainly are the main cause why you should be wary of that demon…… However, those two werent the most important reason.]


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What does she mean by that

So far, Chronois-san has talked about the battle between the Demon Realm and the God Realm, and that Kuro holds an immense amount of power, and both of those reasons should have been enough to convince me, but the most important reason seems to be something else.

[The most important reason why Im so wary of the demon named Kuromueina…… is because her existence itself is too much of an enigma.]

[An enigma]

[Yeah, no matter how powerful the members of the Six Kings are, they too have lives and a will. For example, the Death King is a being born from the gathered magic power of the dead, while the World King is the spirit born from a large tree, the World Tree…… But no matter how much I investigate, Kuromueina is the only one I cant figure out.]


[That is a being filled with a complete enigma, whether when she appeared or where she appeared, and even her purpose is almost completely shrouded in mystery.]

[Her purpose]

[……Yeah, its completely unknown. We dont know why “that” invaded the God Realm, or even why shes raising so many demons and humans like theyre baby birds, we dont have any idea why. However, despite her child-like personality, shes a being holding superior intellect and ability. There has to be some kind of purpose in her actions, but I dont see it at all.]

Kuro has indeed reached out to many demons and humans and held out her hand to them, and those people she saved adore her.

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Until now, I had only thought it was simply because of her good-natured personality, but Chronois-san seems to think that Kuro has some other goal in mind.

[……It seems that even the one who has served her the longest time, Ein, doesnt know what her purpose is. However, Ein had heard Kuromueina say a few words once after she finished raising one of her baby birds…… That “this one is no good too.”]


This one is no good too…… Does that mean that Kuro is raising demons and humans for some kind of purpose

I dont know. I dont even know what shes trying to achieve.

[……Thats all Im going to say. Well, Ive been telling you all these threatening matters…… In the end, I dont know anything about that demon, so I also dont know the truth. I may just be thinking about it based on my own convenience, but reality isnt something you can just pass by without any thinking, its unstable, like the fleeting clouds in the air.]

[……If youre certainly basing it on that, as only Kuro would know something like that, I dont think you would get the answer and just think of all possible reasons for your own convenience.]

[Umu. As I said before, I dont think that demons evil. Well, I may have also said that shes not that pure of a being either but…… I dont think theres any person in this world who is truly pure aside from Shallow Vernal-sama.]


No, I dont think that airhead goddess is that pure of a being too…… but shell probably get angry if I say this, so Ill just keep this thought to myself.

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[Miyama. This is just an advice. Im not going to tell you what to do from now on. However, this is just my thought…… But if its you, perhaps, you would be able to understand the mysteries hidden deep within Kuromueinas heart. These mysteries that neither Ein nor I could ever reach.]

[……The mysteries hidden within Kuros heart……]

[Trust is a beautiful emotion, but it can also cloud a persons eyes. So, I have decided to tell you about one of that demons aspects that I have seen with my own eyes…… Keep this in mind, but dont think about it too much. Just be yourself, and judge her true worth based on what you feel.]


Its certainly as she said.

The figure of Kuro that I just heard about is only one aspect of the Underworld King, Kuromueina from Chronois-sans point of view.

What is Kuro thinking and what does she want to achieve…… Thats something Ill have to think about in the future as I interact with Kuro.

For the time being though, Im glad to know a little bit about Kuro, a side of her which I never had the chance to know before.

[……Ah, come to think of it, there was also that person. Another one of the Six Kings, who I dont understand in a different way from Kuromueina……]

[Eh A person you dont understand in a different way from Kuro]

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[Umu. “The Phantasmal King, No Face”. A being whose purpose is easy to understand, but I dont even know where and what that demon usually does, let along what that demons real name and appearance is. That demon is quite the eccentric one, a demon that cant be seen aside from the Festival of Heroes.]

[Heehhh, I wonder what that persons like]

[……A boisterous and irritating fellow.]

Saying that with a wry smile on her face, Chronois-san began heading towards the mansion, as if to say our conversation is over.

The Phantasmal King, No Face…… The King without a face. Perhaps, I may also meet that person one day.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I was shocked by the various things that Chronois-san told me, but looking at her from another persons eyes—— Ive learned a lot about another side of Kuro.-

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